Take Me Away Fast

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Everybody's familiar with Yancy's kickstarter by now, right? If not, the basic idea is a place for people to get funding for projects they are working on.

Anyway, I just heard about this documentary called Tale Me Away Fast. This filmmaker started following the Voodoo Funk blog (mentioned here once before) and was amazed by the DJ's journey through West Africa looking for records to digitize. So she flew out there and started following and recording what the DJ was doing. Check out the trailer on the kickstarter page - it looks incredible.

She's already nearly $2k over what she needs. But I'm still thinking about tossing in $25 because I'm not sure how difficult it will be to get the DVD later.


  • I saw that one, thom. Looks great.

    If anyone doesn't already get the weekly Kickstarter email, you should sign up. I love reading about the really interesting projects even if I can't afford to support most of them. One I loved a couple weeks ago was a photojournalist raising funds to visit the reactor at Chernobyl. Obviously that's a pretty costly trip due to all the safety measures that have to be taken, but I'd love to see his book when it comes out.

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