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I found this from guitar player Chris Schlarb from I Heart Lung on Bandcamp:

Twilight & Ghost Stories is a dense 40-minute modern composition featuring a disparate cross-section of musicians from the avant-garde, independent folk, jazz and electronic communities. A creative and accomplished jazz guitarist, Chris Schlarb cut his teeth producing hip-hop tracks, teaching music workshops and co-founding the free music collective Create (!). In 2004 he collaborated with installation artists Megan and Murray McMillan, and with fine artist Tom Steck formed I Heart Lung, which Tiny Mix Tapes called "some of the most energetic free-jazz to spit out of America." Spanning all of these endeavors, Twilight & Ghost Stories finds Schlarb playing acoustic piano, organ, electric and acoustic guitar as well as tapes and percussion.
- For 5 bucks + two more albums, Brilliant stuff !

This reminded me about the free Interoceans remix CD:
01. Interoceans I (Self Says Remix with Express Fresh)
02. Interoceans II (Jel Remix with Awol One and Serengeti)
03. Interoceans III (Ellul Remix with Radioinactive)
04. Interoceans IV (Omid Remix with Gajah and Bizzart)
05. Interoceans I (Sugarghost Remix)
06. Interoceans II (Strategy Remix)
07. Interoceans III (Badun Remix)
08. Interoceans IV (Greg Davis Remix)

- And the free I Heart Christmas:

- One I Heart Lung track on this somewhat bizzare free Infinite Fjords Sampler
- I just found this, - definitely worth checking out.

It all began with this fantastic album on eMu:
Yeah !



  • Wow Chris Schlarb's Twighlight & Ghost stories is hauntingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing BN!
  • Also still out there at "Sounds Are Active": Blood & Light


    I got this from a long-ago rec (presumably brighternow's) here or on the other board...
  • That Twilight and Ghost Stories is really beautiful. I'm on track four right now and it shows no signs of dropping off in quality. In fact, this might be my favorite track. Very nice.
  • Some new Chris Schlarb activity:

    $8 at Bandcamp


    $5 at Bandcamp
  • 300x300.jpg]
    Create (!) - A Prospect of Freedom

    Justice Constantine- acoustic drums, percussion
    Orlando Greenhill- acoustic bass, percussion, voice
    Lynn Johnston- clarinet, bass clarinet
    Raymond Raposa- electric guitar, electronics
    Chris Schlarb- electric guitar, electronics
    Kris Tiner- trumpet, flugelhorn
    Sounds are Active 2006
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    - And this one features both Chris Schlarp and Tom Steck from I Heart Lung:

    Bizzart - Bloodshot Mama

    Bizzart- vocals, electronics, percussion, tapes
    Chris Schlarb- electric and acoustic guitar, electronics, percussion, keyboard
    Tom Steck- acoustic drums
    Justin Vollmar- acoustic guitar, vocals
    Awol One- vocals
    Yarah Bravo- vocals
    Dulok Shaman- vocals
    Sounds are Active - 2006.
  • After some time away from I Heart Lung Interoceans, I had forgotten how affecting it was. Raw, but beautiful in that way that exposed flaws reflect hidden facets.
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