If anyone is interested in Dead Weather...

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...lala.com is selling it for the next three days at $3.99.


I'm a bit of a sucker for bluesy rock so I couldn't pass that up.



  • The whole album is streaming over at NPR Music right now. Also the incredible new one from Bill Frisell.

    NPR may be a source for musical salvation if I abandon the rats over at the great ship, eMusic
  • I noticed it the other day and made a note to give it a try. That's my first d/l from Lala. Not bad. Didn't even have to use their downloader to get the album discount. At first I got nervous because it said that all tracks were d/led but I only had 8. After refreshing the page it confirmed that 3 hadn't gone through yet.

    Not bad. And I like being able to listen to the album completely before d/ling. I've also decided I like the idea of buying the music and then choosing when to d/l.
  • If you aren't a subscriber to NPR: All Songs Considered Podcast, become one. I've "discovered" lots of good music through this podcast. Fitting the broadcast into my schedule was a problem, so the podcast has been a Godsend.
  • How long are the podcasts usually?

    thom, I think my view of lala is defined by "not bad." It has some of what I'm looking for at a pretty good price usually (got Zen Arcade for less than $8 and that is the normal price), but I don't see it as more than a supplement to Amie Street/eMu.

  • @ rastamon

    Thanks for the Frisell lead. It's very good - part of a larger project about the photographer Mike Disfarmer (never heard of him). It's out over here on the 20th and I guess I'll be looking for it in the FNAC.

    I second mommio's recomendation of the NPR podcast.
  • Podcast time varies from around half an hour to 50 minutes or so with an occasional hour and sometimes almost two hours. I don't get to the on any regular basis, so I look through and prioritize my listening.

    I usually just update, then download two or three to iTunes and listen as I can. They are well worth the time.
  • I highly recommend the NPR Live Concert podcast as well.
  • I second the NPR Music website/podcasts. They often stream a concert the night it's performed, then make it available as a podcast.
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