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    • CommentAuthorMutantis
    • CommentTimeJun 29th 2009
    Tunecore, IODA, The Orchard, and CDBaby releases are not in bold type. CDBaby and The Orchard releases have search engine link.

    Click the Ω symbol to "Listen to All" samples.

    See for alternate listing.

    10 Minute Workout- 10 Minute Workout - Electronic
    8 Bit Era- Classic Super Mario Brothers - Soundtracks/Other
    8th Street- Rock Yo Body - Single - Soundtracks/Other
    A Secret Sense- Melancholique - Rock/Pop
    A Thousand Years Slavery- A Fury Named Spartan - Rock/Pop
    A Tribe Of Toffs- John Kettley (Is A Weatherman) - Soundtracks/Other
    Aaron All- I Can't Explain My Love - Jazz
    Abakus- We Share The Same Dream - Electronic
    Abstinence & Sensibility- Brentford Is Well Buggy - Alternative/Punk
    AC/dB- For Those About To Rock - Instrumental Karaoke Sing-along - Rock/Pop
    Ace Kali- Can't Let You Go - Urban/HipHop
    Acidious Treemaster- Seven Candlesticks - Rock/Pop
    Ada Falcón- Grandes Del Tango 41 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Adam & die Micky's- Die größten Erfolge aus 40 Jahren - Rock/Pop
    AeroB4eg- Seven Lucky Beats - Electronic
    Aicha KOUYATE- La Vie - World/Reggae
    Air Bureau feat. Zoro and Bequi- The Space - Electronic
    Air Bureau feat. Zoro and Bequi- The Space 'Dub Mixes - Electronic
    Alamance- Alamance 09 - Rock/Pop
    Alanadanat & Roma Pafos- Baraka's Violin - Urban/HipHop
    Alandanat- Moonlight Within - Electronic
    Alandanat- Paradise Garden - Electronic
    Albatros- Dove eravamo rimasti - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Alberto Castillo- Grandes Del Tango 14 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Alden Tyrell & David Vunk- Lord Of The Cockrings - Electronic
    Alden Tyrell feat Fred Ventura- Memories - Electronic
    Aldo Cadiz- Cycle - orchsrch - Electronic
    Aldo Cadiz- Indigenous - orchsrch - Electronic
    Aldo Cadiz- Light Tought - orchsrch - Electronic
    Alessandro Canino- Il meglio - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Alex G- Electro speed EP - Electronic
    Alex Mesquita- Curva do tempo - Jazz
    Alfonso Labrador Y Cuerpo De Baile- Vintage Flamenco Dance Nº8 - EPs Collectors Olé Andalucía - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Alfred Sramek- LEHAR: Lustige Witwe (Die) - Classical
    Alfredo De Angelis- Alma Tanguera - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Alfredo De Angelis- Grandes Del Tango 11 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Alfredo De Angelis- Grandes Del Tango 42 - Alfredo De Angelis 3 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Alfredo Gobbi- Grandes Del Tango 35 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Ali Payami- Pictures Ep - Electronic
    Alle DJ- The Dreamer - Electronic
    Allison Durham Speer- Go Ask - Blues
    Almamy- Don't Ask Me / French kiss - Single - cdbs - Electronic
    Altered Statesman- Altered Statesman - Urban/HipHop
    Alyssa- Flow With Me - Urban/HipHop
    Amanda Morra- The Spell Remixes - Electronic
    American Astronaut- The Ketchup & Mustard Man - Alternative/Punk
    Amnion- Better Day - Blues
    Ana Y Los Rebeldes- Con Espiritu Rebelde - World/Reggae
    Ananda Kumar- Mangala Vadhyam - World/Reggae
    Aníbal Troilo- Grandes Del Tango 12 - Los Gloriosos '40 Vol. 3 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Aníbal Troilo- Grandes Del Tango 39 - Aníbal Troilo 4 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Aníbal Troilo- Grandes Del Tango 4 - Aníbal Troilo 2 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Aníbal Troilo Y Su Orquesta- Cantores De Los '40 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    André Henriquez- A Letter From the Space - cdbs - New Age
    Andrea Ceccomori- Orpheus - Classical
    Andreas Nagels, Birgit Mc Cray- Promise - Rock/Pop
    Andres Thor- New Day - cdbs - Jazz
    Andrew Carlton- Still Alright (Single) - Country/Folk
    Andrew Martinet- Amplified Heart - Blues
    Anduin + Jasper TX- The Bending Of Light - Alternative/Punk
    Angelo Cavallaro- Cuore innamorato - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Angelo Cavallaro- Esplosivo - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Angelo Cavallaro- I Successi - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Angelo Cavallaro- Splendido - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Anja Lerch & Frank Sichmann- Lieblingssongs - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Anna Delli Ponti- Anna Delli Ponti - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Anna Delli Ponti- Messaggi d'amore - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Anna Identici- I Successi - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Antahlyzah- 1 Da Luv - Urban/HipHop
    Antoñita Romero- Vintage Spanish Song Nº71 - EPs Collectors La Gitana Señorita Copla Y Fiesta Gitana - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Antonello Rondi- Canta Napoli - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Antonio Buonomo- Pronto sono Antonio - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Antonio Cocomazzi- Antonio Cocomazzi project - Jazz
    Antonio Cocomazzi- Nonostante tutto - Jazz
    Antonio Cocomazzi- Pensieri - Classical
    Anuradha Krishnamoorthy- Classical Moods - World/Reggae
    Anuradha Krishnamoorthy- Lalitha Sahasranama Stothram - World/Reggae
    Anuradha Krishnamoorthy- Suprabatham - World/Reggae
    archie martinez- Kahit Ako Ay Matanda Na - Alternative/Punk
    Arti5t- Windser - Soundtracks/Other
    Artix Dj Vs. Glacial Storm- Too Far From Here - Electronic
    Artix Vs Glacial Storm- The Answer - Electronic
    Artvizyon Saz Sanatçıları- Türkiye Enstrumentalleri - Baglama 1 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Asi- Magnificent Desolation EP - Electronic
    Aslı Erdem - Serra Erdem - DoÄ?ukan Erdem- Bizim Çocuklar - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Astor Piazzolla- Grandes Del Tango 18 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Atesh K- Audio Workouts 1 EP - Electronic
    Atom- ATOMATOMATOMATOMAT.... - Electronic
    Audrey Luna- NETZER: Huj - Classical
    Auld Lang Syne- Where My Fortune Lies - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Ava Lemert- Nothing Looks the Same In the Light - Jazz
    Avery Island- Whats the Number One Event? - Rock/Pop
    Avida Dollars- Startups and Breakdowns - Alternative/Punk
    Awake in Desire- Decade - Alternative/Punk
    Ángel Vargas- Grandes Del Tango 10 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    baby girlz- baby girlz - orchsrch - Urban/HipHop
    Bad News Brown- Soul Clap - Blues
    Baladesikan- Thiruppugazh Vol 2 - World/Reggae
    Balasubramaniam- Namo Thirumalesa - World/Reggae
    Barbara Portland- Sweetest Gift From God - Country/Folk
    Baron Von Something- The Rooms - Rock/Pop
    Barry Frank- Vintage Pop Nº37 - EPs Collectors Diana - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Barry Frank- Vintage Pop Nº38 - EPs Collectors Sings - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Basel Chamber Orchestra- BEETHOVEN: Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2 - Classical
    Bastian- Limit - Electronic
    Batrider- Why We Can't Be Together - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Bedil- Sondamin - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Bejewelled- Sublime - New Age
    Benjamin Schmid- SCHMID, Beni: Obsession - Hommage a Grappelli - Jazz
    Benjamin Schmid- MENDELSSOHN, F.: Violin Concerto, Op. 64 / SCHUMANN, R.: Phantasie / BRUCH, M.: Violin Concerto No. 1 (Schmid, Rheinische State Philharmonic, Raisk) - Classical
    Benjamin Schmid- WIENIAWSKI / SZYMANOWSKI: Violin Concertos / LUTOSLAWSKI: Chain 2 - Classical
    Benji Hughes- A Love Extreme - Rock/Pop
    Benjie Ross- The Calling (featuring Ms. Mone't and Todd Brown) - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Bernard Haitink- SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Symphony No. 10 (London Philharmonic, Haitink) - Classical
    Bernard Hilda And His Orchestra- Vintage Dance Orchestras Nº46 - EPs Collectors Rome By Night - orchsrch - Jazz
    Bertrand de Billy- BEETHOVEN, L. van: Symphonies Nos. 5 and 6 (Vienna Radio Symphony, de Billy) - Classical
    Big Medicine- Pine to Pine - cdbs - Country/Folk
    BigPop- Fo, Da-luhz - Urban/HipHop
    Bilal Yarıcı- Senin Eserin - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Bill Jackson- Steel + Bone - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Bishop Black- Bishop Black - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Blackberry Wednesday- Blackberry Wednesday - Rock/Pop
    BLEACH BLACK- Bleach Black - Rock/Pop
    Bloom U Quartet- Space Jam - Jazz
    Blow Up- A Por Ti! - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Blue Chip- Got Swag - Urban/HipHop
    Bobby Byrne And His Orchestra- Vintage Dance Orchestras Nº47 - EPs Collectors Remember To Glenn Miller - orchsrch - Jazz
    Bobby Byrne And His Orchestra- Vintage Dance Orchestras Nº50 - EPs Collectors In The Mood - orchsrch - Jazz
    Bobby Smith- Rescued - Blues
    Bobby Solo- Il meglio - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Bodega Girls- She's Into Black Guys - Alternative/Punk
    Bombay Sisters- Ramanar Suprabatham - World/Reggae
    Bonita- Us - Jazz
    Bpm System- B.P.M. System - Hey D.J. - orchsrch - Electronic
    Bradford Lewis- The Archives - Blues
    Braille and S1- CloudNineteen - Urban/HipHop
    Brian Hyder- Waters Edge - Alternative/Punk
    Brno Philharmonic Orchestra- Symphonies Nos. 2 and 3 - Classical
    Bryan EL- Out of This World - cdbs - Electronic
    Burhan Esen- Çilingir Sofrasi - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Busy Signal- Dem Mad - World/Reggae
    ByPass Fx- Cartman Blues - orchsrch - Electronic
    C.M.C.- Demosexual - Soundtracks/Other
    Calabria United feat Isa- Push My Body - Electronic
    Cap- Shorty Sippin - Urban/HipHop
    Cardo- Cleanroom EP - Electronic
    Carlos D´l Puerto & Impacto Cubano- Impacto Cubano - cdbs - Jazz
    Carlos Gardel- El Cantor, El Autor - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Carmen & Camille- Shine 4U - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Caterina Valente- Vintage Pop Nº7 - EPs Collectors - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    C♠SINO- Brush Em Off - Urban/HipHop
    Chaplin- Hiphoprocks (Live Mix ) - Urban/HipHop
    Charles Aznavour- Believe in Me! - Soundtracks/Other
    Charles Trenet- Vintage French Song Nº17 - EPs Collectors Chansons Claires - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Charles Trenet- Vintage French Song Nº19 - EPs Collectors Le Nöel Des Enfants Noirs - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Charlie Brown- Loathing - orchsrch - Electronic
    CHARLIE BROWN & PETER WAG- Twister E.P. - orchsrch - Electronic
    Charlie De Forest- Vintage Vocal Jazz / Swing Nº23 - EPs Collectors Sing For You - orchsrch - Jazz
    Chato Puente Y Su Conjunto- Vintage Cuba Nº27 - EPs Collectors Calypsos - orchsrch - Jazz
    Chelsea Lear- Out Of The Blue - Rock/Pop
    Chief Kooffreh- Top Album - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Chris Fabian- Mutter - Rock/Pop
    Chris Kubby- Sweet Anti Love Song - Rock/Pop
    Chris Volpe- Shipwrecked! - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Chrissy Frick- Better Off Alone - Rock/Pop
    Christian Altenburger- SCHWERTSIK, K.: Sinfonia-Sinfonietta / Violin Concerto / Shrumpf-Symphonie / Goldlockchen (Vienna Radio Symphony) - Classical
    Christian Turner- Twelves Steps To The Tip Jar - Urban/HipHop
    Christine Brewer- BRITTEN, B.: War Requiem (Brewer, Griffey, Finley, Tiffin Boys' Choir, London Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra, Masur) - Classical
    Christoph Poppen- TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Symphony No. 4 / 1812 Festival Overture (German Radio Saarbrucken-Kaiserslautern Philharmonic, C. Poppen) - Classical
    Christophe Mad'dene- Australie (Mystery Of Didgeridoo) - World/Reggae
    Christopher Wauben- So Come Together - Rock/Pop
    Chuck Hedges- Just for You - cdbs - Jazz
    Cinnamon Chasers- A Million Miles From Home (instrumentals) - Electronic
    CJ Bomb feat. Orélie White- Follow Your Heart - Rock/Pop
    Claude Goaty- Vintage French Song Nº12 - EPs Collectors Canta Con Jean Lemaire Y Su Orquesta - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Claudio Simonetti- Collection - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Claudio Simonetti- Phenomena - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Clemencic Consort- BIBER: Balletti and Sonatas for Trumpets and and Strings - Classical
    Club- Club - Rock/Pop
    Colin Currie- MACMILLAN, J.: Confession of Isobel Gowdie (The) / ADES, T.: Chamber Symphony / HIGDON, J.: Percussion Concerto (Currie, London Philharmonic, Alsop) - Classical
    Colle 'N' Key- Feel The Music - orchsrch - Electronic
    Colle 'N' Key- Into The Night - orchsrch - Electronic
    Comp.- The Man With The Hand - Urban/HipHop
    Contour- Latin Party - Rock/Pop
    Corduroy Road- Not From The City - Rock/Pop
    Criminal Vibes- Pump it Up - orchsrch - Electronic
    Crows Of Doom- Arise Of The Berserk - Rock/Pop
    Cuarteto Caney- Cuarteto Caney (1939-1940) Featuring Machito - World/Reggae
    Cuerpo De Baile Sevilla- Vintage Flamenco Dance Nº7 - EPs Collectors Andalucía Dance - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    D Eighty Five- If Theres A Dream... - Soundtracks/Other
    Da Herb Man- Ghetto Minista - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Daddy Cleve- Like Ah Boss - New Age
    Daku feat. Sonaa- Set Me Free - Single - Soundtracks/Other
    Damage- God Help us - orchsrch - Electronic
    Dan Santner- Be The Change - Blues
    Daniel Hill- Simple Days - Blues
    Daniel Jackson- L.a. Uprising - cdbs - Jazz
    Daniel Jackson- Life Is But A Dream - cdbs - Jazz
    Daniel Jackson- Out The Window - cdbs - Jazz
    Daniel Morgenroth- Wagner: Donizetti - La favorite (arr. for violin duet) - Classical
    Daniela und Ann- Samba-Soul-Beat In Black & White - Urban/HipHop
    Daniele Carmosino- Sea Gate - Alternative/Punk
    Daniele Ravaioli- 1990 - Electronic
    Daniele Ravaioli- Help Baby - Electronic
    Daniele Ravaioli- Imagination - Electronic
    Danny Tuval & Vic- La Caress (The Remixes) - orchsrch - Electronic
    Dario Baldan Bembo- Il meglio - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Darius & Finlay feat. Nicco- Do It All Night - Electronic
    Dave D- Frequency EP - Urban/HipHop
    Dave Daniels- Just Like Ghosts - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Dave Henson- A Song For Leicester City - Heroes In Blue And White - Rock/Pop
    Davide Neri, MimZ- Save Your Soul - Electronic
    Davide Neri, T.T.B.- Sugar Baby - Electronic
    Day Method- Too Late, Never - Rock/Pop
    Dayplayer- Caveman - Rock/Pop
    Dayplayer- Neverending Summer - Rock/Pop
    Ddennis- Mmmm...Funkjazz - Jazz
    Dead Flowers- Dead Flowers - Alternative/Punk
    Deadpool- War Dreams - Rock/Pop
    Deborah Liles- The Girl Regrets The Woman Moves On - Rock/Pop
    Deborah Polaski- WAGNER, R.: Tristan und Isolde (Highlights) (Polaski) - Classical
    Dee Verx- 3AM - orchsrch - Electronic
    DeejayA- Animal Electro - Electronic
    Deepcentral- Backwords - Electronic
    Deirdre Egan- September's Lemonade - Country/Folk
    • CommentAuthorMutantis
    • CommentTimeJun 29th 2009
    Den Harrow- The best - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Derek Marin- Metroid EP - Soundtracks/Other
    Destination Anywhere- You Won't Bring Me Down - Rock/Pop
    Detournement- Screaming Response - Alternative/Punk
    DG Yola- Imma Dog - Urban/HipHop
    Diana Waddell- Words of Your Melody Psalm 119:103 - Blues
    Diger Rokwell- The Earth Head - Electronic
    Dilo and Seph- Laberintos EP - Urban/HipHop
    Disconnect 4- Modern Love EP - Rock/Pop
    Disease Within- Killing Time - Rock/Pop
    DISKO ZOMBEE- Easy Solutions - Electronic
    Dj Auerbach, Dj Davide Fraternali, Dj Albedo067- Beyond - Electronic
    DJ ColdHeart- The Music Is Move - Electronic
    DJ Lord Ron- My Mental State of Beat'z (The Revisit) - Urban/HipHop
    DJ Molik & Kombat- Epic (Instrumental) - Single - Soundtracks/Other
    Dj Nanny- Love Is Fire - orchsrch - Electronic
    DJ PSX- Blizzard - Electronic
    Dj Skip Vs Tony Master H- I Don't Have - Electronic
    Dodo Martino- A Glass Of Coke / Stool - Electronic
    Dominique Ottavi- Aligria - Rock/Pop
    Don Modderman- Garden - New Age
    Double Or Nothing- Live It Loud E.P. - Rock/Pop
    Dr.Tony Robbins- Daddy's Boy and Girl - Blues
    Dragan- Techno Birds - Electronic
    Dream- Dream Back To You - New Age
    DS Project- Solid Ground - Electronic
    Duffle- Sweat 'n' Wet - orchsrch - Electronic
    Duncan Haynes & Matthew Mitchell- The Urban Choreographic - cdbs - Soundtracks/Other
    Eck, Susan E.- Alive - New Age
    Eddie Tate- Jupiter for Rock Orchestra - Rock/Pop
    Edie Sedgwick- Split 7 - Alternative/Punk
    Edith Piaf- Vintage French Song Nº14 - EPs Collectors Canta: Himo Al Amor - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Edith Piaf- Vintage French Song Nº15 - EPs Collectors Sing Georges Moustaki - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Edith Piaf- Vintage French Song Nº16 - EPs Collectors La Vie En Rose - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Edith Piaf- Vintage French Song Nº18 - EPs Collectors L'Homme A La Moto - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Edith Piaf- Vintage French Song Nº24 - EPs Collectors La Goualante Du Pauvre Jean - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Edmundo Rivero- Grandes Del Tango 15 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Eduardo Perez- Connected - orchsrch - Electronic
    Edy C. & Scheva- Preko Vode Do Slobode EP - Electronic
    El-zi Feat. Yehonathan- Waiting For You (Tel Aviv) - Electronic
    Eldon Johnson & True North- Down The Road - Country/Folk
    Electricano- Acid Generation - Electronic
    Electricano- Funky Sampler EP - Electronic
    Electricano- Just Be Strong - Electronic
    ElectricStreetPolice- My Perfect Heart - EP - Soundtracks/Other
    Eli Braden- Gay Ray, the Reggae Gay (The Homosexual Rasta) - Soundtracks/Other
    Elicia Charnoske- Higher And Higher - Blues
    Elisabetta Viviani- Heidi - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Elitechnique- Munich Emotions / Double Destiny - Electronic
    Elle- The Best - Rock/Pop
    Emanuela Bellezza- Affetto - Urban/HipHop
    Embark Sunway- The Sunflower - cdbs - Electronic
    Emily Ball- Spider - Rock/Pop
    Emma Mastrocinque orchestra Enzo D'Ascoli- Altre Mani - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Emperor X- Tectonic Membrane / Thin Strip On an Edgeless Platform - Rock/Pop
    Enlou- Passing Islands - Alternative/Punk
    Enoch Light And His Orchestra- Vintage Dance Orchestras Nº48 - EPs Collectors Dancing With The Orchestra - orchsrch - Jazz
    Ensemble Terrae- La favola di Bellafronte e altre storie - World/Reggae
    Eolo Taffi- Grave concerto - Classical
    Ephemeral Mists- Moon Ritual - cdbs - New Age
    Erico Caruso|Benjamino Gigli|Tito Schipa- 3 Tenores Del Siglo XX - Canzonetas - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Erico Caruso|Benjamino Gigli|Tito Schipa- 3 Tenores Del Siglo XX - Arias - orchsrch - Classical
    Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks- Abraham's Teachings - An Introduction - Soundtracks/Other
    Etango- Una Hora Con La Realidad - World/Reggae
    Eugenia Zareska- Orchestral Music - ARNOLD, M. / MAHLER, G. / BRAHMS, J. / EDWARD, E. (The Post-War Revival) (Zareska, London Philharmonic, Beinum) (1946-1950) - Classical
    Evalisto Muyinda- Music of the Baganda - World/Reggae
    F.E.X and Nikitin & Semikashev- PM Express - Electronic
    Fairest Hill- Unfinished Business - orchsrch - Inspirational
    Fake Plastic Sundays- Un Altro Album Inutile - Rock/Pop
    Farewell To False Love- Farewell To False Love EP - Rock/Pop
    Federico Monachesi- Subconcious - orchsrch - Electronic
    Felli & Buddy- Take Me To The Zone - Urban/HipHop
    Fernando Blanco- Mares Lejanos - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    FEX- Can U Feel It - Electronic
    Fläskkvartetten- Fläskkvartetten (feat. Freddie Wadling med Västerås Symfoni 1:a) - Rock/Pop
    Florindo Sassone- Grandes Del Tango 46 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Flowin Immo- XXXJetzt - Urban/HipHop
    fogy- Friends/instrumentals - New Age
    Forgotten Tales- The Promise - Rock/Pop
    Four friends- Haruntzago - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    François Dubois & Master H- Rise - Electronic
    François Gaillard- François Gaillard - Rock/Pop
    Francesco Novara- The Quick Fox and the Lazy Dog - Alternative/Punk
    Francisco Rotundo- Grandes Del Tango 34 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Franck Yrven- Tout d'une fée... - Classical
    Franco Staco- Successi - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Franco Tozzi- Franco Tozzi /Live - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Frank Lars- Siegertyp - Rock/Pop
    Franky Kubrick- Was sie hörn wollen - Urban/HipHop
    Franz Raml- BACH, J. S.: Organ Works - Classical
    Frost- 10 Year Anniversary - Collectors Edition - Inspirational
    Full Effect- Dem Full Effect Boyz - Urban/HipHop
    Full English Breakfast- Butchered - Electronic
    Funk's Incorporated- Use Your Mind - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Furthur Abuse- Avant Gardian Angel - Rock/Pop
    Fusion Project- Lo-Fi Is Sexy But More Lo-Fi Is Even Sexier - Electronic
    Fuze- Lil Wayne is Dumb - Single - Soundtracks/Other
    Fuzzi Prime- Smooth Jazz Max Chill - orchsrch - Jazz
    G.3- LADY - Urban/HipHop
    Gamelios- Beats De Musica - Electronic
    Ganyadus- Phoenix Haven EP - Electronic
    Gary A. Morse- The Day the Dipper Died - Country/Folk
    Gayathri Devi- Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar - World/Reggae
    Gazin- Musa sewiti - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Gemini Butterfly- Aqua Tonix - Electronic
    Georges Brassens- Vintage French Song Nº20 - EPs Collectors Bancs Publics - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Georges Brassens- Vintage French Song Nº21 - EPs Collectors La Marine - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Georges Brassens- Vintage French Song Nº22 - EPs Collectors La Mauvaise Réputation - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Georges Brassens- Vintage French Song Nº23 - EPs Collectors La Mauvaise Herbe - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Gerhard Lehndorff- Was kann ich dafür - Rock/Pop
    Ghanjadam- Der Mond - Electronic
    Gianni Attanasio- Gianni Attanasio - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Gianni Attanasio- Grazie a te - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Giant Wow- Insomnia (single) - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Gilda Razani & Sub.Vision- Remembrance - Jazz
    Giovanni Gravagno- Piano, Piano - Einaudi, Metheny, Gravagno - Alternative/Punk
    Giovanni Seneca- Mutaforme - World/Reggae
    Giovanni Seneca- Per Aspera - World/Reggae
    Giuseppe Patane- VERDI, G.: Traviata (La) [Opera] (Highlights) (Sung in German) (Patane) - Classical
    Global Gangsters- Global Takeover - Urban/HipHop
    Gokul Salvadi- Lost My Big Book of Chords - Single - New Age
    Gokul Salvadi- Indian Made - EP - Soundtracks/Other
    Goran & OK Band- Moja Rano - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Gospel Mob/Sidetraxx Records- Obama Stars Single - Soundtracks/Other
    Got yo- EmptySpace - Single - Soundtracks/Other
    Gotik- Elektro Groove - Electronic
    Gotik & Delo- Elektro Noise - Electronic
    Greg Stainer- Arid - orchsrch - Electronic
    Greg Wood- Greg Wood - Rock/Pop
    Gypsy Ravens- Without You - New Age
    H-Town- CALL Me Mr Pacman - Urban/HipHop
    Hahaas Comedy Ringtones- Awesome Ringtones: My Phone Is Better Than Your Phone - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Hahaas Comedy Ringtones- Comedy Ringtones, Vol. 1 - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Hahaas Comedy Ringtones- Drunk Redneck, You're A Dick & Other Silly Cell Phone Ringtones & Ringers - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Hahaas Comedy Ringtones- Gangsta Indian & Outsourced Ringtones - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Hahaas Comedy Ringtones- Hook Up & Get Laid Ringtones, Ringers & Alerts - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Hahaas Comedy Ringtones- Let's Party! Ringtones: Titties, Weed & Beer - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Hahaas Comedy Ringtones- Marijuana Liberation Ringtones - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Hahaas Comedy Ringtones- Midget Drill Instructor Ringtones - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Hahaas Comedy Ringtones- Redneck & Hillbilly Ringtones & More - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Hahaas Comedy Ringtones- Son & Daughter Military Service Ringtones - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Hahaas Comedy Ringtones- Stand Up Ringers, Vol. 2 - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Hahaas Comedy Ringtones- Stoner Phone Ringtones, Ringers & Alerts - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Hahaas Comedy Ringtones- Super Crazy Phone Ringtones Vol. 1 - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Hahaas Comedy Ringtones- XXX Hot Spanish Girl Ringtones - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Halloween Hit Factory- Halloween Costume Party - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Halloween Hit Factory- Halloween Dance Party Jams - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Halloween Hit Factory- Super Wicked Halloween Music - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra- BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 2 (1872 version) - Classical
    Hamilton County- Brokedown Breakdown - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Hamlet & His Latin Jazz Experience- Descarumbiando - cdbs - Jazz
    Hammer Horde- Under the Mighty Oath - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hanabi- Speaking in Haiku - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hands And Knees- Et Tu, Fluffy? - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hansjorg Albrecht- ALBRECHT: The Ring Without Words (Wagner's Ring Transcribed for 2 Organs) - Classical
    Hansjorg Albrecht- BACH, J.S.: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 (arr. for organ) - Classical
    Hansjorg Albrecht- MUSSORGSKY, M.: Pictures at an Exhibition / RACHMANINOV, S.: The Isle of the Dead / STRAVINSKY, I.: 3 Movements from Petrushka (arr. for organ) - Classical
    Hanzelle- Bio-Electric Flower Pot - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hapax- O Que Está Acontecendo - Urban/HipHop
    Happy Accident- Hurt Buttons - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Happy Band of Japan- Sunshine To the Brain (A Compendium 2004/2007) - Rock/Pop
    Hard Pushin' Papa- Hard Pushin' Papa - cdbs - Blues
    Hardbeat King- Girl That I Know - Urban/HipHop
    Hari and Aino- Hari and Aino - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Harlend- Harlend EP - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Harley Card- Non-Fiction - cdbs - Jazz
    Harmonised Noise Ossan- Kahimi - Alternative/Punk
    Harry Arnold And His Orchestra- Vintage Dance Orchestras Nº49 - EPs Collectors Music For Romantics Rodgers Songs - orchsrch - Jazz
    Harry Fagel- Wordmurder - cdbs - Soundtracks/Other
    Harry Geller And The Orchestra- Vintage Dance Orchestras Nº51 - EPs Collectors The Eddy Duchin Story - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Harvey- Earthworms - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Harvey House- Misery - Rock/Pop
    Harvey Reid- Blues & Branches - cdbs - Blues
    Hasan Durak- Sari Çiçek Yaylasi - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Hat on, Drinking Wine- Hat on, Drinking Wine - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Haven- An Acappella Christmas - cdbs - Blues
    Hawar ü Gazin- Keça Merdine - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Hawar ü Gazin- Xerzan - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Hazle Weatherfield- Hazle Weatherfield - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Héctor Varela Y Su Orquesta- Grandes Del Tango 44 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Head Horny's & DJ Miguel Serna- Digital Bases E.P - Scouse-Hardhouse-Bumping - orchsrch - Electronic
    Heads Up Display- AS/IS - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hear Kitty Kitty- Tails From the Alley - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Heather Wiggins- Heather Wiggins - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Hebrew School- Hebrew School - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hector Javier- Hector Javiercon Ganas De Amar - World/Reggae
    Held Under- Dying Breed - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Helen Abbey- Second Time Around - cdbs - Jazz
    Helen Austin- Happy - Rock/Pop
    Helen Lawson- Crossing the Bridge EP - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Hello Menno- I Dont' Want to Say Goodbye - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    HEMLOCK SMITH- Sir Arne's Treasure - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hendrik Meurkens- Sambatropolis - cdbs - Jazz
    Hep Chaps- Swingin' On Nothing - cdbs - Jazz
    Herb Robertson / Rich Messbauer / Tom Sayek- Diablo En Musica - Improvisations - cdbs - Jazz
    Herbert Blomstedt- BEETHOVEN, L. van: Leonore [Opera] (Blomstedt) - Classical
    Herbert Kegel- PROKOFIEV, S.: Betrothal in a Monastery [Opera] (Highlights) (Sung in German) (Kegel) - Classical
    Herbert Kegel- MAHLER, G.: Symphony No. 4 (Casapietra, Leipzig Radio Symphony, Kegel) - Classical
    Herbert Schuch- SCHUBERT, F.: Piano Sonatas Nos. 4 and 18 / LACHENMANN, H.: 5 Variations on a Theme of Franz Schubert / Guero (Schuch) - Classical
    Here II Here- Here II Here - New Age
    Heritage Singers- No Greater Love - cdbs - Blues
    Heritage Singers- Forgiven - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Herm- Monsters - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Heroes and Villains- What Keeps Us From Sleeping at Night - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    HeroTV- Soundtrack Robin Hood Version 2.0 - Alternative/Punk
    Herre & Red Kite- Vendetta EP - Urban/HipHop
    Hey Rosetta!- Into Your Lungs (And Around in Your Heart and On Through Your Blood) - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hey Rosetta!- Plan Your Escape - EP (Remixed and Remastered) - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    HG Filled- The Eleventh Hour - Blues
    Hickory Strings- Patches - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Hidden Clover- Do it that wave - Alternative/Punk
    Hiddenpath- Time Will Tell - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    High Vulture- 17 - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Highland Way- Highland Way Live in San Diego - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Highlonesome- Highlonesome - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Highlord- When the Aurora Falls... - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hillary Capps- A Perfect Dozen - cdbs - Jazz
    Hills Are Mountains- EP - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Hills Rolling- Something Delicious - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hiltzik-Buscema-Porée- Thoughts Of Home - cdbs - Soundtracks/Other
    Hired Help Band- Masks - Rock/Pop
    Hiright- My Inside - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Hito No Kimochi Ha Furactal- Hito No Kimochi Ha Furactal - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Holiday Blues- New Orleans Rock and Roll - Blues
    Holiday Hootenanny- Holiday Hootenanny - cdbs - Soundtracks/Other
    • CommentAuthorMutantis
    • CommentTimeJun 29th 2009
    Holiday Symphony & Choir- Classical & Choir Christmas - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Hollowbelly- Live At the 100 Club London (EP) - cdbs - Blues
    Hollus- Joker And the Queen - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hollywood Kill- Sinema! - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Holmberg/Angerud- Holmberg/Angerud - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Home Free- Kickin' It Old School - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Homicyde- Cash Money Figurez - Soundtracks/Other
    Honky Tonk Hustlas- Hallways of the Always - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Horacio Salgán- Grandes Del Tango 32 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Horse Crazy- Western Moon - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Hot Club of Dublin- Fin Voyage - cdbs - Jazz
    Hotcha Trio- Vintage Jazz Nº23 - EPs Collectors Three Harmonics And Rag - orchsrch - Jazz
    Hotrails, The- To Hell with the Hot Rails - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hristo Vitchev Quartet- Song for Messambria - cdbs - Jazz
    Hugo García- Del Tango Al Mundo - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Hui He- HUI, He: Verdi and Puccini Arias - Classical
    Human Beans & David Denoia- El Centre - Electronic
    Humberto Ramirez- Duets - cdbs - Jazz
    HUNG- Progeny - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Husam Shaker- Kanon Bazaar - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Huseyne MuÅ?i- Huseyne Musi 1 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Huseyne MuÅ?i- Huseyne Musi 3 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Huseyne MuÅ?i- Huseyne Musi 6 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Huxley Vertical Cabaret Nouveau- Huxley Vertical Cabaret Nouveau - cdbs - Jazz
    I Am Forever- We Are The Fire - Rock/Pop
    I Declare War- Amidst the Bloodshed - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Ian Allen- La Fontana's Sweet 230 - cdbs - Electronic
    Ian McLagan & the Bump Band- Spiritual Boy - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Ian Ritchie- Ian Ritchie's SOHO Project - cdbs - Jazz
    Ian Tamblyn- The Body Needs To Travel - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Ian Von- Ian Von - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Ibrido Hot Six- L'Eclisse - Jazz
    Icarus Himself- Coffins - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Ice Nine Kills- The Burning - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Idiot- Idiot 2008 Demo - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Ignacio Corsini- Grandes Del Tango 31 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Ignacio Piñeiro and His Septeto Nacional- Ignacio Piñeiro and His Septeto Nacional - Jazz
    Ignorant Mob- Ignorant Mob - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Igor Kamenz- SCHUMANN, R.: String Quartet No. 1 / Piano Quintet in E flat major (Delian::Quartet) - Classical
    Igor Prochazka Trio- Easy Route - cdbs - Jazz
    Ilar & Hedvall- Melt - cdbs - Electronic
    Illusion of Safety- In Opposition To Our Acceleration - cdbs - Soundtracks/Other
    Imago Dei- Divine Embrace - cdbs - Inspirational
    Immigrant Suns- Montenegro - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Implosion- Spin - Alternative/Punk
    In Aeternum- Curse Of Devastation - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Inca Son- (Volume #12) Live from Sanders Theatre: at Harvard University - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Infinite Skillz- The Anomaly - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Ingrid Tornado- Eros Island - Electronic
    Insane Poetry- Fallen From Grace - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    InsideOut A cappella- Reverence - cdbs - Inspirational
    International String Trio- Appalachia - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Invexis & Tadox vs. Hardtrax- Metal Wheels EP - Electronic
    Inviolet Row- Consolation Prizes - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Invisible Man- Music for Lost Souls and Misfits - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Ira Gonzalez- Until - cdbs - Jazz
    Irish Nights- Irish Nights Volume 1 - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Irwin Solomon- Reflections - cdbs - Jazz
    Isabella Unterer- MOZART: Sinfonia concertante / Serenade No. 5 - Classical
    Isaiah Hogan- Isaiah - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Isla Eckinger/Riner Scivally- Duets - cdbs - Jazz
    Isla St Clair & Gordon Walker- Highland Laddie - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Isn't Hit- Money (radio Edit) - Electronic
    It's My Party- R.S.V.P. - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Ithaka- Saltwater Nomad - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Ivor Bolton- BRUCKNER, A.: Symphony No. 9 in D minor, WAB 109 (Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra, Bolton) - Classical
    J-Sun Rivera feat Jessica Palmer- Tell Me Reason - Electronic
    J.Rawls & Middle Child- Rawls & Middle (US Edition) - Urban/HipHop
    J.Rawls & Middle Child- Rawls & Middle (US Edition) - Urban/HipHop
    Jaap Van Zweden- MAHLER, G.: Symphony No. 5 (London Philharmonic, Zweden) - Classical
    Jacco@Work- Epoxy - orchsrch - Electronic
    Jacco@Work- Manhattan Skyline - orchsrch - Electronic
    Jack Grassel- Matrix - cdbs - Jazz
    Jack Hustle- The Holla Man Album - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Jack Prybylski- Ice Cream - Jazz
    Jack Walrath, Corrado Canonici- Sonage by Duplexus - Jazz
    JACKNIFF- The Jackniff E.P. - Urban/HipHop
    Jackson Rohm- Long Way From Moving On - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Jacktown Hustlers- All Too Real - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Jah Rej- Dubs From The Seventh Sense - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Jahah- The Melting Pot - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Jake Andrews- Time To Burn - cdbs - Blues
    Jake Posnock Ft. Jerrad Xavier- Foods - Soundtracks/Other
    Jake White- Sunday Morning - cdbs - New Age
    James Barbour- Broadway in Concert - cdbs - Jazz
    James D. Stark- Fortress of Solitude - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    James Davis Quintet- Angles Of Refraction - cdbs - Jazz
    James Jewell- Yoga Nidra - cdbs - Soundtracks/Other
    James Kole- Best of James Kole - cdbs - Blues
    Jameson- Keep The Change - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Jameson's Revenge- Traditional Irish Music-Straight From The Bottle - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Jami Smith- Faith in You - cdbs - Inspirational
    Jamie Bramble- Complete Lack Of Oxygen - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Jamie Counsell- Dear Jessica - Rock/Pop
    Jason Wool- Da Jw - Urban/HipHop
    jaspers- Lulu - Alternative/Punk
    Jay Darrow- Remember the Times - Alternative/Punk
    Jayc Harold- In the Sweet By and By - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Jazzen- Explorations - cdbs - Jazz
    Jean paques- Jean paques volume 19 - Rock/Pop
    Jean paques- Jean paques volume 5 - Rock/Pop
    Jeff Alkire- One Summer in Winters - cdbs - Jazz
    Jeff Berlin- Aneurythms (Euro Release) - cdbs - Jazz
    Jeoma Flores- Sentimientos - Rock/Pop
    Jeremy Crady- Smoke Wagon Serenade - Rock/Pop
    Jerome Joseph Cooper- Sunset Ostinato - Single - Electronic
    Jerome Joseph Cooper- Xtra Chromosomes - Single - Electronic
    Jesse Finney- It's Yo Thang - cdbs - Jazz
    Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies- Northern Echoes - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Jimmy D- New Original Pipe Organ Collection 1 - Soundtracks/Other
    Jimmy D- Winter Piano Improvs - Soundtracks/Other
    Jinx Da Juvy- I Want You - orchsrch - Urban/HipHop
    Jo Hamilton- Gown - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Jo Hamilton- Winter is Over - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Jo Se Una Canço... Menorquina- Jo Se Una Cançó.....Menorquina Vol.3 (L'escola canta) - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Jochy Reyes- Jochy Reyes,Ingrata - World/Reggae
    Joe Jencks- The Candle and the Flame - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Johan Afterglow- Destination Disco - Electronic
    Johan Botha- WAGNER, R.: Tristan und Isolde (excerpts) - Classical
    Johan Botha- WAGNER, R.: Meistersinger von Nurnberg (Die) (excerpts) / Der fliegende Hollander (excerpts) / In fernem Land, unnahbar euren Schritten (Botha) - Classical
    John Allaire- Up Hill ... Both Ways - Country/Folk
    John Eaton- John Eaton presents the American Popular Song, Volume Three: Blowin' in the Wind - The '60s Music Revolution - cdbs - Jazz
    John Treleaven- TRELEAVEN, John: Wagner Portrait (A) - Classical
    Jomoney- Free Up Jamaica - Single - Soundtracks/Other
    Jon Reshard- Jon Reshard - Jazz
    Jordan Zevon- Insides Out - Rock/Pop
    Jose Acosta- State - orchsrch - Electronic
    Joseph- Your Love Still Haunts Me - The Remixes - Urban/HipHop
    Josh Perschbacher- Cantina Band - Theatre Organ Single - cdbs - Jazz
    Jude Johnstone- Cry Cry Cry (For New Orleans) - Single - Country/Folk
    Julio De Caro- Grandes Del Tango 36 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Julio Sosa- Bien Bohemio - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Jump Rope Girls- Eight Track Demos - Alternative/Punk
    JumpStylerz- Are You Ready To Move - Electronic
    Junior P.- Know Your Self - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Justin Hellman- Shakin' It Like a Blue Funk Monkey - cdbs - Jazz
    K JiG Boone- Obamarama - Soundtracks/Other
    K JiG Boone- The Harley Song - Rock/Pop
    Kalindi Ka, Marie Line Dahomay- Guadeloupe (Gwo-Ka) - World/Reggae
    Kalpana Devi- Devi Karumari - World/Reggae
    Katharina Franck- Zeitlupenkino - Soundtracks/Other
    Kathetor- Risen From Blood - Rock/Pop
    Kati Penn- My Turn To Cry - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Katrin Wiedmann- Meine Liebe - Rock/Pop
    Katrina Rae- Mended - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Kazo- Heseno - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Kenny Speed- Role MOdel - Single - Soundtracks/Other
    Kenzo- Do The Shizz - Electronic
    Ketura- Satellites - Rock/Pop
    Kev Da Khemist- In Tha Lab - Urban/HipHop
    Kevin Scanlon- Dressing In Layers - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Keyrei Featuring Roscoe Umali- If You Go - Electronic
    KhoMha- Stay in My Mind - orchsrch - Electronic
    Kid Millions- Words Get Around - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Kidz & Palmez- Baby Baby - orchsrch - Electronic
    Kidz & Palmez- Intensity - orchsrch - Electronic
    Kidzup Children's Educational Music- Pre-K Songs - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Kirby Heyborne- The Elm Tree - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Kitchie Nadal- Love Letter - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Klaude Walters- We Made It Through - Rock/Pop
    Klaus & Klaus- Pokaljäger (Werder Bremen Pokalsieger 2009) - Rock/Pop
    Koma ZerdeÅ?te Kal- Kewa Xerib - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Koma Å?irvan- Lawike Gundi - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Konrad Jarnot- MOZART, L. / MOZART, W.A. / MOZART, F. / BARONI-CAVALCABO: Lieder from 3 Mozart Generations - Classical
    Kool Savas- Die John Bello Story Vol. 2 - Urban/HipHop
    Kool Savas- Die John Bello Story Vol. 2 Premium - Urban/HipHop
    Kool Savas- Krone feat. Franky Kubrick, Moe Mitchell & Amaris - Urban/HipHop
    Kool Savas- Krone feat. Franky Kubrick, Moe Mitchell & Amaris - Urban/HipHop
    Kool Savas- Krone feat. Franky Kubrick, Moe Mitchell & Amaris - Urban/HipHop
    Krishna Colours - Spirogyra- Krishna Colours - Blues
    Krispen Hartung & Ted Killian- Mojo At the Dojo - cdbs - Soundtracks/Other
    Kriss- Me gustas u - Rock/Pop
    KTB- Bluebird - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Kurt Masur- MENDELSSOHN, Felix: Midsummer Night's Dream (A) / Die schone Melusine / Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage (Masur) - Classical
    L.A. Santiago- Make Your Move - Rock/Pop
    L10- Fallen (SpekrFreks Mixes) - Electronic
    La chorale Notre Dame de la nativité- Syphonie divine vol1 - World/Reggae
    Lado Ataneli- ANGUELOV, Ivan: Opera Arias - Classical
    Landeskapelle Eisenach- EGK: Abraxas - Classical
    Larry Green And His Orchestra- Vintage Dance Orchestras Nº45 - EPs Collectors Big Band - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Larry Mills- Through My Father's Eyes - Blues
    Lars Sommerfeld- Pcops, Kaller EP - Electronic
    Lars Vogt- MOZART, W.A.: Piano Concertos Nos. 20 and 23 (Vogt, Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra, Bolton) - Classical
    Late Night Hooligan Riff Raff- Pull Yourself Together - Rock/Pop
    Latin Combo- Vintage Pop Nº36 - EPs Collectors Mon Oncle (Mi Tio) - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Lauer & Canard- Deep Inside EP - Electronic
    Lauren Monroe- Oneness Chant - Blues
    Laury- Ombre Et Lumiere - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Lavonna Zeller-Williams- Breathe - Jazz
    LDA- Give In To Me - orchsrch - Electronic
    Leckerphonics- His, Mine & Bob's - Rock/Pop
    Lee Perry w. Dubblestandart & Ari Up- Return From Planet Dub - World/Reggae
    Lemon Hit- Body Talk EP - Electronic
    Lemon Hit- Go! - Electronic
    Lemon Hit- Media Pleasure EP - Electronic
    Levon Ichkhanian- After Hours - cdbs - Jazz
    Liam Clancy- Clancy, O'Connell & Clancy - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Liam Clancy- Irish Troubadour - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Liam Clancy- The Wild and Wasteful Ocean - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Lil' Keke- Universal Ghetto Pass - Swishahouse Remix - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Lino Versace- Faim De Récréation - World/Reggae
    Littlefats & Swingin' Hot Shot Party + Futarinori- Fat Joyhum - cdbs - Jazz
    Lock N Load Djs- Gettin' It - Electronic
    Lol Family- Lol Songs - Electronic
    Lord Mike and Catalyst One- I Know My Position - Urban/HipHop
    Lorenzo González- Vintage Cuba Nº26 - EPs Collectors Los Ultimos 5 Minutos - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Los Macarenos- Vintage Flamenco Rumba Nº7 - EPs Collectors Flamenco Night Club - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Los Panchos- Vintage México Nº42- EPs Collectors. Aguanta Corazón - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Los Panchos- Vintage México Nº46 - EPs Collectors The First Panchos - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Los Panchos- Vintage México Nº47 - EPs Collectors Remember The First Panchos - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Los Seratti- Mirame - Electronic
    Los Tres Caballeros- Vintage México Nº44- EPs Collectors. Boleros, Los Tres Caballeros - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Louis Levy- Vintage Dance Orchestras Nº44 - EPs Collectors Dreaming Cole Porter - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Lovable Rogues- Integer EP - Electronic
    Love Meets Lust- In Disguise - Electronic
    Lucas 1978- Stratagies - Urban/HipHop
    Lucerne Festival Strings- BRITTEN, B.: Simple Symphony / Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge / Prelude and Fugue (Lucerne Festival Strings, Achim Fiedler) - Classical
    Lucerne Festival Strings- WEBERN / SCHUBERT: Works for String Orchestra - Classical
    Lucia Popp- BEETHOVEN, L. van: Symphony No. 9, Choral (Popp, Murray, Rolfe-Johnson, Pape, London Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra, Tennstedt) - Classical
    Lucia Popp- HAYDN, J.: Schopfung (Die) (The Creation) (Popp, Rolfe-Johnson, Luxon, London Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra, Tennstedt) - Classical
    Luka Wave- Forever Dancing - Electronic
    Luke Rattan- Steel Heart (Cover) Written By: Scott Evans - Country/Folk
    Lukie D- Bargained For - World/Reggae
    Lullabies In The Dark- Iridium - Electronic
    Lytingale- Home To My Heart - New Age
    • CommentAuthorMutantis
    • CommentTimeJun 29th 2009
    m. karo- Music With Horns - Electronic
    M.G.E. Project- Stop Information - Electronic
    M.T.H.D.S.- The Methods - Urban/HipHop
    Machinnes- Voxbox - Electronic
    Macro Marco- The Macro Orchestra - Love Edition EP - Urban/HipHop
    MAFU- Finalist - Urban/HipHop
    Mahanadi Shobana- Mahishasura Mardini - World/Reggae
    Maharajan- Gajamuga - World/Reggae
    Maharajan- Kandha - World/Reggae
    Mahathi- Arul Tharum Sri Thanumalayan - World/Reggae
    Makossa & Megablast vs. OMFO- BUGDUB - Electronic
    Malatyalı Ä°brahim- Mevsimler Kiskanir Güzelligini - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Malatyalı İbrahim- Senden Ayri Yasayamam - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Manam Sera Chandrahasan- Naiyandi - World/Reggae
    Manolo Caracol- Vintage Flamenco Cante Nº38 - EPs Collectors - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Manuel Amaya- Desde El Fondo De Mi Alma - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Manuel Marino- Te Quiero - Electronic
    Manuel Warwitz- SINGER PUR: German Folksongs - Classical
    Mara & David- Once We Were Gods - Rock/Pop
    Marc Garcia- Dubmansion EP - Electronic
    Marc Ryan- Stand Up Ringtones - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Marfil - Morales- Vintage World Nº13- EPs Collectors Canciones Para El Romance Colombia - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Maridis feat. MayaMo- I See You There - Rock/Pop
    Marino- Sea - Electronic
    Mark du Mosch- Strength EP - Electronic
    Mark Lotterman- Better Things To Do - Rock/Pop
    Markoolio- I Skuggan Av Mig Själv - Soundtracks/Other
    Marty Wilde- Vintage Rock Nº14 - EPs Collectors More Of Marty - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Mathew Jonson- Walking on the Hands that Follow Me EP - Classical
    Mathias Hausmann- BENATZKY, R.: Im weissen Rossl [Operetta] (Bibl) - Classical
    Matt Kazam- Stand Up Ringtones - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Matteo Marini- Fire Walk With Me - orchsrch - Electronic
    Matteo Marini- Gain - orchsrch - Electronic
    Matteo Marini- Gitana - orchsrch - Electronic
    Matteo Marini- Lieve - orchsrch - Electronic
    Matteo Marini- Primavera 2.0 - orchsrch - Electronic
    Matteo Marini- Seasons - orchsrch - Electronic
    Matteo Marini- Terra Sarda - orchsrch - Electronic
    Matteo Marini- Twin Peaks - orchsrch - Electronic
    Mauno Kalevi / Mark du Mosch- Kirjastolaulu Space Helmet - Electronic
    Mcrackins- Bat Out Of Shell - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Melissa Endean- Let It Go - Rock/Pop
    Mellifluous- Fires (Single) - Rock/Pop
    Mellow Mark- Metropolis EP - Rock/Pop
    memotone- Space Ritual. Single 2009 - Alternative/Punk
    Menini & Viani Ft. Christian Key- Dark Beat - orchsrch - Electronic
    Michael Carpenter- Redemption #39 - Rock/Pop
    Michael Korstick- BEETHOVEN, L. van: Piano Sonatas Nos. 1, 2, 3 (Korstick) (Beethoven Cycle, Vol. 2) - Classical
    Michael Korstick- BEETHOVEN, L. van: Piano Sonatas Nos. 11, 13, 14, 19, 20 (Korstick) (Beethoven Cycle, Vol. 5) - Classical
    Michael Korstick- BEETHOVEN, L. van: Piano Sonatas Nos. 4, 9, 10, 12 (Korstick) (Beethoven Cycle, Vol. 3) - Classical
    Michael Korstick- BEETHOVEN, L. van: Piano Sonatas Nos. 5, 6, 7, 8 (Korstick) (Beethoven Cycle, Vol. 4) - Classical
    Michael Suttner- LEHAR: Graf von Luxembourg (Der) - Classical
    Michail Gantvarg- HAYDN: Violin Concerto in G major / Piano Concerto in D major / Concerto for Violin and Piano - Classical
    Mighty M- Interstellar Gangster - Electronic
    Miguel Aceves Mejía- Vintage México Nº45 - EPs Collectors La Cama De Piedra - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Miguel Caló- Grandes Del Tango 45 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Miguelito Valdés- Mr. Babalú - Jazz
    Mihemed Arif Cizrawi- Suwaro - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Mike Andrews- Dream (Gay Pride No H8te) - Electronic
    Mike Lambert Museman- Hey Teacher - Rock/Pop
    Mike Wall- She Comes EP - World/Reggae
    Mina Jackson And The Children- Pray - Electronic
    Mirade Kine- Berivane - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Miramar Vs Moonwave- Back To The Island - Electronic
    Mirek Kwiek- Past and Present - Rock/Pop
    Misja Helsloot- All Inclusive - Electronic
    Mitch Hansen Band- Twilight Hour - Rock/Pop
    Monika Leskovar- DODERER, J.: Mon cher cousin / STAMITZ, C.: Cello Concerto No. 1 / MOZART, W.A.: Divertimento, Salzburg Symphony No. 1 (Leskovar, Kammer) - Classical
    Monna Bell- Vintage Pop Nº40 - EPs Collectors Pequeña - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Monogram Feat. Dobedai- Hemma På Söder - Rock/Pop
    Monovox- Kobra - orchsrch - Electronic
    Monovox- Rock - orchsrch - Electronic
    Mossy- Another Day - Electronic
    Mozarteum Quartet- MOZART: String Quartets Nos. 1, 15 and 19 - Classical
    Mr John Lewis- People EP - Urban/HipHop
    Mr. Pauli- Le Crunch - Electronic
    Murat Durmaz- Son Kahve - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Murderkid- The EP - Urban/HipHop
    Murthi Gopi- Melogathil Dish Antenna - World/Reggae
    Naim Akman- Kara Sevdamsin - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Nataša- Ljubav, Vera, Nada - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Neon Logic- Another Day Wasted - orchsrch - Electronic
    NEPHEWBLAQ- Keep It In Da Club - Urban/HipHop
    Neverdice- Let Them Die EP - Soundtracks/Other
    New Holiday- Away From Me - Rock/Pop
    Nick Styles- Yellow Hotel - Brazilian Edition - Rock/Pop
    Nik Solomon- Ms. You - Country/Folk
    nikitin & semikashev- Reflections Album Part 1 - Electronic
    Nina & Frederik- Vintage World Nº10- EPs Collectors Oh, Pecador Oh, Sinner Man - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Nini Funke- Schubert Brahms Liszt - orchsrch - Classical
    NO-ID- Wurld - Electronic
    Noemi Nadelmann- NADELMANN, Noemi: Noemi Nadelmann Sings Operetta - Classical
    Noferini- Children - orchsrch - Electronic
    Noferini & Dubguy- Soul Penetreted - orchsrch - Electronic
    Noferini, Dj Miss Babayaga & Josh Blackwell Ft. D.Ffrench- Beautiful Life - orchsrch - Electronic
    Nona Brown- Woman Phenomenal Song - Blues
    Norah Cunningham- Crying - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Oboema,Dj Chaos & Elena De Hollander- Disco Beats - Electronic
    Oliviero de Quintajè- Sic transit gloria mundi - Rock/Pop
    Ollipeist- Of War And Storms - Rock/Pop
    Olmo- Peppermind - orchsrch - Electronic
    Om & Om's- koelnelektro 004 - Electronic
    ONLY 1 RIGHT- Jealousy - Urban/HipHop
    Oona Airola & Juhana Lehtiniemi- Chansons De Cul: L'histoire De Sophie Et Immanuel - New Age
    Opsvik&Jennings- A Dream I Used to Remember - Rock/Pop
    Orquesta Hermanos Palau- La Ola Marina - Jazz
    Oscar G Cruz- Con Sabor A Salsa - Jazz
    Osmo Vanska- RACHMANINOV, S.: Symphony No. 3 / BAX, A.: Tintagel (London Philharmonic, Vanska) - Classical
    Osvaldo Pugliese y su orquesta- El Maestro - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Otmar Suitner- MOZART, W.A.: Cosi fan tutte (Highlights) (Suitner) - Classical
    Otmar Suitner- MOZART, W.A.: Cosi fan tutte [Opera] (Highlights) (Sung in German) (Suitner) - Classical
    Otmar Suitner- WAGNER, R.: Lohengrin (Highlights) (Suitner) - Classical
    Ozee Ft. DJ Teejay- Strive - Blues
    P Dub Aka Pretty Willie- Thurro-p...session Vol. 1 - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    P.R. Kantate- In Balin - World/Reggae
    Pado & Stephan- Triback - orchsrch - Electronic
    Pape Gurioli, Guilio Capiozzo- Sounds and Colours - Jazz
    Paper the Operator- Solemn Boyz EP - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Pappo's Blues- Caso Cerrado Volumen 8 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Paquito Simón Y Su Conjunto De baile- Vintage Flamenco Dance Nº6 - EPs Collectors Andalucia Dance - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Paranormal Attack- Phenomenon - orchsrch - Electronic
    Party Band Kings- 90’s Pop Classics - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Pascal Garry- Vents de terre - Rock/Pop
    Pascal Roge- GERSHWIN, G.: Rhapsody in Blue / An American in Paris / RAVEL, M.: Piano Concerto for the Left Hand (Roge) - Classical
    Pasquale- Libation Intoxication - Electronic
    Pat Porter- Summerhouse Hymnal - Blues
    Paul Cutie & Del Gado vs Filippo Guerrieri Ft. Lory Maiuri- Why Don't You Look Around - orchsrch - Electronic
    Paul Cutie Ft. Lory- Living Without You - orchsrch - Electronic
    Paul Knapp Jr.- Rapture of the Deep - Humpback Whale Singing (Remastered) - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Paul Ray- Flemming Dalum Italo Edits Vol. 1 - Electronic
    Paul Sanders- Groove - Electronic
    Peaceful Christmas Reflections- Volume 1 - Rejoice - Soundtracks/Other
    Peaceful Christmas Reflections- Volume 2 - Savior - Soundtracks/Other
    Peaceful Christmas Reflections- Volume 3 - Peace - Soundtracks/Other
    Peaceful Christmas Reflections- Volume 4 - Joyful - Soundtracks/Other
    Peaceful Christmas Reflections- Volume 5 - Emmanuel - Soundtracks/Other
    Peaceful Christmas Reflections- Volume 6 - Hope - Soundtracks/Other
    Pee Wee Bluesgang- Bootlegged in Hamburg - Blues
    Pepper Pots, The- Now! - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Perihan Sözen - Ali Osman AkkuÅ?- Huysuz Adam - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Pete Huttlinger- Fingerpicking Wonder: The Music of Stevie Wonder - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Peter Clamat- Single LP - Electronic
    Peter Kovacs- Peter Kovacs - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Petty Crime- The Evidence - Rock/Pop
    Phil Keaggy & Randy Stonehill- Mystery Highway - Rock/Pop
    Pierre Pitzl- CHRISTMAS Laudate Pueri - Baroque Christmas - Classical
    Plastic Inc- Stay-Go - Electronic
    Poetic Reasons- Carving A Future From A Vision Of Hope - Alternative/Punk
    Poetic Reasons- Roll On The Next One / Just Say The Word - Alternative/Punk
    Poke- Steige auf - Urban/HipHop
    Polynya- Crop Rotation - Rock/Pop
    Pop Archeology Transmission- Welcome To The New Improved Dark Ages - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Pouaz''rlk- Jazz Rust - Jazz
    Prairie Ranger- Vision Quest - Rock/Pop
    Prakash Rao- Sree Vishnu Sahasranama Stothram - World/Reggae
    Prakash Rao- Sri Suriya Deva - World/Reggae
    Prophetic Noise- Liberties Of Style - Electronic
    psience- psientific experiments - Alternative/Punk
    Pyramids- Rendered EP - Electronic
    Quartetto Di Napoli- Vintage Italian Song Nº12 - EPs Collectors San Remo Hits - orchsrch - Jazz
    Ragavendira Sharma- Sri Lakshminarasimha Slokas Vol 2 - World/Reggae
    Ramani Sastrigal- Sri Lalitha Trishathi Namavali - World/Reggae
    Ramu- Jaya Hanuman - World/Reggae
    Ramu- Kaappatruvaye Sri Venkatesa - World/Reggae
    Ramu- Siva Stuthi - World/Reggae
    Ramu- Vishnu Gayathri Manthram - World/Reggae
    Randall Bramblett- Now It's Tomorrow - Rock/Pop
    Rant- Fuck Computer - Electronic
    Ravenshade- Wading - New Age
    Ray Costa- Disko.Reset - Electronic
    Ray Davies- Working Man's Café - Rock/Pop
    Re: Locate- Rogue - Electronic
    Rebellious- No Abuse - World/Reggae
    Red Static- Red Static - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Reflex- That Was Yesterday - Rock/Pop
    Renato Carosone & His Sextet- Vintage Italian Song Nº11 - EPs Collectors Maruzzella - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Renée Lebas- Vintage French Song Nº13 - EPs Collectors Domani Demain - orchsrch - Jazz
    Rene Clemencic- Choral Music (13th Century) - Catholicorum concio / Introitus / Conductus XI (Clemencic Consort, Clemencic, Vienna Hofburgkapell) - Classical
    Rennie Foster- The Main Floor EP - Electronic
    Reprise- Reprise - Jazz
    Retired Stuntman- Bullshit Is My Second Name - Electronic
    Revision- Jeckyll and Hyde - Jazz
    Riblja Ä?orba- Minut Sa Njom - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Ricardo Cutz- Klang - Electronic
    Ricardo Cutz- Dos Direcciónes - Urban/HipHop
    Ricardo Tanturi- Grandes Del Tango 33 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Rich Webb- Don't Feel So Sad - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Rich Webb- Light - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Rich Webb- Overboard - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Rich Webb- The Girl Who Laughed Too Much - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Richard Webb- Fat Burning Secrets - Soundtracks/Other
    Riva- Stringer - Electronic
    Rob Hall & Chick Lyall- The Beaten Path - cdbs - Jazz
    Rob Holub- Stranger on 2nd Avenue - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Rob Masterton- 7 Months - orchsrch - Electronic
    Rob Mooney- Feelin' Electro 2009 EP - Electronic
    Robbespierre et Marc Garcia- MaleFunction - Electronic
    Robbie Fithon- Minimus EP - Electronic
    Robert Dean Smith- WAGNER: Tristan und Isolde (excerpts) - Classical
    Robert Hanell- OFFENBACH, J.: Monsieur et Madame Denis [Operetta] (Sung in German) - Classical
    Robinson McClellan - Trio Eos (text by Eavan Boland)- Music by Robinson McClellan - Soundtracks/Other
    Robycel Feat. Asur- Zum Himmel empor - Rock/Pop
    Rockell- On The Radio - Electronic
    Rodney Poe- Dreams - Single - Soundtracks/Other
    Rodney Poe- Single - Soundtracks/Other
    Rolaf Skillings- Slide It... - Rock/Pop
    Rolf Oswald- Alle Menschen brauchen Lieder - Rock/Pop
    Rolf Otto Rogalla- Hot Pop - Rock/Pop
    Rolf Otto Rogalla- Musik-Play-Station - Rock/Pop
    Rolf Wollrad- STRAUSS II: Wiener Blut (excerpts) - Classical
    Rolo & Chipo- Summer Time - Electronic
    Roman Trekel- BRAHMS: 15 Romanzen aus Die Schone Magelone - Classical
    Ronald Penafrios- Smooth Jazz The Piano - orchsrch - Jazz
    Ruben Calzado Y Su Orquesta- Vintage Cuba Nº25 - EPs Collectors Harlem Nocturno - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Ruben Cantarino- Storywriter - Rock/Pop
    Ruth Sandhoff- GLUCK, W.: Ezio (Complete) - Classical
    Ruthus- A Moon With A View - Electronic
    RuÅ?en Yılmaz- Garibin Meyhanesi - Meyhane Sarkilari - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Safiye Ayla- Safiye Ayla'dan Sarkilar Radyo Günleri 4 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Sai Harihar- Sai Swarnamaalika - World/Reggae
    Saindhavi- Abirami Andhadhi - World/Reggae
    Saindhavi- Chellame Chellam - World/Reggae
    Saindhavi- Kannan Engal Kannanaam - World/Reggae
    Saindhavi- Pappa Pattu - World/Reggae
    Saindhavi- Ponmazhai - World/Reggae
    • CommentAuthorMutantis
    • CommentTimeJun 29th 2009
    Saindhavi- Radha Sametha Krishna - World/Reggae
    Saindhavi- Sri Ganesha Moolamanthra Trishathi Namavali & Slokas - World/Reggae
    Samavayo- Snippet EP 2009 - Rock/Pop
    Sara Renner- All For Love - Inspirational
    Sarah Connolly- TURNAGE, M.-A.: Twice Through the Heart / Torn Fields (The) / Hidden Love Song (Connolly, M. Robertson, Finley, London Philharmonic, Alsop) - Classical
    Sarah Holthusen- I Call it Home - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Saucy- Serenity (The Fantasy) - orchsrch - Electronic
    Saul Stokes- Metacollage - Electronic
    Scott Wesley Brown- A Heart For You: A Worship Collection - Inspirational
    Sean Hogan- Catalina Sunrise - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Sean O'Connell- Love Is A Wind Assault - Rock/Pop
    Sebastian Klinger- BACH, J.S.: Cello Suites Nos. 1-6, BWV 1007-1012 (Klinger) - Classical
    Setback- Reign Of Error - Rock/Pop
    Seyfi DoÄ?anay- Seyfi Doganay Klasikleri - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Shadoline- The Decadent - Rock/Pop
    Shahin & Sepehr- Casablanca - Dance Mix - Electronic
    Shani Ferguson- Close - New Age
    Shanta Williams- No Holdin Back - Urban/HipHop
    Shawn Fors- Hi High Blue - Rock/Pop
    Sheba- You - Urban/HipHop
    Sheik Bafuwandante- Do Your Hoes Get Low? - Soundtracks/Other
    Shoot The Mountain- Self Titled - Rock/Pop
    Shortline- Grey Whenever - Rock/Pop
    Sidney Bechet In Concert- Vintage Jazz Nº24 - EPs Collectors Concert Olympia Theatre (1955) Paris - orchsrch - Jazz
    Siegfried Kurz- DONIZETTI, G.: Don Pasquale [Opera] (Highlights) (Sung in German) (Kurz) - Classical
    Simone Young- BRUCKNER, A.: Symphony No. 4, Romantic (original 1874 version) (Hamburg Philharmonic, Young) - Classical
    Simone Young- BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 3, WAB 103 (1873 Version) - Classical
    Simox Dj & Claudio Salvati- Ibiza - orchsrch - Electronic
    Simox Dj & Claudio Salvati- Jump - orchsrch - Electronic
    Simox Dj & Claudio Salvati- Temptation - orchsrch - Electronic
    Sinn Yang- Violin Recital: Yang, Sinn - DEBUSSY, C. / SCHUBERT, F. / BARTOK, B. / WIDMANN, J. / PIAZZOLLA, A. - Classical
    Skychief- Auto Exciter - Rock/Pop
    Slimm Banks- Touch The Sky - EP - Soundtracks/Other
    Sneak-Thief / Polygamy Boys- Parallel Percepts EP - Electronic
    So Sadly Fucked- Back To Life - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Sol City Navigater- Opus 420 Cougar's Adage - Electronic
    Solar Lords- Levant / Some Sunny Love - Electronic
    Sona Shaboyan- SHABOYAN, Sona: Piano Music from Armenia - Classical
    Sonya L. Taylor- Dance - Electronic
    Soul Buddha feat. Lisa Millett- Realize 'Remixes - Electronic
    Sound Reproduction- Electronic Nighthawk - Electronic
    Soundtrack Band- Musica de Cine Vol.10 - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Soundtrack Band- Soundtrack Vol.2 - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Sparly Cats- Cats Love Milk - Rock/Pop
    Spirogyra- Children's Earth - Country/Folk
    Spo'Cain & Dee Dee Baz- Bumz, die Katze - Rock/Pop
    Star-X- Existance - orchsrch - Electronic
    Star-X- We Come In Beat - orchsrch - Electronic
    Stefan Johannes Bleicher- BRAHMS / RHEINBERGER / SCHUMANN / REGER: Organ Works - Classical
    Stefan Temmingh- CORELLI, A.: Sonatas, Op. 5, Nos. 7-12 (Temmingh, Watts) - Classical
    Stefano Noferini- Destination - orchsrch - Electronic
    Stefano Risso- Vocifero vol. 2 - Composizioni - Jazz
    Steffi List- Why Do You Love Me - Special Edition - Rock/Pop
    Step By Step/Feat. Johnnie Ge- She's Gone 45 Single - Soundtracks/Other
    Sterling Electric Quartet- Nova - Electronic
    Steve Earle- Live From Austin, TX '00 - Country/Folk
    Steve Pack- Flesh & Bone - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Steven Koll vs Junior Duffer- Pulsar TH81 - orchsrch - Electronic
    Stillfly- Cry - Rock/Pop
    Stoopz N Breeze- ''Turn Up the Smooth'' - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Streetwise Lover- Chill Out Experience - orchsrch - Electronic
    Streetwise Lover- Streetwise Lover - orchsrch - Electronic
    Sunflash- I Won´t Let The Sun Go Down - Rock/Pop
    Sunlit Nights- Sunlit Nights - Rock/Pop
    Superboy- Timeboys - orchsrch - Electronic
    Susan Hickman- Susan Hickman - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Suspect Audio- My House - Single - Soundtracks/Other
    Sweet Abyss- Resolution - Jazz
    Swingin' Swamis- Dancing Shoes - orchsrch - Jazz
    Syama- Sree Devi Stothra Mala Vol 2 - World/Reggae
    T.J. Hull and Jeff Ksiazek- Eist - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Technomind- Alpha Binaural Beats - New Age
    Technomind- Beta Stimulation - New Age
    Technomind- Deep Ocean Journey - New Age
    Technomind- Energy And Motivation - New Age
    Technomind- Gamma Meditation - New Age
    Technomind- Healing Journey - New Age
    Technomind- Nature Sounds - A Day Of Rain - New Age
    Technomind- Nature Sounds - Ocean Waves - New Age
    Technomind- Nature Sounds - Relaxing Sounds Of Birds - New Age
    Technomind- Nature Sounds - Water Relax - New Age
    Technomind- Nature Sounds - Wind Chimes - New Age
    Technomind- Power Nap - New Age
    Technomind- Pure White Noise - New Age
    Technomind- Relaxation System - New Age
    Technomind- Schumann Resonance - New Age
    Technomind- Stargaze - New Age
    Technomind- Theta Meditation - New Age
    Technomind- Ultra Sleep System - New Age
    Technomind- Water Therapy - New Age
    Technomind- Delta Meditation - Alternative/Punk
    Ted Cephus- Another Long Day - Rock/Pop
    Ted Heath- Vintage Jazz Nº18 - EPs Collectors Ted Heath London Palladium Highlights November 1955 - orchsrch - Jazz
    ten minute cloud- Lobo - Alternative/Punk
    Teresa Acquaviva- Songs From the Border - cdbs - New Age
    TET - Travailleur En Trance- Ultima Ratio Interception - Urban/HipHop
    Tetraktis percussioni- Millennium Bug - Classical
    The Bacchae- The Bacchae EP - Rock/Pop
    The Billy Nayer Show- Return to Brigadoon - Rock/Pop
    The Billy Nayer Show- The Villain That Love Built - Rock/Pop
    The Cousins Band- Friends - Rock/Pop
    The Drifter- Put My Little Shoes Away - Country/Folk
    The Eden Symphony Orchestra- Philharmonic Hymns - Orchestral Hymns Vol. 7 - Inspirational
    The Embassy- Lurking (With A Distance) - Electronic
    The Frigates- All Out EP - Alternative/Punk
    The Golden Saxo Band- Saxo Vol.1 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    The Growlers- Couples Vol. 6 - Try It... Is Good - Country/Folk
    The Haints Old Time Stringband- Shout Monah - cdbs - Country/Folk
    The Hard Luck Heroes- Broken Hearts and Shattered Dreams - cdbs - Alternative/Punk
    The Headers- Don't Be Talkin' Smack - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    The Heroes Are Horses- Vacancy - cdbs - Country/Folk
    The Heroine- The Heroine EP - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    The Higher Concept- The Lookout EP - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    The Holy Angel Fire- Wolves - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    The Holy Rolling Empire- Gigantis - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    The Honey Trees- Wake the Earth - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    The Human Factory- The Human Factory - cdbs - Jazz
    The Humbugs- On The Up Side - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    The Ian McDougall Sextet- Burnin' The House Down - cdbs - Jazz
    The Information- Mistakes We Knew We Were Making - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    The Instruments Band- Make Good Choices - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    The Love Songs Band- Baladas Vol.2 - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    The Miggy+ Jazz Orchestra- Ibuki ( The Blooming Season) - cdbs - Jazz
    The Miles- Blood On My Blazer - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    The Milligan Connection- The Final Chapter - Inspirational
    The Morning Riot- The Morning Riot - Rock/Pop
    The Mugshots- House of the Weirdos - Alternative/Punk
    The Naked Saints- The Naked Saints - Rock/Pop
    The Original Cuarteto Machín- The Original Cuarteto Machín - Jazz
    The Piano Woman- Piano Vol.1 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    The Rebel- M.C.C. (Mouthwatering Claustrophobic Changes) - Rock/Pop
    The Rifles- Great Escape (EP) - Rock/Pop
    The Southtown Avengers- Big Night Out - Rock/Pop
    The Sweet Vandals- Charlie Love - Urban/HipHop
    The Synthetic Dream Foundation- Behind the Gates of Horn and Ivory - cdbs - Electronic
    The Thunder PerfectMind- One and In! - Urban/HipHop
    The Tide- Look At Me - Rock/Pop
    Ti22- 47.867 - Rock/Pop
    Tigerforest- The Sound of Life - cdbs - Electronic
    Tim Garst and the Propellors- 1-900 Song ( Previously Titled The Virgin Song) - Rock/Pop
    Tim Harman- Spirit In You - Rock/Pop
    Tim Renwick- Soul Ambition - orchsrch - Jazz
    Tita Merello- Grandes Del Tango 40 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Tod Rainey- Can You Hear Me - Blues
    Todd Anderson- Zufluchtsort - Alternative/Punk
    Toe- No! - Rock/Pop
    Tolu Feat. Haydz- Lady Friend - Urban/HipHop
    Tomas Dratva- KOZELUCH: Piano Concertos Nos. 1, 4 and 5 - Classical
    Tommy Novak- Lightside Table - Rock/Pop
    Tommy Pickett- Nothing Calling Me Home EP - Alternative/Punk
    Ton Andreis- A Quoi Bon Jouer Les Poetes ? - World/Reggae
    Tonet Marza & Julio Garcia feat Patrizze- Gotta Tell You - orchsrch - Electronic
    Torsten Kerl- Vocal Recital: Kerl, Torsten - BEETHOVEN / WEBER, C. / WAGNER / STRAUSS, R. / KORNGOLD - Classical
    Totally 4 Him- Totally 4 Him - orchsrch - Inspirational
    Toše- The Hardest Thing - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Tragida Pres.Azure Sunset- T-Tide EP - Electronic
    Trailhead- The Road to Salamanca - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Travis Gambill- The Spin - Electronic
    Trio los Paraguayos- Vintage World Nº11- EPs Collectors Latinoamerica - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Trio los Paraguayos- Vintage World Nº12- EPs Collectors Así Canta Mi Patria - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Trisha Blue Water- Dramatic Episode - Soundtracks/Other
    Trivers Myers- Ice Land - cdbs - New Age
    Troombaland- Just Nice - Electronic
    Tube- Personality - orchsrch - Electronic
    Tulio Chuecos- Tulio Chuecos EP - Alternative/Punk
    Turgut KarataÅ?- Dazir Duzur Yapmazdin Kaynana - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    TV21- Forever 22 - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Undertide- A Reflection On People - orchsrch - Electronic
    Uppfade- Oldscool Remixes - Electronic
    Uppfade & Crown- The Broadcast EP - Electronic
    Urban Gulf- Sparks of Love - Single - Rock/Pop
    Ursula Pfitzner- KALMAN: Grafin Mariza (Countess Mariza) (Abridged) - Classical
    us-global deejays- Comangeyro & Bailando Lp - Electronic
    Usha Raj- Shirdi Sai Gayathri Manthram - World/Reggae
    Usha Raj- Sree Lakshmi Sahasranama Stothram - World/Reggae
    Usha Seturaman- Bhajan Sandhya Vol 1 - World/Reggae
    Usha Seturaman- Bhajan Sandhya Vol 3 - World/Reggae
    Usha Seturaman- Bhajan Sandhya Vol 4 - World/Reggae
    Usha Seturaman- Bhajan Sandhya Vol 5 - World/Reggae
    Usha Seturaman- Bhajan Sandhya Vol 7 - World/Reggae
    Vagina Panther- Vagina Panther - Rock/Pop
    Vaishya Progithar Nandhakumar Ayyar- Ananthapathmanabha Viradha Poojai - World/Reggae
    Vaishya Progithar Nandhakumar Ayyar- Naga Chadhurthi Poojai Garuda Panchami Poojai - World/Reggae
    Vaishya Progithar Nandhakumar Ayyar- Sri Sathya Narayana Viradha Poojai - World/Reggae
    Various- Flemming Dalum Italo Edits Vol. 2 - Electronic
    Various- You Can Trust A Man With A Moustache Vol 1 - Electronic
    Various- You Can Trust A Man With A Moustache Vol 2 - Electronic
    Various- Tronic B7 May Compilation 2 - Electronic
    Various- Chansons inoubliables volume 2 - Rock/Pop
    Various- Arumuga Kavasam Arupadaiveedu Suprabatham - World/Reggae
    Various- Singara Velane - World/Reggae
    Various- Sree Kandha Shasti Kavasam - World/Reggae
    Various- Sri Bhuvaneswari Suprabatham & Kavasam - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Mein Macker is'n Trucker Vol. 1 - Country/Folk
    Various Artists- Mein Macker is'n Trucker Vol. 2 - Country/Folk
    Various Artists- 100% Drumnbass - orchsrch - Electronic
    Various Artists- Belga Queen HIS MISTRESS’ VOICE - Electronic
    Various Artists- Bricks Collected Vol. 1 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Cantaditas Vol. 3 - orchsrch - Electronic
    Various Artists- Club Edition WMC 09 - orchsrch - Electronic
    Various Artists- Deeperfect Club-Pack - orchsrch - Electronic
    Various Artists- Deeperfect Club-Pack Vol. 2 - orchsrch - Electronic
    Various Artists- Destination Lounge San Francisco- Revive - orchsrch - Electronic
    Various Artists- Electro Pills Vol.1 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Loudbit Club-Pack - orchsrch - Electronic
    Various Artists- Loudbit Club-Pack Vol.2 - orchsrch - Electronic
    Various Artists- Loving Abba - orchsrch - Electronic
    Various Artists- Music With More Muscle - orchsrch - Electronic
    Various Artists- Psychedelic High - orchsrch - Electronic
    Various Artists- Psychedelic High 2 - orchsrch - Electronic
    Various Artists- Stefano Noferini Club Edition Vol.1 - orchsrch - Electronic
    Various Artists- Tech My House 3 - Electronic
    Various Artists- This could maybe hartchef as well - Electronic
    Various Artists- Thru Box Records Sampler 01 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Welcome Danger - Electronic
    Various Artists- Jazz And Wine - orchsrch - Jazz
    Various Artists- Lampi 07/08 - cdbs - Jazz
    Various Artists- O Gori (Fusion Garba) - New Age
    Various Artists- Ranglo - New Age
    Various Artists- Sona Ne Laage Kyanthi Kaat - New Age
    Various Artists- Ude Re Gulal - New Age
    Various Artists- The Prequel - Urban/HipHop
    Various Artists- Rap City Berlin 3 - Urban/HipHop
    Various Artists- Remarkable Gangsta Vol1 - Urban/HipHop
    Various Artists- Sibling Rivalry...The Prequel - Urban/HipHop
    • CommentAuthorMutantis
    • CommentTimeJun 29th 2009
    Various Artists- The Yuinon Presents: Genocide - Urban/HipHop
    Various Artists- Go Flaneur Go: It's raining stars and songs - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Hit the North Vol. 2 - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- 20 Tangueros - 40 Tangos - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- 50 Tangos De Lujo - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Retarded/The Apers - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- The thirteen - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Umsonst und draussen 1975 - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Vintage Italian Song Nº10 - EPs Collectors 8º Festival De La Canción De San Remo 1958 - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Vintage Pop Nº39 - EPs Collectors Bien Ritmado - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Barrio De Tango - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Dub Safari Vol.1: A Trip Into Electronic Reggae & Roots - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Hindu Riddim - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- It's A Knockout - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Los Merengues Del Casandra - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Napoli In Frac vol. 7 - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Songs of Liberation Vol. 3 - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Vintage México Nº43- EPs Collectors. Fiesta Ranchera - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Vintage Puerto Rico Nº5- EPs Collectors. La Niña Caprichosa - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Various Artists - New Line Records- Rock Of Ages: Original Broadway Cast Recording - Soundtracks/Other
    Various Reggae Artists- Herbalist - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Veeramanidasan- Ambigaye Eswariye - World/Reggae
    Veeramaniraju- Sabari Saami - World/Reggae
    Veerus & Maxie Devine- Este Samba - orchsrch - Electronic
    Veerus & Maxie Devine- Mondo - orchsrch - Electronic
    Velvet Voices- Vocal Pearls - Rock/Pop
    Vernon Handley- ARNOLD, M.: Symphony No. 6 / Philharmonic Concerto / The Inn of the Sixth Happiness Suite / Beckus the Dandipratt (London Philharmonic, Handley) - Classical
    Veronica Romeo- Latidos - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Victor Davies- Remixes - Electronic
    Victoria Trestrail- Our Wilderness - Country/Folk
    Victoria Trestrail- Showdown - Country/Folk
    Victoria Trestrail- Meow - World/Reggae
    Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra- BEETHOVEN, L. van: Symphony No. 3 / Egmont / Overture to Collin's Coriolan (Vienna Radio Symphony, Billy) - Classical
    Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra- BIZET, G.: Carmen Suites / DEBUSSY, C.: Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faune / ROUSSEL, A.: Le festin de l'araign / FAURE: Masques et bergamasques - Classical
    Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra- SCHUBERT, F.: Symphony No. 9 (Vienna Radio Symphony, Billy) - Classical
    Vinjay feat Foma- I Want To Stay With You - Electronic
    Vinjay Feat Ingrid B.- For Your Love Ep Vol.1 - Electronic
    Violent Kin- Bitter Blood - Rock/Pop
    Vladimir Jurowski- TCHAIKOVSKY, P.: Manfred (London Philharmonic, V. Jurowski) - Classical
    Void (2)- The Angry Brigade - orchsrch - Electronic
    VOLUMEN- Mutation - Electronic
    W.V. Grant- After 25 Years The Anchor Holds - Blues
    W.V. Grant- Bring Me the Broken - Blues
    W.V. Grant- I Give You Jesus - Blues
    W.V. Grant- Praise His Name - Blues
    W.V. Grant- What A Healing Jesus - Blues
    Waffles Piglet- In The Name Of ?? - Rock/Pop
    Waking Avalon- Shut Up and Smile - EP - Rock/Pop
    Walkenhorst and Porter- No Abandon - Country/Folk
    Warning Track Power- How Bout Dem O's - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    We Stare at Mirrors- Reparation - Rock/Pop
    Westgate featuring The Blaxy Girls, Theone Coleman and Priory- You've Got Friends - Rock/Pop
    Who Made Who- TV Friend (Hot Chip RMXS) - Electronic
    Willy Wombat Band- Macht den Himmel Bomben frei - Alternative/Punk
    Wolfgang Gartner- Push & Rise - Single - Electronic
    Woolfy vs Projections- Absynth & Return Of Starlight Remixes - Electronic
    Woolfy vs Projections- The Astral Projections Of  Starlight - Electronic
    WordsinRed- Imperfect - Blues
    Work of Fiction- Maybe In The Summer - Alternative/Punk
    Xeyredin Ekrem- Evare - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Xishan- West Hill - New Age
    Yellowgroove- Son of a Working Man - Rock/Pop
    YUNG HAZARD- YUNG HAZARD - Soundtracks/Other
    Yıldıray Çınar- Leyla Leyla - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Zach- United We Find A Way - Blues
    Zach- Beautiful - Rock/Pop
    Zach- Fabulous - Rock/Pop
    Zach- Going Somewhere - Rock/Pop
    Zach- Superstar Hitz - Rock/Pop
    Zacharius Carls Group- Rage In Your Heart - Rock/Pop
    Å?ehriban- Ez Qurban - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Å?ehriban- Mihemedo - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Željko SamardžiÄ?- Kojum Dobrom Mila Moja... - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Ä°sa Berwari- Limin Cane - orchsrch - World/Reggae