Mike Sheridan

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It's a great pleasure to introduce you to this fine young Danish electronica artist:

Mike Sheridan
Mike Sheridan is one of the youngest established composers, producers and DJ's in Denmark. Born in Copenhagen in 1991 he has already played gigs all over Denmark and parts of Europe, composed and performed music for a ballet, reinterpreted and performed Revolution 9 (The Beatles White Album) – live - for a Scandinavian-wide TV extravaganza and also finds time to run DR Electronica (internet radio channel) for the Danish National Radio.

Sheridan represents a new breed of artist – he combines a natural flair for programming complex electronic gear with innate musicality and both the desire and talent to make his own way in an industry undergoing constant change.

Mike was was signed by an indie label while still only 14 and at 15 he had already appeared on multiple compilations, showcased his music on national TV, played over 70 gigs at clubs that required him to be accompanied by a parent and even made his first 12" EP, ”Alt&Intet”.

No surprise, then, that his debut album ("I Syv Sind" which means "In Two Minds") came out on Playground Music in 2008, 6 weeks prior to his 17th birthday! The album was universally acclaimed by critics and extremely well received by fans. The track "Med Små Skridt" (Small steps) went to 1 on iTunes Denmark for several months, received a great deal of radio play and Mike has been nominated for 5 awards, winning a Danish grammy for “Best Electronica Album” for 2008.
- mikesheridan.dk

- So far Mike has just one album out @ eMusic:

- The album and more is available for streaming @ Soundcloud


  • I love that album.
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    The now 21 year old Mike Sheridan released his second album earlier this year:


    There seems to be nothing written about this album outside Denmark. This is a shame, it really deserves some international attention.

    From Mike's homepage: “Ved første Øjekast” – Track by track (In Danish, unfortunately)
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    BN: This album is on Spotify. I think i found it accidentally earlier this year. (Edit: I downloaded sometime in June from eMusic.)You're right though, I haven't heard much about it him. I think I found him on eMusic and maybe through this website too.
  • Sounds like one of you ought to write about it for MiG....
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    @ Germanprof:
    - I'd love to, but writing reviews is not my "thing". Even in Danish I have problems. A review from me would be nothing but just another sequence of my rather limited vocabulary of superlatives.

    Reposting my post from yesterday on the listening thread:

    Streamable from Soundcloud:
    Mike Sheridan - Live Tour 2012

    Track 1 and 5:
    Mike Sheridan, Electronics
    Jonathan Bremer, Double bass
    August Rosenbaum, Wurlitzer
    Emil de Waal, Drums
    Palle Mikkelborg, Trumpet

    - The rest of the tracks is recordings from Mike Sheridan & Bent Clausen's (New Jungle Orchestra) live tour 2012.
  • Maybe so. I could do it even though I've never written about electronic music before. It would just have be after the fall semester is over.
  • No tearing hurry. I'd never written about any kind of music before MiG started. Would love to read what you would write about this.
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    Congratulations to Mike, 25 years today.

    Not much happening from Mike, but here he is together with the very skilled Danish pop singer/songwriter, Mads Langer:

    Vampire Diaries 1x08 Too Close - Mike Sheridan & Mads Langer

  • This was posted 9 month ago:

    "I set out to recompose Else Marie Pade's "Himmelrummet".
    To make it sound as real as possible, I used only analog equipment and recorded onto my Otari 8 Track to 1/2" tape in one pass. Meanwhile my 2 Track Studer machine is set up to make for a real old school Darmstadt style tape echo.
    The 8 Track recording was then fed through my Studer desk and mixed in one take to Pro Tools. 44Khz / 16 Bit Audio.
    There are no original bits of Else Marie Pade's recordings in this piece, and it is done as a tribute to her now that she has passed away.
    Thanks for listening."
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