The Moderator Has Landed.

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Pursuant to Bad Thoughts' request (which, does anyone else think it's funny that a guy called Bad Thoughts asked for a moderator? I guess it goes to show that Bad Thoughts don't equal Bad Actions) the emu boards are now being moderated.


  • Watch as all the good will I've recently generated evaporates instantaneously!

    And for the record, it's (I Must Not Think) Bad Thoughts! (I hung out with Billy Zoom a few times when I was a teenager.)
  • Who's the moderator? Or is it anonymous?

  • Back in the early days of The Beatles, Ringo was asked the question:

    Are you a mod or a rocker ?
    > I'm a mocker !

    (Wiki about mods)
  • apropos of nothing, i guess, but reading through the moderator-threads on the main site a few moments ago reminded me again, how painful an excercise it's become to read the message boards these days.
  • I agree with Daniel - there are rarely any discussions, for example, that are directly music related. For me one of the really good things about coming here is that I contine to find new music to listen to just through what people are listening to as well as recommendations. I downloaded two albums yesterday directly from being on this board. The emusic message board has certainly changed over recent months
  • The emusic board seems to have developed an ethos that I suspect is going to be hard to shift, and that is the opposite of this board. There if someone posts something, two very likely outcomes are that it will be ignored or that someone will attack some aspect of it. Here two very likely outcomes are that someone will express gratitude or fellow-feeling or will get creative with it and bounce in a new direction. And like greg, I almost daily find things here that are directly helpful to me; over there I still do a discouraged trawl every now and then on the off chance that there might be something useful to me, but it's a wan hope. I know which I prefer. Now if we could just get all the labels to link their music to here, I wouldn't need to go there any more at all.
  • It almost seems like it's too late.
  • I can barely contain my excitement - oh, wait these are the same people who send me e-mail responses that clearly show they haven't really read the e-mail in question. Just hope for the best, I guess.
  • Now if we could just get all the labels to link their music to here, I wouldn't need to go there any more at all.
    - Or to Bandcamp so the artists and labels could get their fair share.
  • @Brighternow Yes, I was thinking with a purchasing mechanism.
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    I don't see anyone asking the crucial question about this, which is whether or not these four people have been hired specifically to moderate the eMu boards. If so, it's also possible that they're actually working for a contractor - there are companies that do this professionally. That might actually be better, because professional moderators might at least have some idea as to how to turn the mess around. Assuming the situation isn't completely hopeless already, of course.

    Getting people back on their side in the face of what they've been doing lately isn't going to be easy - they'll have to be very, very clever. I just don't see them getting there, but hey, you hire the right people, and who knows.
  • @ScissorMan

    How interesting about that moderator service site. It really is an ingenious idea of a niche business and very relevant in today's internet based society.
    I think I'm going to send them a resume.
  • Moderators are nothing but wannabe fascist pigs! Especially the ones on this site!

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  • My bet: interns.

    It's a very good idea, and I bet partly related to some of the angry comments directed personally at Cathy. I doubt you'll be seeing her again over there, or possibly only for "official" announcements.

    I take it jedwardK is gone??
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    why do you say that?

    he authored the last 10 blog-posts.
  • I think they tried to keep Joe free of the stuff this time around, which I think was a smart move. With Sony they put Yancey out there defending the whole thing, which just squandered good will to absolutely no purpose.
  • Up yours, elwood!

    Daniel - A lot of people don't go to 17dots, and I think even some of them that do don't realize that jedwardk and Joe are one in the same.

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    There are lots of interesting business ideas that have been spawned by the rise of "social media" - not just moderation services. There's also "reputation management," "social media analytics," "brand protection" (which usually means company-paid sock-puppetry), "Astroturfing," "Relationship Development" (whatever that means), and the latest craze, the horrendous "Facebook Like-Campaign."

    What leads me to believe eMu is using one of these services is the fact that not one, but four board moderators suddenly showed up all at once. It's not like eMu to make actual decisions in general, but when they do, they almost never go into things like that in a more-than-half-assed way. Also, contract moderators usually appear in groups because they work shifts, trying to have someone monitoring the site 24 hours a day in order to handle all possible time zones. Left to their own devices, eMu probably wouldn't even think of something like that.

    I suspect they're hoping this will be a "quick fix" for the bad-mouthing they've been getting, which inevitably spreads into the blogosphere if not contained... They probably thought it would be enough just to prevent Google from indexing the board pages, but maybe they've finally realized that it's not. They must have also realized that if they shut down the boards completely, that would only make things worse (bad-mouthing-wise) in the short term. It's a gamble, though - if they weren't basically an internet company, shutting down the boards would be almost a no-brainer at this point.

    Of course, if I were a Moderation Services contractor for eMu, the first thing I'd insist on would be that they dump their boardware for something that actually works!
  • Correct that I'm not a regular blog visitor, glad to hear that Joe's (a) still around and (b) not tasked with shoveling out the stables, ie, messboard.

    Interesting about the Mod services, but presumably they're only going to be as useful as the policies + guidance you provide for them to follow.
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    (xp to scissorman)

    maybe so. i kind of feel like the moderators are pointless, tho (given what they seem to be doing at the moment). if the idea is "scrub away pattently offensive comments," then of course, they can do that effectively. but if the idea is to function more like a "rapid response team," addressing complaints and questions and hopefully easing subscribers' concerns, i think the exercise is doomed to failure.
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    If they didn't outsource this, my guess would be that it's one person using 4 accounts. There's no way they went out and just hired 4 people as moderators

    Although I'm still of the opinion that shutting down the boards is pretty much a no brainer at this point. I don't see anything positive coming from them these days and if they're not going to upgrade the software they have better ways to communicate with subscribers.

    EDIT: Best response so far, "I'd like to file a report against Wanderer. He makes my message board experience less than optimal."
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    totally agree there's nothing positive or useful coming from the vast majority of board posts these days, but the idea of shutting the forum down completely startled me.

    i can actually see it, tho, with a little reflection.

    disagree with your edit, tho. i'm agnostic about "wanderer," but there's a half-dozen regular posters there now who i think are making the experience "less than optimal" for me.
  • From a post by Justin (which is one of the names I think I had on at least one of the responses I received in response to the small handful of CS inquiries I ever made back in the day when I was an eMu member): "In fact, a couple of our team members here are from the CS group"

    The eMessboard doesn't need moderators as much as they need a forum for customer-service type of questions/comments and a dedicated internal group to monitor and respond to the incoming stuff relating to questions about how to use the service, where to find their downloads, how to figure out when their account refreshes, etc..... I thought it odd that eMu really didn't have any real presence on their own messboard and would simply just let their customers answer questions about the service raised by other customers. I read some things that some question-replying customers stated as a 'fact' (and no doubt accepted by the questioner as such) that could only be a pretty good guess on their part since they don't actually officially represent eMu or know any of the behind-the-scenes details regarding some of the issues.

    There are a 1,000 things eMu could do to help turn their image/business around..... putting in place a group of messboard moderators made up of people already on the eMu payroll was probably the cheapest simplest thing they could probably think of to try to run some sort of damage control campaign rather than actually figuring out what features their customers would actually find useful and result in them selling more product to a happier customer base.
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    i hear what you're saying -- especially in the abstract -- but there's no way any group of cs rapid-responders will satisfy the people driving the message-board now.

    i mean, whatevs. people have a right to logjam and troll an open message board if they like (unless the board operator puts a stop to it, which is its right). just my view of it, is all.
  • I think this is more the spirit!

  • Yeah!


    Why do I need to be freed? Am I plugged into some sort of Matrix? Perhaps I'm a Prisoner and don't realize it? Or maybe I'm in the Truman Show?

  • all of the above.
  • Have you been visited by this guy lately?


    Remember - Free your ass and your mind will follow!
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