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    • CommentAuthorMutantis
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    Tunecore, IODA, The Orchard, and CDBaby releases are not in bold type. CDBaby and The Orchard releases have search engine link.

    Click the Ω symbol to "Listen to All" samples.

    See for alternate listing.

    !Distain- Sticks & Stones & Broken Bones - Rock/Pop
    $jammie the money- Get Paid - Electronic
    'Ale'a- Alea - Rock/Pop
    103rd Street Gospel Choir With Pat Lewis- Gospel Christmas - Soundtracks/Other
    12 Stone Toddler- Batten Down The Hatches - Rock/Pop
    13th Sky- The Sin Sessions - Electronic
    2 Dirty featuring Vika Kova- Climax in the Head - Electronic
    2 Faced- Rock music - Electronic
    2 Fuel- Irelands EP - Electronic
    2's Company- Sha' Abba EP - Electronic
    2562- Love In Outer Space / Third Wave - Electronic
    2Pac- Live - Urban/HipHop
    2Pac- Live - Urban/HipHop
    2Pac- Nu Mixx Klazzics Vol. 2 (Evolution: Duets And Remixes) - Urban/HipHop
    2Pac- Nu Mixx Klazzics Vol. 2 (Evolution: Duets And Remixes) - Urban/HipHop
    2Pac- The Rose - Volume 2 - Music Inspired By 2pac's Poetry - Urban/HipHop
    3- The End Is Begun - Special Edition - Alternative/Punk
    3 Minute Hero- Operation Brown Star - World/Reggae
    3 Wise Men- Christmas Songs for Jesus' Birthday - Blues
    3 Wise Men- Christmas Songs Praise Jesus - Blues
    3 Wise Men- Jesus Christ Christmas Songs - Blues
    3 Wise Men- Jesus' Passionate Christmas Music - Blues
    3ARTES feat. Monika Jefferies- Flower Power - Electronic
    3Deep- Rock Paper What!? - Soundtracks/Other
    3nity- Pseudomine - Electronic
    4 Aces- Don't Break My Heart - Rock/Pop
    4.9.0 Strassen Spieler (4.9.0)- Jung und Hungrig - Urban/HipHop
    40 Cal- Broken Safety 2 - Urban/HipHop
    40 Cal- Broken Safety 2 - Urban/HipHop
    40 Glocc- Take You Where I Live - Single - Urban/HipHop
    69 Sins- G.F.Y. - Rock/Pop
    8 Bit Era- 8-bit Dragonforce - Through the Fire and Flames - Rock/Pop
    A Future Under Fire- Only Words - Alternative/Punk
    A Previous Engagement- EP - Rock/Pop
    A&D- A&d Muzik - Urban/HipHop
    A-Vibes- Make Me Funky - Urban/HipHop
    A.K.C. Natarajan- Great Masters - A.K.C.Natarajan Vol. 1 - World/Reggae
    Aaron Fuedo- Some Things Will Never Be - Alternative/Punk
    Abandoned By Heroes- Self-Titled Demo - Rock/Pop
    Abramasi- Feedback - Electronic
    Absynthe- Demonstration - Rock/Pop
    Abyss- All Gone EP - Electronic
    Accomplice- Babylon Dub - Electronic
    Ace Man- Ace Man - Urban/HipHop
    Across the Divide- across the divide - Inspirational
    Acumen- Circle EP - Electronic
    Addicts of Affliction- Sinful Resolution - Rock/Pop
    Adiche- Voracious Grooves, Vol. 1 - Rock/Pop
    Adichie- Afro Jungle Jazz, Vol. 1 - World/Reggae
    Admiral Bailey- Mi Big Up - World/Reggae
    Admo- Wavelet - Electronic
    Adolf Fredrik´s Girls Choir- Like Crystal That´s Gleaming - Jazz
    Adolf Fredrik´s Girls Choir- O Makalösa stjärna / O Magnificent Star - Soundtracks/Other
    Adrian Lux- Strawberry - Electronic
    Adrián Terrazas-González- Cu Taan - World/Reggae
    Aenimal- Rise of the Demonz - Electronic
    African Dub All-Mighty- African Dub All-Mighty Chapters 1 & 2 - World/Reggae
    After 909- Sinner To Sunrise - Rock/Pop
    Agerman- From Krazy 2 Christ - Inspirational
    Agnes Victoria- Meine erste Gute Nachtlieder CD - Soundtracks/Other
    Ahmet Sisman- Esraj EP - Electronic
    Airbag- Identity - Alternative/Punk
    Airheadz- Stanley (Here I Am) - Electronic
    aJay- Crush - Urban/HipHop
    Akundum- Nova Mania - World/Reggae
    Albana Di Re- Vision - Soundtracks/Other
    Alberto Tafuri- Persi E Ritrovati - orchsrch - Jazz
    Alchemist (Rock)- 1st Infantry - Urban/HipHop
    Alejandro Franov- Aixa - Electronic
    Alert the Medic- Alert the Medic - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Alex Aglieri- The Train Of Night - Electronic
    Alex Celler- La Palma - Electronic
    Alex Costa Pres. Deeptronikz- Dance - Electronic
    Alex Hirsch- Your Vision - Rock/Pop
    Alex Rize- Beyond The Dome - Electronic
    Alex Rosén & The Young Dudes- Who is the Leader of the People - Rock/Pop
    Alex Sutherland SIngers- Scottish Party Singalong - 40 Favourites From Scotland - Country/Folk
    Alexander Lonquich- Beethoven, Saint-Saens, Gluck, Strauss, Liszt - The Ruhr Piano Festival as guest in Duisburg's new Mercator Hall - Classical
    Alexander Orlov- Dargomyzhsky: The Stone Guest - Classical
    Alexander Orlov- Serov: Rogneda - Fragments from the Opera - Classical
    Alexander Rybak- Fairytale - Rock/Pop
    Alexis Weak- Farväl Gullmarsplan - Rock/Pop
    Alfredo Valdes Jr. Y Su Orquesta- Alfredo Valdes Jr. Y Su Orquesta - World/Reggae
    Ali Khan, Amaan & Ali Khan, Ayann- Truth - World/Reggae
    Alisa Jones- Church In The Wildwood, Vol. II - Inspirational
    Alisa Jones- Irish Christmas - Soundtracks/Other
    Alisa Jones- Old Time Country Christmas - Soundtracks/Other
    Alisa Jones- On Christmas Day - Soundtracks/Other
    Alisa Jones- Smoky Mountain Sleigh Ride - Soundtracks/Other
    Alisa Jones- Irish Dreams II - World/Reggae
    Alisha Mann- Always With You - Blues
    All India Radio- A Low High - cdbs - Electronic
    Alla Farmer- Elektrik Sunrize - Electronic
    Allan Dawson- Alligators - Rock/Pop
    Allan Dawson- Angels - Rock/Pop
    Allan Harris- Love Came - The Songs of Strayhorn - Jazz
    Allan Villar- Trying to Escape - Electronic
    Allison Durham Speer- Merry Christmas My Love - Blues
    Almedal- Från Och Med Nu Och 20 Dagar Framåt - Rock/Pop
    Aloid & the Interplanetary Invasion- Glowin' - Maxi Single - Rock/Pop
    Alpen Yetis- I leb für die Volksmusik - Soundtracks/Other
    Altar Of Dagon- Dagonian Doom Demo - Rock/Pop
    Alton Miller featuring Dee Dee Pledger- Get Up (Clap yo Hands) - Trance Remix - Electronic
    Amazin Da Corna Boi- Drinks On Me - Urban/HipHop
    Amazin Da Corna Boi- Mr.Summer Time - Urban/HipHop
    Amii Stewart- Here's to You - Blues
    Amina Alaoui- Gharnati. En Concert - World/Reggae
    Amor Joven- El Nuevo Concepto De La Cumbia - World/Reggae
    An All New Low- Goodbye, Radio - Alternative/Punk
    Anand Clique- The 8th Day - Electronic
    Anders Eriksson- Music for Freedom - Rock/Pop
    Anders Lundin- Allsång På Skansen - Rock/Pop
    Andrea Giuliani & Luca Rossetti- Slight Sea EP - Electronic
    Andreas Tilliander- Arlanda - Electronic
    Andrew Steven- Searchlight - Blues
    Andy Day- Dam Mechanical - Electronic
    Andy Day- Fused 2009 - Electronic
    Andy Day- On Day - Electronic
    Anenberger Dreigsang / Mittenwalder Maultrommler / Wallgauer Soatnmusi- Anzenberger Dreigsang - Mittenwalder Maultrommler - Wallgauer Soatnmusi - Soundtracks/Other
    Anew Revolution- A New Revolution - Rock/Pop
    Anew Revolution- Done - Rock/Pop
    Angie & Debbie Winans- Bold - Inspirational
    Anjali Mishra- Dui Nian Ra Dunia - World/Reggae
    Ann Williamson- The Greatest Songs Of Love And Inspiration - 40 Great Tracks - Country/Folk
    Annie Marleau- Heart & Soul - Country/Folk
    Anonymous- The Little Red Book (Alcoholics Anonymous) - Soundtracks/Other
    Antarctica- 23:03 - Alternative/Punk
    Antarctica- 81:03 - Alternative/Punk
    Antonio Neal- Bible Mega Mix-featuring Proverbs - Blues
    Anupama Deshpande- Chalo Re Sakhi Maihar - World/Reggae
    Apache Scratche- Father & Son - World/Reggae
    Apex- Symmetry EP - Electronic
    April Hoey- I'm Yours - Rock/Pop
    April Hoey- So Confused - Rock/Pop
    April Hoey- You and Me - Rock/Pop
    Aqualuce- Isobutyl Acetate - Electronic
    Arch Hooks- Chemistry - Urban/HipHop
    Arch Nemesis- Of Mind And Fantasy - Rock/Pop
    Archæa Strings- Inbilico - Jazz
    Archie McAllister- A Fiddler's Tapestry - Country/Folk
    Arctic Hospital- Neon Veils - Electronic
    Arif Sentürk- Hamdi - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Arismar do Espirito Santo- Essa Maré - World/Reggae
    Arson- Wanna be Dubbed - Electronic
    Artur Grek- Slow - Electronic
    Arvinder Singh- Jab Tak Hai Jee Jee Bhar Ke Pee - World/Reggae
    As The Crow Fly- In Flight - Alternative/Punk
    Ashelyn Summers- Life Is Better In Love - Rock/Pop
    Ashes Of Soma- Bedroom Walls - Rock/Pop
    Asik Mahzuni Serif- Iste Gidiyorum Çesmi Siyahim - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Askari-X- The Return of Askari X (A.K.A Ricky Murdock) - Urban/HipHop
    Asturiana Mining Company- Patrimoniu - Country/Folk
    Asylumcro- Magna Mana Fetish - Rock/Pop
    At A Loss- A Falling Away From - Alternative/Punk
    At-Mooss- Cyclotron - Electronic
    Atb- Let U Go - Electronic
    Atem Niblz- Flood Light EP - Electronic
    Atilio Bertagni- Pariendo Tangos - World/Reggae
    Atmospheric- Galactic Odyssey - New Age
    Atom And His Package- Hamburgers - EP - Alternative/Punk
    Atom Ascii- Wurm Lounge - Electronic
    Atombombpocketknife- Lack And Pattern - Alternative/Punk
    Atomic Rooster- The Greatest Hits - Vol. 1 - Rock/Pop
    Atomic Rooster- The Greatest Hits - Vol. 2 - Rock/Pop
    Audible Consumption- Face Of Change - Electronic
    Audio Soul Project- Bit More Grit - Electronic
    Audra- Everything Changes - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Aufhamer Klarinettenmusi / Tölzer Sänger / Weildorfer Sängerinnen / Aufhamer Saitenmusi- Auf zum Tanz - 30 Jahre Aufhamer Klarinettenmusi - Soundtracks/Other
    Aufhamer Musikanten- Aufhamer Musikanten - Soundtracks/Other
    Ausseer Hardbradler- Cuba - Soundtracks/Other
    Austin May- 20 Something - Alternative/Punk
    Austin May- Chemistry - Alternative/Punk
    Austin May- In Theory - Alternative/Punk
    Autumn City- Oh, Sweet Honesty - Rock/Pop
    Averkiou- Wasted and High - Alternative/Punk
    Avner- Lyssna - Rock/Pop
    Awakening Queen Maebh- In A Moment - Rock/Pop
    Awekid & DJ Muzzell- Donkey Work - Electronic
    AwjamC- Auto Race - Electronic
    AwjamC- High Tempo - Electronic
    Awkward Thought- Mayday - Alternative/Punk
    Ayse Mine- Bende Seni - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Ayse Mine- Bir Sen Kaldin - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Ayse Mine- Bosa Beni - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Ayse Mine- Dertli Gelin - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Ayse Mine- Erkek Milleti - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    AÅ?kın Nur Yengi- Hesap Ver - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Çesitli Sanatçilar- Gökkusagi Prensesi Hazal - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Íubar- Invitation II Dig - Alternative/Punk
    Øystein Aamodt- Landsturnstevnet 2009 - Rock/Pop
    Ümit Besen- Bir Aksam Üstü - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Ümit Besen- Bir Tanesin Sen - Alisamadim - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Ümit Besen- Deli Gönlüm - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Ümit Besen- Dostlar Sagolsun - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Ümit Besen- Hadi Git - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Ümit Besen- Ikimizde Sevdik - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    B+- Uncommon Sense - Jazz
    B-Yentl- Nowhere To Run - Blues
    B.G.- The Heart Of Tha Street - Urban/HipHop
    B.G.- The Heart Of Tha Streetz - Volume 2 - Urban/HipHop
    B.G.- The Heart Of Tha Streetz - Volume 2 - Urban/HipHop
    B.W. Stevenson- His Very Best - Rock/Pop
    Baba Jagirdar- Hamaar Goriya - World/Reggae
    Baba Kehar Singh Ji Ustad Ji-Nanaksar Kaleran Wale- Guru Nanak Kolon Lai Lao Daat Garibi Di (part 3) - World/Reggae
    Baba Kehar Singh Ji Ustad Ji-Nanaksar Kaleran Wale- Teri Ustat Kar Kar Jeevan Eho Mainu Daat Bakhsho (part 1) - World/Reggae
    Baby Dee- The Robin's Tiny Throat - Alternative/Punk
    Babylon Bombs- Hometown Hero - Rock/Pop
    Babylon Bombs- Jaded Heart - Rock/Pop
    Babylon Bombs- Louder - Rock/Pop
    Babylon Doggs- Gr33n - Rock/Pop
    Backstreet Girls- Black Boogie Death Rock´n Roll - Rock/Pop
    Backstreet Girls- Shake Your Stimulator - Rock/Pop
    Backstreet Girls- Sick My Duck - Rock/Pop
    Backstreet Girls- Tuff Tuff Tuff - Rock/Pop
    Bad Influence- Forever Young - Rock/Pop
    Bad News Bears- '09 Sampler - Rock/Pop
    Badmouth- Badmouth - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Bahía Cochinos- Infinito - Alternative/Punk
    Baldomer- Satélite House - Electronic
    Ballroom Dance Orchestra- Sounds of the Season, Vol. 1 - Soundtracks/Other
    Ballroom Dance Orchestra- Sounds of the Season, Vol. 2 - Soundtracks/Other
    Ballroom Dance Orchestra- Sounds of the Season, Vol. 3 - Soundtracks/Other
    Ballroom Dance Orchestra- Sounds of the Season, Vol. 4 - Soundtracks/Other
    Ballroom Dance Orchestra- Best Years of Our Lives - Ballroom Dance Orchestra - Rock/Pop
    Ballroom Dance Orchestra- Happy Together - Rock/Pop
    • CommentAuthorMutantis
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    Ballroom Dance Orchestra- To My Love - Rock/Pop
    Band Of Joy- Buljongtärningen är Kastad - Blues
    Bappi Lahiri- My Love - World/Reggae
    Barbara Mason- Barbara's Best - Blues
    Barbie- Barbie And The Diamond Castle - Soundtracks/Other
    Barbie- Barbie As The Island Princess - Soundtracks/Other
    Barbie- Barbie Sings! The Princess Movie Collection - Soundtracks/Other
    Baris Manço- Degmesin Yagli Boya - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Barletta- Panther - Electronic
    Barney- Barney's A Great Day For Learning - Soundtracks/Other
    Barney- Barney's Big Surprise - Soundtracks/Other
    Basic Nova- Basic Nova - Electronic
    Bassbin Twins- The Dogs - Electronic
    Basser- Tikka EP - Electronic
    BAT- Failure Is Not An Option - Urban/HipHop
    Bau- Nada - Rock/Pop
    BB Tenor- Bi-Saxual In Woodstock - Blues
    Be'Lakor- Stone's Reach - Rock/Pop
    Beau Brummels- Ain't That Lovin' You Baby - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Beautiful People- Winston & Yoddy - Electronic
    Bebe Winans- Cherch (deluxe) - Inspirational
    Bebe Winans- Cherch - Jazz
    Beckie Bell- Steppin' Out Tonight - Electronic
    Becoming- Sonic Revelations - Rock/Pop
    Bedwetters- Meet the F@cking Bedwetters - Rock/Pop
    Bee-Pet- Einen Delphin - Electronic
    Beekeepers Society- Plastic on the Furniture - Alternative/Punk
    Begbie- So Drop - Electronic
    Begini- Lazi Lazi Duso - Soundtracks/Other
    Belen Y La Cumbia- Quiero Ser Fuerte - World/Reggae
    Below The Smile- Wire Me EP - Alternative/Punk
    Belsy- Lust auf Sommer - Soundtracks/Other
    Ben E. King- Don't Play That Song - Urban/HipHop
    Ben Herzel & Steven Blondo- He'll Hold Your Hand - Blues
    Ben Hutchison-Jack- Songs from the flipside 2006 - cdbs - Blues
    Ben Riddle- The Bright Side - Country/Folk
    Benjamin Himself- Annihilating Rhythm [Original Mix] - Electronic
    Benjamin Teacher- Violet Sky - Rock/Pop
    Benji Cossa- The Rollercossa - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Bent Leg Fatima- Bent Leg Fatima - Rock/Pop
    Bergfeuer- Himalaya - Soundtracks/Other
    Bernard Badie- Imagine - Electronic
    Bernd Böhne- Wann immer - Rock/Pop
    Berserkerfox- King Kong On Crack (EP) - Rock/Pop
    Best Nature Sounds and Relaxing Music- 20 Minutes On the Seaside : Perfect Ocean - New Age
    Best Nature Sounds and Relaxing Music- Buddha and Peace : Asian Relaxation - New Age
    Best Nature Sounds and Relaxing Music- Thunderstorm : Perfection and Nature - New Age
    Best Relaxing Music- 15 Minutes for Perfect Relaxation - New Age
    Best Relaxing Music- Music for Relaxation Forget Insomnia - New Age
    Best Relaxing Music- Sleeping In 20 Minutes - New Age
    Beth Schafer- Build That Bridge - cdbs - Blues
    Bettina / Patricia- Weil das Leben uns gefällt - Soundtracks/Other
    Beyoncé- I Am Sasha Fierce - Urban/HipHop
    Bhai Chamanjit Singh Ji Lal-Delhi Wale- Simran Divas - World/Reggae
    Bhai Parpal Singh-Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Sahib- Satgur Mera Sada Sada - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Baba Tere Naam Ke Pujaari - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Beeja Sorath (part 2) - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Dard Judai Ka - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Gappan Mittran Diyan - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Gunch-e-akidat-naate Paak - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Maa Balaji Le Chal - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Maa Ka Jagran (part 2) - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Maat Sheetla Sohani Laage - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Mehndipur Mein Main Gayee - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Mera Shyam Bada Rangeela - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Miss Hariyana - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Nath Kahaniyan - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Non Sotp Benjo Intrumental - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Pyara Shiv Ka Dwar - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Rajnikant Ka Garam Masala - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Sawan Bhole Ka - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Shradhanjali Bua Baave Ji - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Shyam Rahta Hai Dhadkan Mein - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Tarbooz Ka Zinn - World/Reggae
    Bhushan Dua- Very Good Sitare - World/Reggae
    Big Mucci- Cleveland Slide Maxi CD - Urban/HipHop
    Big Nixon- Sixfourfive - Rock/Pop
    Big Rich- Heart Of The City - Urban/HipHop
    Big Rich- Something Special - Single - Urban/HipHop
    Big Tom- Big Tom - The Irish Collection - Country/Folk
    Bill Fay Group- Tomorrow Tomorrow And Tomorrow - Alternative/Punk
    Bill Hoffman- Too Much Guitar - Urban/HipHop
    Billy Lofton- Tell Me Tomorrow - Electronic
    Billy Preston- I Dig The '60s - Blues
    Binaural- Probably The Best Music For Relaxation and Meditation - Blues
    Binghi Ghost- Riding West - World/Reggae
    Binghi Ghost- Wikid Drop A Ground - World/Reggae
    Birgit Ulher- Yclept - Jazz
    Bishop One- Electro Dark - Electronic
    Bizarre- Blue Cheese & Coney Island - Urban/HipHop
    Bizarre- Blue Cheese & Coney Island - Urban/HipHop
    Björn Berglund feat. Krister Linder- The Essence - World/Reggae
    Black Pirate Militia- Us Against Us - orchsrch - Urban/HipHop
    Black Tora- Rise of the Tora - Rock/Pop
    Blackchords- Blackchords - Rock/Pop
    Blackened Blue- A Brief Moment Of Clarity - Rock/Pop
    Blacksmith Music Presents Talib Kweli- Right About Now - The Official Sucka Free Cd - Urban/HipHop
    Blaine Sprouse- Appalachian Mountain Fiddler - Country/Folk
    blanco- Dope Money (feat. Redman) - Single - Urban/HipHop
    Blank- Im going for your brother - Electronic
    Blank- Heronomous - Rock/Pop
    Blaskapelle Nemezka- 10 Jahre - Soundtracks/Other
    Blasmusik Oberstaufen- Zwischen Berg und Tal - Soundtracks/Other
    BluPrint & KosmetiQ- BluPrint EP - World/Reggae
    Bob and Tom- Prisoner of Love - Soundtracks/Other
    Bob James- The Swan - Jazz
    Bob Marley- Sounds From The Spirit - World/Reggae
    Bob The Builder- The Album - Soundtracks/Other
    Bobby Helms- The Little Darlin' Sounds Of Bobby Helms - Sings The Hits - Country/Folk
    Bobby Whitlock- Vintage - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Bobina- Time & Tide - Electronic
    Bodhisattva- Miracle - Rock/Pop
    Bola 8- Bolacalipsis - Urban/HipHop
    Bolshoi Theatre- Rimsky-Korsakov: The Tale of Tsar Saltan - Classical
    Bolshoi Theatre- Tchaikovsky: Cherevichki - Classical
    Bond & Blome- Ghost Story - Electronic
    Bone Brothers- Bone Brothers - Rock/Pop
    Bone Brothers- Bone Brothers - Rock/Pop
    Bone Thugs-N-Harmony- Thug Stories - Urban/HipHop
    Bones Jones/NuBop&Friends- Get Yo' Bop On! - Urban/HipHop
    Bonescan- Sanctuary Void - Electronic
    Boog- The Dolla Sign - Urban/HipHop
    Boom Tony- Yes Iyah - World/Reggae
    Boom Viniyard- Thank You Jah - Urban/HipHop
    Boomerang Summer- Breathe - Rock/Pop
    Boris och The Jeltsins- Låt Det Blöda (Jag Behöver Ingen Hjälp) - Alternative/Punk
    Boss Axis- Sad Beauty EP - Electronic
    Boss Koleone- 00 & Up - Urban/HipHop
    Boston Modern Orchestra Project- Louis Andriessen: La Passione - Classical
    BOY COM.- Paraphonilia - Urban/HipHop
    Boy Cried Wolf- Dice EP - Electronic
    Boy On A Bicycle- Everything You Do Is A Miracle - Rock/Pop
    Bozzwell- Escape 5 - Electronic
    Brad Trackman- Stand Up Ringtones - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Braggz Da Baller- Paperkutz 2 - Urban/HipHop
    Brainwave Mind Voyages- Subliminal Postpartum Depression - Soundtracks/Other
    Brandon Jones- Never Shaken : The Brandon Jones Mix Tape - Jazz
    Bratex- New Directions EP - Electronic
    Breakdown- 1987 Demo - Alternative/Punk
    Breakers International- The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Electronic
    Breakers International feat. Chelsea- Eyes On You - Electronic
    Breed- Breed - Rock/Pop
    Brian Jett & Hangtough- Brian Jett ~ Romantic Rnb & Lite Jazz Discovery (Lost Songs Recovered) 2009 - Jazz
    Brian Ledford- Truth & Love - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Brian NRG- World Of War - Electronic
    Bridget Blucher- No Weapon - Inspirational
    Bridget Blucher- Shout For Joy - Inspirational
    Bridget Blucher- Speak To Me - Inspirational
    Bridget Blucher- Under His Wings - Inspirational
    Bridie Gallagher- The Very Best Of Bridie Gallagher - 60 Great Irish Songs - Country/Folk
    Bring Back the Buffalo- Bring Back the Buffalo - Electronic
    Brisky- Celestial - Electronic
    Brittany Clarke- It's Gonna Turn - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Brody and the Occupants- Primitive Frequencies - Alternative/Punk
    Broken Deer- Our Small Going - Jazz
    Bromheads Jacket- On The Brain - Rock/Pop
    Broomstick Witches- Psykogothikis - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Bruno Morais- A Vontade Superstar - World/Reggae
    Bryan Arcand- Folk - Country/Folk
    Bryant Thompson- Selah - Jazz
    Bryce Larsen- Hip Hop Un-popped! - Urban/HipHop
    Bubba Sparxxx- Got Me Like (ahh S***) (feat. Ray J) - Urban/HipHop
    Bulldog Courage- From Heartache to Hatred - Alternative/Punk
    Bums Lie- Stumbling And Mumbling - Rock/Pop
    Bunny Maloney- Tribute To The Blue Busters - World/Reggae
    Burak Yahsi- Talk Dirty To Me - Electronic
    Burning Flames- Jam - Eulus - World/Reggae
    Buru Style- The Crab - World/Reggae
    BWD Orchestra- Cinema Français - Rock/Pop
    By Grace- Glorious - Inspirational
    Bygdin- #1 - Electronic
    Byos- Residue / Basament - Soundtracks/Other
    C-Murder- The Tru Story...continued - Urban/HipHop
    C-Murder- The Truest S*** I Ever Said - Urban/HipHop
    Ca2post- Bridal Aisle Music - Blues
    Ca2post- Brides Waltz - Blues
    caban- Espacio Interior - Electronic
    Cabballero- Dancing With Tears In Eyes - Electronic
    Cabballero- Nanaya - Electronic
    Cahit Berkay- Cahit Berkay Film Müzikleri Volüm 1 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Calico- Songdogs - Country/Folk
    Calle Real- Me Lo Gané - World/Reggae
    Capability Green- 53310761 - Alternative/Punk
    Capslock- Was Bin Ich Für Ein Perverser - Rock/Pop
    CAPTAIN JACK- Greatest Hits - Electronic
    Carl Cox- Global - Electronic
    Carlos Fenollosa- Ambient Guitars in the Cromatic Forest - Rock/Pop
    Carlos Kinn & Alexei- Lost Dreams (Alex Roque Remix) - Electronic
    Carrots- Sunshine - Rock/Pop
    Cartier Blac- Let's Have Fun - Urban/HipHop
    Cassio- Getting Hot - orchsrch - Electronic
    Cat House- Animal Skin - Electronic
    Cayo Mambi y su Timba- Maritza - World/Reggae
    Cazwell- Tonight - Electronic
    Cámara de la Escala De Milan- Conciertos - orchsrch - Classical
    Celtic Fayre- Dream Chasing - World/Reggae
    Cem Tuncer- Buddha's Groove - Urban/HipHop
    Cesca- I Did It Again - Rock/Pop
    Chairmen Of The Board- Soul Tapestry - Urban/HipHop
    CHANCE!- King Of The Choppers - Urban/HipHop
    Chancellorpink- Valentine Parade - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Channel- Burning Inside - Alternative/Punk
    Channel- Fall Into Winter - Alternative/Punk
    Chano Montes- Recuerdan a Chappottin - World/Reggae
    Chantel Upshaw- Walls Fall Down - Urban/HipHop
    Charif-Pierre Megarbane- The Mundane And The Cosmic - Alternative/Punk
    Charlie Daniels- Deuces - Country/Folk
    Charlie Daniels- The Live Record - Country/Folk
    Chasing Bright Lights- Stones & Feathers - Country/Folk
    Chemical Trolls- Just Play EP - Electronic
    Chico Mario- Isle Of My Dreams - Soundtracks/Other
    Chicos Malos- Coco Seco - World/Reggae
    Children's Hospital- Alone Together - Jazz
    Chin Chin- Chin Chin Remixes - orchsrch - Urban/HipHop
    Chino Horde- Chino Horde - Alternative/Punk
    Chop Black- Stay Heated - Urban/HipHop
    Chris Chameleon- Shine - Rock/Pop
    Chris Connelly- The Episodes - Electronic
    Chris Habermehl- Chris Habermehl EP - Inspirational
    Chris Kubby- Promises - Rock/Pop
    Chris Watzik- Weit weg - Soundtracks/Other
    Chrishan- Bitch Look At Me Now (Feat. Meech) - Urban/HipHop
    Chrishan- Trick Look At Me Now (Radio Version) [Feat. Meech] - Urban/HipHop
    Christer Wulff- Until We Meet Again - Rock/Pop
    Christian Cambas- Watergate / Sea Devil - Electronic

    Next 225 Results
    • CommentAuthorMutantis
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    Christian Hinzer & Chriss Ortega- The Groove - Electronic
    Christin Bonin- The only one (Hommage à Saint-Tropez) - Soundtracks/Other
    Christoph Schindling- Planetarium - Electronic
    Christopher Workman- Fading Away - Rock/Pop
    Chronic- Hazed EP - Electronic
    Chronic Meter- Jericho Revisited - Alternative/Punk
    Chuck Conlon- Chuck Conlon - Rock/Pop
    Chuck Savage- Slumpbuster - Soundtracks/Other
    Chuck Shepherd- Little Bit and Loose Boots - Country/Folk
    Chuckie- Aftershock (Can't Fight The Feeling) - Electronic
    Cicada- Roulette - Electronic
    CJ Mackintosh- MN2S Vocal Classics - Electronic
    Cl- From Darkness To Light EP - Inspirational
    ClanMan- There Is No Funk - Electronic
    Clarence Carter- Dr. C.c. - Urban/HipHop
    Claudelle Clarke & Denzil Dennis- Reggae Songs Of Praise - World/Reggae
    Claus Spechtl / Uwe Urbanowski / Walther Großrubatscher- MC Church - Soundtracks/Other
    Claus Spechtl / Uwe Urbanowski / Walther Grossrubatscher- Little Socks - Soundtracks/Other
    Clearcut- Breathless - Electronic
    Clevz- Impudance - Electronic
    Clevz- Jebolar EP - Electronic
    Cloverton- Take Me Into The Beautiful - Rock/Pop
    Clube Do Balanço- Pela Contramão - World/Reggae
    Clubzone- Don't Miss The Partyline 2002 - Electronic
    Cocoa Tea- Weh Dem A Go Do...Can't Stop Cocoa Tea - World/Reggae
    Collider- WCYF - Rock/Pop
    Communispond- The Full Force Of Your Ideas - Soundtracks/Other
    Compuphonic- Analog Sparkles EP - Electronic
    Conditions- Live From The PureVolume House - Rock/Pop
    Conectivers- Eternal / Huntex - Electronic
    Conjunt Instrumental Musics d'Alcoi - Cor Agrupació Lírica El Trabajo - Moisé Olcina Berenguer- Cançoner Alcoià - World/Reggae
    Coolio- From the Bottom 2 the Top - Urban/HipHop
    Cor Jove Orfeó Català- Nadales i Villancicos - Soundtracks/Other
    Corduroy Buddhas- A Body Without A Head - Rock/Pop
    Corjan de Raaf- Thief - Rock/Pop
    CORNA BOY HUSTLAZ- In Her Face - Urban/HipHop
    Corte Final- Corte Final - World/Reggae
    Cortella feat. Floo- Choose Your Boy - Electronic
    Coskun Sabah- Beni Unutma - Asigim Sana - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Cosmosis- Fumbling For The Funky Frequency - Electronic
    CossaBossa- Koss / Boss - Electronic
    Courtney John- Made In Jamaica - World/Reggae
    Craig Delahoy- eclectica one - Electronic
    Crisis- Street Life - Urban/HipHop
    Cristian Vogel- Crust Cloud Chunks E.P. - Electronic
    Cristina Amaral- Anjo Azul - World/Reggae
    Crowd Of Voices- Happy Hour EP - Rock/Pop
    Current 93- Black Ships Heat the Dancefloor - Alternative/Punk
    Current 93- How I Devoured Apocalypse Balloon - Alternative/Punk
    Current 93- The Inmost Light - Alternative/Punk
    Current 93- Of Ruine Or Some Blazing Starre - Alternative/Punk
    Cynth- Flute Medicine, Vol. 2: Return to Now - cdbs - New Age
    D Roc- Above The Influence - The Singles - Urban/HipHop
    D'Estranquis- A Contracorrent - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    D-Block- D-Block CD Mixtape - Urban/HipHop
    D-Rashid- La Fexa - Electronic
    D. Johny- Burning Up - Electronic
    Da Drums- Heart Colors Ep - Electronic
    Dadou Pasquet- Islam... - World/Reggae
    Dale Watson- Little Darlin' Sessions - Volume 1 - Country/Folk
    Dale Watson- Live In London, England - Country/Folk
    Damir Halilic - Hal- Trilogy CD 1 - Soundtracks/Other
    Damir Halilic - Hal- Trilogy CD 2 - Soundtracks/Other
    Damir Halilic - Hal- Trilogy CD 3 - Soundtracks/Other
    Dan Johnson- Stress Relief - Blues
    Dan Miracle- Vips & Remixes EP - Electronic
    Dan Viktor- Ett jävla liv - Country/Folk
    Dan Waldman Matt Penman Will Vinson Bruce Cox- Greenpoint - Urban/HipHop
    Dancecore Broth.- (We Got) No Limit - Electronic
    Dancing Zombies- The Collection A Progression Through Time - Electronic
    Daniel Rosales- Sone Contigo - World/Reggae
    Daniel Zekkout- Au-delà de la détente - New Age
    Daniel Zekkout- De la peur à l'Amour - New Age
    Daniel Zekkout- Je t'aime la Vie - New Age
    Daniel Zekkout- L'arc-en-ciel - New Age
    Daniel Zekkout- L'argent cet inconnu - New Age
    Daniel Zekkout- L'équilibre - New Age
    Daniel Zekkout- L'être-ange voyage - New Age
    Daniel Zekkout- La responsabilité - New Age
    Daniel Zekkout- Le mariage avec soi - New Age
    Daniel Zekkout- Le sens de la Liberté - New Age
    Daniel Zekkout- Music of the Soul - New Age
    Daniel Zekkout- Quand le Coeur s'éveille - New Age
    Daniel Zekkout- Resonance - New Age
    Daniel Zekkout- Sons Sacrés - New Age
    Daniel Zekkout- Vers la maîtrise des pensées - New Age
    Daniel Zekkout- Vers la maîtrise des émotions - New Age
    Daniel Zekkout- Vers une meilleure gestion de l'espace et du temps - New Age
    Danism- Light Up My Life - Electronic
    Danism- Strip For Me - Electronic
    Danism- Truth Is - Electronic
    Danny Brooks- Thank You Jesus - Blues
    Danny Dove- Need In Me - Electronic
    Danny Jay- This Is My World - Rock/Pop
    Danny Valentine & The Meditations- The Lion, the Fish and the Bear - Alternative/Punk
    Daren Brooks- Progressive Muscle Relaxation - New Age
    Daren Brooks- Stress Management - New Age
    Dark Diamonds- Das Gift - Rock/Pop
    Darkness Blinding- You Don't Make Friends With Lies - Rock/Pop
    Darren Fisher- On A Roll - Alternative/Punk
    Darren Richards- Am I Alone? - Blues
    Data.Select.Party- No Girls Allowed - Alternative/Punk
    Dave Bermea- Last Train - Inspirational
    Dave Green Trio- Time Will Tell - Jazz
    Dave Seaman- Gobbledygook Remixes - Electronic
    David Aedenn- Nedea - Electronic
    David Cortés Quintet- Anillo De Corales (Spanish Flamenco) - World/Reggae
    David E. Williams- Every Missing Duck Is A Duck Missed - Rock/Pop
    David Giorcelli- Rambling With My Boogie - Blues
    David Grover- Listen To Music Band - Soundtracks/Other
    David Grover- Passin' It On - Soundtracks/Other
    David Hillis & Allan Johnson- Collaboration - cdbs - Jazz
    David J. Gibbs- The Beginning - Rock/Pop
    David Labeij- Shakedown - Electronic
    David Lindh- Dare (If I Fall In Love) - Rock/Pop
    David M- Lest We Forget - World/Reggae
    David Madden- Long Live Reggae Music From Bob Marley to Zap Pow - World/Reggae
    David Nelson Ostrosser- Second Hand Store - Country/Folk
    David Place- Perfect Silence - Alternative/Punk
    David Urwitz- Det Är Kanske Så - Rock/Pop
    Davis & May- Unlighted EP - Electronic
    Daybreak Terrace- Restless - Rock/Pop
    Dayton Family- Dope House - Urban/HipHop
    Déo Rian & Noites Cariocas- Inéditos de Jacob do Bandolim, Volume II - World/Reggae
    DB+- The Secret Art Of Science 2 (Then And Now) - Electronic
    Dbois Of Mental Block- Rock-N- Flow - Urban/HipHop
    Dc La Rue- Do You Want The Real Thing? (from the Film Thank God It's Friday) - Electronic
    De Jimbé- De Jimbe - World/Reggae
    Dead Luke- Record Two - Alternative/Punk
    Dead Prez Presents M1- Confidential - Urban/HipHop
    Deadguy- Work Ethic ep - Rock/Pop
    Deep Agenda- Opus 2 - Electronic
    Deep Grounder- One World - Electronic
    Deep Sensation- Deep Solution Vol.2 - Electronic
    Defectos Comunes- Malas Temporadas - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Defiant DJ's- Children - Electronic
    Deft Bonz- Back To The Roots - Electronic
    Delivery Men- Traveling Places - Country/Folk
    Delve Creature- Steeped In Pale - Rock/Pop
    Demetrius Sha'mon Gibson- Soulful Conversations - Soundtracks/Other
    Demi Lobo- Swag King - Urban/HipHop
    Denis Melody- Hong-Kong - Petersburg - Electronic
    Dennis Brown- The General - World/Reggae
    Dennis Brown- Vision Of The Reggae King - World/Reggae
    Depone- RogueDubs 009 - Electronic
    Der Wendler®- Das Modul Power PC - Instrumental Track - Soundtracks/Other
    Der Wendler®- Der Wendler® Instrumental Track - Soundtracks/Other
    Der Wendler®- DJ Wendler - Instrumental Track - Soundtracks/Other
    Der Wendler®- Ich bin der Gasmann - Instrumental Track - Soundtracks/Other
    Der Wendler®- Ich brauche eine Auszeit - Instrumental Track - Soundtracks/Other
    Der Wendler®- Poleposition - Instrumental Track - Soundtracks/Other
    Der Wendler®- Unsere Welt - Instrumental Track - Soundtracks/Other
    Der Wendler®- Was ist Richtig - Instrumental Track - Soundtracks/Other
    Desire- friday - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    DETAIL & KosmetiQ- DETAIL EP - World/Reggae
    DETAIL & KosmetiQ- The Pleasure EP - World/Reggae
    DEVILATE- Cage Of Hate - Soundtracks/Other
    Devilfish- LS01 - Electronic
    Devine & emilyPLAY- Eye of the Breaks / Ready For War - Electronic
    Devine & emilyPLAY- Ontik / Hardkore Motha - Electronic
    Devon Powell- My Everything - Inspirational
    Dezzy Sanchez- Devastated - Urban/HipHop
    Diamond Dogs- Generation Upstart - Rock/Pop
    Diane Charlemagne and Mg Featuring DJ Sol- Pointless Conversation - Electronic
    Diarmaid O Meara- Murdering Disco - Electronic
    Dick Black and His Scottish Dance Band- The Sound of the Lothians - Country/Folk
    Dick Whyte & The Nasty Boys- Detroit Love Story Remix - Urban/HipHop
    Didgerydude- Sliding Didgerydoo Extraordinaire - Electronic
    Die 3 Zwidern- Ein Vampir, ein Vampir - Soundtracks/Other
    DIE GRUBERTALER- Schneidig drauf - Soundtracks/Other
    Die Jungen Original Oberkrainer- Musikantenglück - Soundtracks/Other
    Die Nachtschwärmer- Die Musi macht bumm bumm - Soundtracks/Other
    Diego del Gastor- Honores a Diego del Gastor - Un genio de la guitarra - Soundtracks/Other
    Diego Schoening- Lo que Soy - Rock/Pop
    Digee- Deja Vu - Country/Folk
    Digital Groove- Shot & Go - Electronic
    Digital Punk & Profyler- Dark Symphony - Electronic
    Digitalis- Third State - Electronic
    Dimo- Buenas Noches Mis Amigos - Electronic
    Dinah Steward- Night And Day - Rock/Pop
    Diogo Ribeiro- Bruise - Electronic
    Diplomats Present- Dipset - More Than Music - Urban/HipHop
    Diplomats Present Hell Rell- For The Hell Of It - Urban/HipHop
    Diplomats Present Hell Rell- For The Hell Of It - Urban/HipHop
    Dirty Disorder- Vermince - Electronic
    Diva Dee- Fame Makes Me Wet (Explicit) - Electronic
    Diverse Interpreten- Ti Amo Compilation 3 - Soundtracks/Other
    DJ (Deny Januardani)- Rock The City - Rock/Pop
    DJ Apocalypse7- Midnight - Electronic
    Dj Arlo- Press Play on Tape - Electronic
    DJ Costa- La Bostella - Electronic
    DJ Droid- The Darkside - Electronic
    DJ Dune- 1994 - Electronic
    DJ Dune- The Heat Is On - Electronic
    DJ Encore- Unique - Electronic
    DJ Envy And Red Café- The Co-op - Urban/HipHop
    DJ Envy And Red Café- The Co-op - Urban/HipHop
    DJ FOCUS- Blame It (DJ Focus Remix) - Electronic
    DJ FOCUS- Day N Night (DJ Focus Remix) - Electronic
    DJ Goldstar- Once Upon A Time - Electronic
    DJ Guy- Ghost Dick! - Electronic
    DJ Inyoung & Static- The Raw Future E.P. - Electronic
    Dj Jasch- Distorted Mind Ep - Electronic
    DJ Jizz Beatz- Kiss My Duck (Single Edit) - Electronic
    DJ Kayslay & DJ Greg Street- The Champions - North Meets South - Urban/HipHop
    DJ Lazar- Get Busy - Electronic
    DJ LeMonk- Café Del Monko Vol.1 - Electronic
    DJ Liberty- Summer Beatz - Electronic
    DJ Madskillz- Down the rabbit Hole - Electronic
    DJ Mystique featuring TLP- Miami is not Ibiza - Electronic
    DJ NARD- Palestine EP - Electronic
    Dj Nylezzz & Dj Punish- Mucho Caliente - Electronic
    DJ Pierre- DJ Pierre's Afro Acid Project - Electronic
    DJ Preach- Man Vision - Electronic
    DJ Preach- Oxygen - Electronic
    DJ Preach- Recuerdos Eternos EP - Electronic
    DJ Preach- Relic Mix Compilation Sampler - Electronic
    DJ Preach- Under Pressure EP - Electronic
    DJ Prima- Globe Trotter Global House Mix - Electronic
    Dj Redeep- Ecstasy Void - Electronic
    DJ Responce- Passion Of Harmony - Electronic
    DJ ROCKSTAR- Not Much (Left To Say) - Electronic
    DJ Seoul- 2025 - Electronic
    DJ Shaolin- Right Here - Electronic
    DJ Short-E- Hot4eva - Urban/HipHop
    • CommentAuthorMutantis
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    DJ Spade: tha Specialist- Le Trou Noir - Electronic
    Dj Steal (featuring Dj Purist Productions)- Gettin Real Dirty (dirty House) - Electronic
    DJ Teeno- Feel The Drive - Electronic
    DJ Tim & Andi Vasilos- Lucky Girl EP - Electronic
    DJ Timbo- I'm a Fucking Celebrity - Electronic
    DJ Twelve featuring Narco - Bkay & Kazz- Get Started - Urban/HipHop
    DJ Walker- Deeper Love - Electronic
    DJ Zombified- Dance Fever Halloween Jams - Electronic
    DJ Zombified- Dance Monster Halloween - Electronic
    DJ Zombified- Dance Party Haunted Halloween - Electronic
    DJ Zombified- Halloween Dance Scream Party - Electronic
    DJ Zombified- Halloween Disco Lights - Electronic
    DJ Zombified- Halloween Jam Party - Electronic
    DJ Zombified- Halloween Monsters of Dance - Electronic
    DJ Zombified- Kids Halloween Dance Club - Electronic
    DJ Zombified- Spooktacular Halloween Dance Music Volume 1 - Electronic
    DJ Zombified- Spooktacular Halloween Dance Music Volume 2 - Electronic
    Dj Zya- Electro - Electronic
    Dj's Project- Only For Love - Electronic
    DJanny Vs. Dready-2- Respect / Cesare - Electronic
    Djet-X- Volume 2 - World/Reggae
    DMD- Human Rights - Electronic
    Doctor+ Productions- Futureshow Compilation - Electronic
    Dolly Parton & Stella Parton- What A Pair Of Sisters - Country/Folk
    Don Campbell- The Album - World/Reggae
    Don Dodds- Detour - Inspirational
    Don Imus- 1200 Hamburgers To Go - Soundtracks/Other
    Don Imus- This Honky's Nuts - Soundtracks/Other
    Doofer- The Kiss That Kills - Rock/Pop
    Dorme Neném- Dorme Neném - World/Reggae
    Dos Hermanos- Nuestro Mundo - Urban/HipHop
    Dot Com- Sexy Sound Ep - Electronic
    Double Fox- Party Lions - Electronic
    Double Trouble feat Rebel MC- Double Trouble EP 1 - Electronic
    Down Low- Africa - Urban/HipHop
    Down Low- La Serenissima - Urban/HipHop
    Down Low- Thank You - Urban/HipHop
    Down Low feat. Warren G- Murder 2002 - Urban/HipHop
    DR. HENNE- Anfang - Rock/Pop
    Dragon Daughter- Dragon Daughter - Rock/Pop
    Dream Atlantic- Losing The Floor - Rock/Pop
    Dregs One- Sucka Free State Of Mind Vol. II - Urban/HipHop
    Drem Bruinsma- Six Reels of Joy - Jazz
    Drive Red 5- The Pleasurist - Electronic
    Drive Red 5- Yours Sincerely Lionel - Electronic
    Drohan- Basement Tapes - Rock/Pop
    DROM- Willkommen - Soundtracks/Other
    Droptimes- Looking For The Sun - Rock/Pop
    Dtolio- Extraopus - Electronic
    Dubbel Trubbel- Hits Mot Folkgrupp LP - Urban/HipHop
    Dubbel Trubbel- The Dubbel EP - Urban/HipHop
    Dubmatix- Gonna Be Alright - World/Reggae
    Dukedagod- Dipset: More Than Music Vol. 2 - Urban/HipHop
    Dunderbeist- 8 CROWS AND COUNTING - Rock/Pop
    Dungeon Mastaz- Defeat - Urban/HipHop
    Duo Barbieri-Schneiter- No Caraça - Classical
    Duo Lechner Tiempo- La Belle Epoque - orchsrch - Classical
    DUO WÖRLE- Alles was die Liebe braucht - Soundtracks/Other
    Duygu Korosu- Baris Manço Çocuk Sarkilari Volume 1 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Dyewitness- Dyewitness - Best Tracks Minimix - Electronic
    E-Magic feat. Nancy- GO! - Rock/Pop
    E-verformung- Behind The Clouds - World/Reggae
    E. People- We Loved - Electronic
    E. Smith- Cheerioz - Urban/HipHop
    E.C.- E.C No More - orchsrch - Urban/HipHop
    E.C.- Live From The Ill E.P. - orchsrch - Urban/HipHop
    E.F.O.- Lanes Of Remorse - Electronic
    Early Adopted- Let's Be Honest - Urban/HipHop
    Earthling- Patterns - Electronic
    Ectima- No Way Out - Electronic
    Ed (ER) Robinson- Once Again - World/Reggae
    Ed Lima, Duncan Watt- Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway (Original Soundtrack) - Soundtracks/Other
    Edda- Weil es Dich gibt - Soundtracks/Other
    Eddy Cabrera Vs. Thomas Gold- Losing My Religion (Remixes) - Electronic
    Edip Akbayram- Bir Sarkin Olsun Dudaklarinda - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Edip Akbayram- Güzel Günler Görecegiz - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Edison- The Whistle - Electronic
    Edith Lefel- Rendez-Vous - World/Reggae
    EDMX- 2K3 Beats - Electronic
    Edo van Asseldonk- Heroes - Electronic
    Edward Gilbert- Taken Too Soon - Rock/Pop
    Edwin Mulder & Ferdy- Trainstation EP - Electronic
    Eelke Kleijn- Dopamine Theory EP - Electronic
    EGG3- Butcher Red - Rock/Pop
    Einstein The Producer- Einstein Debut - Urban/HipHop
    Ejazz- Jazz Festival - Electronic
    El Longui- Fuera de Órbita - Rock/Pop
    El Niño- El Niño - World/Reggae
    El Nuevo Ritmo Maravilla- Vete Los Vagones - World/Reggae
    El poeta cuántico- Algo de luz - Country/Folk
    Electrolux (Jeannette of The Chubbies,A Brokeheart Pro and Jeannette Katt)- It's Dirty Down Here - Alternative/Punk
    Electronic- Twisted Tenderness - Rock/Pop
    Elephant Shelf- In Trouble Again - Blues
    Elias Landberg- La Puma EP - Electronic
    Elie Attieh- Elie Attieh: Inta Omri - Thousand & 2 Nights - World/Reggae
    Elio Pace- Addicted To The Phone - Rock/Pop
    Elisabeth Carew- Even If The Rain - Rock/Pop
    Elisabeth Carew- Thunder - Rock/Pop
    Elke Bräunling & Marc Schröder- Elkes Frühlingsgeschichten - Geschichten, Märchen und Melodien zum Frühling - Soundtracks/Other
    Elke Bräunling & Marc Schröder- Elkes Ostergeschichten - Geschichten, Märchen und Melodien zu Ostern - Soundtracks/Other
    Elke Bräunling & Paul G. Walter- Pauls Frühlingslieder - Lieder und Tänze zu Frühling und Ostern - Soundtracks/Other
    Elle Bandita- Love Juice - Rock/Pop
    Ellectrica & DJ Max- Folk EP - Electronic
    Elmquist- Situation Unknown - Rock/Pop
    Els Groullers- Amb Arrels - World/Reggae
    Elusive- Back in the Days EP - Electronic
    Emile Coué- Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion - Soundtracks/Other
    Emina Jahovic- Vila - Rock/Pop
    Emma Pears- Glimmer - Rock/Pop
    Emphasis- Back on the job - Electronic
    Enrico Bronzi- BACH - 6 SUITES - Classical
    Ensemble 23*12- Prelude to Christmas - Classical
    Enslaved- Live at Rock Hard Festival, 2008 - Rock/Pop
    Enspirer- The Hall OF Mirrors - Rock/Pop
    Equinox- Kayama - Electronic
    Ercolino- Girls In A Tube E.P. - Electronic
    Eric Lance Critter- Homeless - Country/Folk
    Erika Jayne- Stars - Single - Electronic
    Erika Jayne- Stars - EP - Rock/Pop
    Ernest Wilson- Undying Love - World/Reggae
    ESG- City Under Siege : Screwed - Urban/HipHop
    Esser- Headlock - Alternative/Punk
    Eufemia- Mosquito - World/Reggae
    Eva-Maria- Liebesachterbahn - World/Reggae
    Evan Cowden- Dance Floor Dance Whore (Complete) - Electronic
    Evenodds- Respect the Hustle 3 - Urban/HipHop
    Evgeny Akulov- Dargomyzhsky: Rogdana - Fragments from the unfinished opera - Classical
    Evil Nine- Crooked - Electronic
    Evil Nine- Less Stress - Electronic
    Evil Nine- Restless - Electronic
    Eyerer & Chopstick Ft Zdar- Make My Day (Haunting) - Rock/Pop
    Fab 5- Mini - World/Reggae
    Fabio Martinelli- Experiment EP - Electronic
    Fabio Sestili- Ipologica 09 - Electronic
    Fabrizio Faniello- I'm In Love (The Whistle Hit) - Rock/Pop
    Face 2 Face- Pistas Face 2 Face (Soundtracks) - Inspirational
    Fame and Chizz- Get Off - Urban/HipHop
    Farid ft. Giorgio- Doe maar net alsof - Urban/HipHop
    Fashion Beat- Let Me Spend - Electronic
    Fatih Mühürdar- Deniz Gözlüm Gel - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Fatt Matt- Kings of Donair - Urban/HipHop
    Faze- Unfinished Business - Urban/HipHop
    FC-7- Halloween Fright Night - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    FC-7- Halloween Nuit de Peur - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Fefe Dobson- I Want You - Rock/Pop
    Felice Bois- Gen Eyes Wide - Soundtracks/Other
    Fenriz Red Planet/Nattefrost- Engangsgrill - Rock/Pop
    Fens- I'm the Bruce - Alternative/Punk
    Fer- How? - Rock/Pop
    Fernandez Manetta- Ape EP - Electronic
    feroz khan- Rakha Majluma Da - World/Reggae
    Ferry Fuentes- Romantica - Electronic
    Ferry Fuentes (feat. Sio Ben)- Summer Days - Electronic
    Fidel- I Write What I Like - Inspirational
    Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band- Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band - Country/Folk
    Figure In Frame- Scream Now - Rock/Pop
    Fiona Driver- Orkney Fire - Country/Folk
    Firebeatz- Funked - Electronic
    Firebeatz- Ready To Go - Electronic
    Firetop Mountain- Indians Aren't Afraid of Heights - Rock/Pop
    First Class Texas- Live From The Jukebox - Urban/HipHop
    Fishmonkeyman- Gryst - Rock/Pop
    Fistful of Fifties- Your New Best Friend - Alternative/Punk
    Fitalic- Shanghai Road - Electronic
    Flaunt- May I Remind You - Electronic
    Flight Crash Companion- No New Message - Rock/Pop
    Flipside-Beatmakers- Relentless - Urban/HipHop
    Flo- Un, deux, trois - Rock/Pop
    Floe Montana- The Warm Up - Urban/HipHop
    Floodgate- More - Rock/Pop
    Fly Gypsy- You (Single) - Urban/HipHop
    Footprints In The Sand- 4'Bidden Footsteps - Urban/HipHop
    For Kings And Queens- One Day I Discovered A Dreamachine - Electronic
    Forme- Let It All Out - Electronic
    Forme- Percussive Thinking - Electronic
    Formulla- Meaningfulmuzic - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Forq- Forqchops - Rock/Pop
    Fort Pastor- Beautiful Imperfection - Inspirational
    Forty Winters- The Honor Campaign - Alternative/Punk
    Fosforito- Así canta Fosforito - Soundtracks/Other
    Fr33m4n- Knock O Motive - Electronic
    Frances Black- The Best Of - World/Reggae
    Francesca & Gina D- Hang On Sloopy - Rock/Pop
    Francesco Pico & Roell Sapphire- The Thrill Will Be Later EP - Electronic
    Frank Chacksfield Orchestra- Frank Chacksfield Orchestra Volume #5 - Rock/Pop
    Frank Chacksfield Orchestra- Frank Chacksfield Orchestra Volume #7 - Rock/Pop
    Frank Henderson- Steamin' Pile - Rock/Pop
    Frank Serious- Serious - Volume One - Electronic
    Frankie Finch- Frankie Finch EP - Urban/HipHop
    Franklin- Building in A and E - Rock/Pop
    Franklin Delano- Like A Smoking Gun In Front Of Me - Alternative/Punk
    Frantic Sunday- A Bitter Day For The Sunshine - Rock/Pop
    Frantic Sunday- Im Your Volunteer - Rock/Pop
    Frantic Sunday- Sunday School - Rock/Pop
    Freddy Fresh- Textura - Electronic
    Freddy Stauber- Romanian Pop - Ganduri - Soundtracks/Other
    Freddy Stauber- Romanian Rock - Pulsul Vietii - Soundtracks/Other
    Frederick Johansen- Valses - orchsrch - Classical
    Frederik- Kinderlieder Vol.1 - Soundtracks/Other
    Frederik- Kinderlieder Vol.2 - Soundtracks/Other
    Freeland- Heel N Toe - Electronic
    Freeland- Mind Killer - Electronic
    Freeland- Supernatural Thing - Electronic
    Freeland- Supernatural Thing (Remixes) - Electronic
    Freeland- We Want Your Soul - Electronic
    Freeland, Wink, Middleton- Rise Above - Electronic
    Fridolin feat. 3 Chinesen- 3 Chinesen mit dem Kontrabass - Rock/Pop
    From Our Hands- Buildings Fall - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Frost-RAVEN- Thee Olde Ones EP - Electronic
    Fucking Stupid Idiots- Fucking Face - Electronic
    Full Color- Utopia - Electronic
    Funkmaster Flex- Funkmaster Flex Car Show Tour - Urban/HipHop
    Funky Lowlives- Funky Lowlives Remixed - Electronic
    Fussy Cussy- 1975 - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Future Beat- Destiny - Electronic
    Future Flashs- Get Down the Funk - Electronic
    Futuro Primitivo- Below the Radar - Alternative/Punk
    G. Mason's Productions- No Stronger Love than My God - cdbs - Inspirational
    G. Miles Band- Strange Kinda Thang - Blues
    G. Nageshwara Naidu- Balaji Jay Balaji - World/Reggae
    G.I.F.T.E.D.- Presence - Electronic
    G.R.I.L.- Intoxicating Rhythm Mixtape - World/Reggae
    Gabrielle Wortman- Home Is Where The Art Is - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Gabry Ponte- W La Guerra - Rock/Pop
    Gabry Ponte & Paki- Ocean Whispers - Electronic
    • CommentAuthorMutantis
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    Galaxy P- Heads Up - World/Reggae
    Gamma Express- The Best of Gamma Express - World/Reggae
    garage heaven- ... a Glimpse of Utopia (vol. 1) ... - Rock/Pop
    garage heaven- ... a Glimpse of Utopia (vol. 2) ... - Rock/Pop
    Garwe- Whence You Came - Jazz
    Gary Didier Perez- Rache Pikan - World/Reggae
    Gary Hodges- Keep on Growing - cdbs - Blues
    Gary Wright- Human Love - Rock/Pop
    GAURI SHANKAR- Baibal Mukaddas Ki Batain - World/Reggae
    Gene Dunlap- I Still Believe - Jazz
    Genevieve Maynard & The Tallboys- The Hollow Way - Country/Folk
    Gentle- Say Hello (And Close The Door) - Rock/Pop
    Geordie feat. Brian Johnson- The Greatest Hits - Vol. 4 (Remixed & Remastered) - Rock/Pop
    George Hughes- Daze B 4 - Rock/Pop
    Gerardo Pena- Flores - World/Reggae
    German Coppini- Las Canciones del Limbo - Rock/Pop
    Gerry & The Pacemakers- I'm the One - Rock/Pop
    Ghulam Ali- Tota Boley - World/Reggae
    Gibdug- Ghost train - Country/Folk
    Gideon- Now Less Sugar - Electronic
    Gilbert Grazzette- Question Of A Man - Blues
    Gilles David Orchestra- Super Crazy Hits - Rock/Pop
    Gilson Peranzzetta- Sorrir - Jazz
    Giocator- Giocator – Bring Into Focus / Mandate - Electronic
    Gioia- Expose This - Electronic
    Girls are Robots- Thirst While Drowning EP - Alternative/Punk
    Gish- Blastingthru - Electronic
    Glasswork- Your Smile Is Just Below Your Nose - Rock/Pop
    Glen Ricks- President Of Love - World/Reggae
    GLENN B- How Bizarre - Electronic
    Glenn French- The Open Road - Country/Folk
    glenn marshall- EP - Rock/Pop
    Glenn McMahon- Begin - Rock/Pop
    Global Stage Orchestra- Star Wars - The Story Continues - Soundtracks/Other
    Gloom- Derange EP - Rock/Pop
    Glyn MacDonald- Glyn MacDonald Trio - cdbs - Jazz
    God Forbid- Sickness And Misery - Rock/Pop
    godmoney/ptah- Wisemoney Go 2 Thats Real Love - Soundtracks/Other
    Golden Chyld- Cloak & Dagger - World/Reggae
    Golden Kanine- Scissors & Happiness - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Gonzoe- The Black Familia - Urban/HipHop
    Good Ol' American Boys- I Gotta Feeling (Good Day Remix) - Rock/Pop
    Goodie MoB- One Monkey Don't Stop No Show - Urban/HipHop
    Goofy- I Don't Give A Damn - World/Reggae
    Gospel Village- United As One - Inspirational
    Grae J Wall & the Jailbirds- Murder Ballads & Graveyard Blues - Country/Folk
    Graffa- Davam Vsichko Za Teb (I Give All 4 U) - Rock/Pop
    Graffa- Iskam Te (I Want You) - Rock/Pop
    Grammophon & Schellack- Es hat sich nichts geändert - Soundtracks/Other
    Grande- Paisley Park - Rock/Pop
    Greg Clifford- Chemically Conscious EP - Electronic
    Greg Hoy- Feel The Crunch! - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Gregor salto- Morning Drums - Electronic
    Gregory Haggard- Jalan Jalan - Electronic
    Gregory Isaacs- Mr. Cool - World/Reggae
    Griffin- No Holds Barred - Rock/Pop
    Groove Lounge- Groove Operator - Urban/HipHop
    Groovitational Pull- Flavor Grenade - World/Reggae
    Grupo Dragon- A Donde Vayas - World/Reggae
    Grupo Ginnsu- Ya Me Voy - World/Reggae
    Grupo Ternura- Abandonado - World/Reggae
    Gulzar Nazan- Khawaja Ka Danka Bajta Hai - World/Reggae
    Gurdev Chahal- Nigahe Wich Aa Gaye Laalan Wale Peer - World/Reggae
    Gurdev Chahal- Rakhdi Main Bandi - World/Reggae
    Gurdev Chahal- Sodhi De Dar Te Nachna (baba Badhbhag Singh Ji) - World/Reggae
    Gurdev Chahal- Tera Hola Manaave Khalsa - World/Reggae
    Gustavo Lara- Con V de Vuelta - Rock/Pop
    Guy Forsyth- Calico Girl - Country/Folk
    Guy Forsyth- Unrepentant Schizophrenic Americana - Country/Folk
    H R Cook- Neongrass - cdbs - Country/Folk
    H-Town Underworld- Vol. 1 (S.L.A.B.ed) - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    H. Letham- The End of Ego - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    H.M.P (Heavy Metal Poetry)- The Undead Hour - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Haggard. Merle- The Peer Sessions - Country/Folk
    Hairy Nipples- Hairy Nipple - Rock/Pop
    Hal Anthony- Reggae Man Ah Com - World/Reggae
    Half Pint- Pick Your Choice - World/Reggae
    Hall, Pam- Always Love You - World/Reggae
    Hallelujah Joy Band- Hallelujah Joy Band - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Halo- MN2S Classic Dubs - Electronic
    Halo & Kemal- Lift Me Up - Electronic
    Hamdan- Tekk4Trial - Electronic
    Hammerschmitt- Mein Herz - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hampton The Hampster- Hampsterdance Album - Soundtracks/Other
    Hampton The Hampster- Hampsterdance Christmas - Soundtracks/Other
    Hank & Mari- Penga eller livet - Urban/HipHop
    Happy Classics Orchestra- Hits Of Classics - Classical
    Harald Zuschrader- Wellness Symphony Vol.1 - Rock/Pop
    Hardcore Masif- Not Over Yet / Gimme Some More - Electronic
    Hardware Store- Out Of Service - Rock/Pop
    Hari and Aino- A considerate kind of home - Rock/Pop
    Harley Stevenson- Toog - Electronic
    Harley Stevenson- Fram - Electronic
    Harmonica Shah- If All You Have Is a Hammer - Blues
    Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes- The Love I Lost - Urban/HipHop
    Harsh Sunshine- They Hear Every Word - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Haruyuki Yokoyama- Marquee - Electronic
    Hashell- Worthless - Rock/Pop
    Hawk- A Bad Azz Mix Tape II - Urban/HipHop
    Hüseyin Altın- Gurbet Yolu - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Hüseyin Altın- Çileler - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Hüsnü Kızılçay- Baris Manço Anisina - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Heine Totland- Our Last Summer - Rock/Pop
    Heine Totland- The Sunny Side - Rock/Pop
    Hell N' Diesel- Sweet Sister - Rock/Pop
    Helldorado- Sinful Soul - Rock/Pop
    Helvetic Nerds- Senegal - Rock/Pop
    Henro- Show Our Ass - Urban/HipHop
    Henry Dee- You On My Mind - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hensley- Beyond - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Her Vanished Grace- Satellites at Twilight (Remixes) - cdbs - Electronic
    Herald Nix- Everybody Loves You - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Herald Nix- What A World - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Herb Malsman Visions- The Hall of Heroes - Soundtracks/Other
    Herd & Macklin- Greenlight - Electronic
    Herdi'Oflo- Herdi'Oflo EP - Keep On Pushin - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Hergolshäuser Musikanten- Grüß Gott - Soundtracks/Other
    Heritage Singers- A New Day - cdbs - Jazz
    Hermannstadt Collective- Thirst Day - Electronic
    Hermitage- 24 uren in een dag - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hero In Your Own Lunch Box- Dual Personalities - Rock/Pop
    Hey Bulldog- Desperado E.P. - Rock/Pop
    Hi C- The Hi-Life Hustle - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Hi Town- Hi Town - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Hiding in Public- Worlds Away, Yards Apart - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    High Hills Bluegrass Band- Coming Home - cdbs - Country/Folk
    High Praise- Brand New Morning - cdbs - Inspirational
    High Prime- Funky As - Electronic
    High Spirit- Mr. Moon - Electronic
    Higher By Nature- Sonic Rainbow - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Highland Reign- New Tradition - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Hilal Özdemir- Irem Kiz - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Hilary Peach- Suitcase Local - cdbs - Soundtracks/Other
    Hillary Smith- No Easy Way - cdbs - Blues
    Hillside Records/Ray Sanders Curtis Potter Darrell MCCall- Texas Dance Hall Music - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Hion- A Pan-Galactic Prelude - Urban/HipHop
    Hiphi- Nothing More to Say - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hiroki Miyano- Crystallized - cdbs - Jazz
    Hiroko Ara- Garden - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Hiromasa Suzuki- From Where I Am - cdbs - Blues
    His Electro Blue Voice- Single - Alternative/Punk
    Hitchin' Cricket- Union Dale - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Hoarsebox- Cuckooland - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Holdstock and Macleod- Deepwater Shanties - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Homay- Meeting With Doozakhian Part 1 - cdbs - Blues
    Home Boy- Sunrise Remixes - Electronic
    Home Groan- The Opening Act - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Home Recording Project- Home Recordings - Country/Folk
    Homeslice Band- Homeslice - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Honkytonk Daredevils- Honkytonk Daredevils - Rock/Pop
    Hoody's- Back On The Map - Urban/HipHop
    Hoody's- Every Hour - Urban/HipHop
    Hope Has Failed Us- Epitaphs and Eulogies - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hope Lane is a Dead End- Illuminate - cdbs - Alternative/Punk
    Hope Massive- itany - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Hope Roth- Beer and Pie - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hopeful Monster- Hopeful Monster - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hopeton Lindo- The Word - World/Reggae
    Horace Heidt, Jr. and his All Star Big Band- New Heidts - cdbs - Jazz
    Horse The Band- A Natural Death - Rock/Pop
    Horsfall- Feel the Heat - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Horst Faigle- Über Unter Wasser - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Host Echo- Song Cycle - Ep - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Hot Laundry- Make You Work - Electronic
    Hotel Brown- Hotel Brown - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Hott 22- Wicked Game - Electronic
    housewife- Triangulation - cdbs - Alternative/Punk
    Hovercraft Pirates- Mixtape - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Howie- Kids Club with Howie - cdbs - Soundtracks/Other
    Hows My Pop- On The Hop - Rock/Pop
    Hozey-T- wHo's tHe new guy - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Huggy & Dean Newton- Stag Leap - Electronic
    Hugh Fadal Band- Hourglass - cdbs - Blues
    Hum V.- Simple Man - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Humboldt County Freestyle Kings- Humboldt County Freestyle Kings - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Humphrey Lyttelton- It's All About Jazz, Volume 3 - Jazz
    Huner & Lauhaus- Truckin' - Electronic
    Huntingfield- Paper Valleys - Alternative/Punk
    Hurricane Alley- Category One - Rock/Pop
    Hush, Darling- Don't Tell Me Why - Rock/Pop
    Hussahouze Kingpinz- Alligator Seats - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Hussein Fatal- Born Legendary - Urban/HipHop
    hustleholic ent- mix tape vol 1 - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Huysuz Virjin- Huysuz Virjin 1 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Huzur Nawaz Coughlin- Inner Steps - cdbs - New Age
    Hyena Motorcade- Shadows - Alternative/Punk
    HyperForce- VOLUME - Electronic
    Hypersolid- Salvage of the human machine (sampler) - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    i- Off The Hook - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In the House- Live At Dante's - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In the House- Menace - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    I Fagiolini- Insalata - Classical
    I Hate This Place- Aero - cdbs - Electronic
    I Hate This Place- Nowhere Else - cdbs - Electronic
    I, Parasite- On This Cold Floor - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    i2i- Year Of the i - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Ian- The Way- (US release) - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Ian Blake- Spirit of Place - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Ian Lang- Tight Lines - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Ian LeFeuvre- Make Believe - Ritz Cracker Song - Alternative/Punk
    Ian McDougall- In a Sentimental Mood - cdbs - Jazz
    Ian Thomas- Live At Rockwood Music Hall - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Ibrica Jusic- Dan Prije CD 1 - Soundtracks/Other
    Iced Ink- There's A Bee In Here - cdbs - Jazz
    Icee Jake- Temptations - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Icon- New Born Lie - Rock/Pop
    Iconoclast- Home - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Idlewild- Dans de les Marionettes - cdbs - World/Reggae
    IJah Menelik- Utopia - cdbs - World/Reggae
    IJahman Levi- Arkart - World/Reggae
    Iko- On The Peripheral - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Ila Auto- Over The Next Hill - Country/Folk
    Illogical- Tank - Electronic
    Illogical Srl- The Outermost - cdbs - Electronic
    Ils- Music - Electronic
    Ilya- SOMERSET - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Immigrant Suns- Back From Durbecca - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Immigrant Suns- More Than Food - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Impeach The Precedent - Compilation- Impeach The Precedent - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Imperfect i- GroopoLoops - cdbs - New Age
    Impromptu- Signs - cdbs - Soundtracks/Other
    In Memory- In So Many Words - cdbs - Alternative/Punk
    Ina-Maria Federowski- Wie auch immer - World/Reggae
    Indiajiva- Sacred Ragas - cdbs - New Age
    • CommentAuthorMutantis
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    Indiajiva- Universal Mother - cdbs - New Age
    Indigenous Radio- Indigenous Power Movement - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Indigent- Simulacrum - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Indios Gratis- Danza Del Peregrino - World/Reggae
    Inertia Trio- Better Than Blood - cdbs - Jazz
    Infamous-C- The Greatest Gift Of All [feat. Todd Watson] - Blues
    Infandous- Rotting Decaying Festering - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Infatuating Lena- Siren Of Titan - cdbs - Electronic
    Inferis- Fear The Engineer - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Infinite Ammo- The Flood - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Infinity- The Magic Of Dreams - Rock/Pop
    Infinity & Roxanne Price- In The Name Of Love - Electronic
    Inger Nordström ´n´her Rhinestone Band- Back On Track - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Ingrid Sweeney, Nicholas Carter- Crossing the Isthmus - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Inner City soul- Makin Change - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Insane Poetry- Faith In Chaos - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Insight- A Genesis - cdbs - Jazz
    instigators- Dine Upon the Dead - Alternative/Punk
    Instrumental- N.O.A.H. Intro - Soundtracks/Other
    Intenso Project- Luv Da Sunshine - Electronic
    International String Trio- Music From All Over The World - cdbs - Inspirational
    interoceanico- The Other Side of the World - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Interoceanico 3- Confluencia - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Introducers- Close Ups - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Invisible Boy- We're Going To Hang Your Picture High - Country/Folk
    Ioma- Room 14 - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Ion- You & Me - Electronic
    Ion- ARMA - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    iordache- hesitations - cdbs - Jazz
    Irad Brant- Squeeze EP - Electronic
    Iskelu- Asian Spa - New Age
    Island Jazz Quintet- Who Knows - cdbs - Jazz
    Ismael Prieto- Lo Mejor de Mí - World/Reggae
    It-clings Vs Pneumatic Detach- The All Too Logical Descent Into Madness - cdbs - Soundtracks/Other
    Ital- The World of Spirit Plants Album - Electronic
    Ivan Drever & Duncan Chisholm- The Lewis Blue - Country/Folk
    Ivan Najera & Tony Unger- Malagueña - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Ivanka Ivanova- Sunset in Stano - World/Reggae
    J Aka Optiq And Remi Desroques- On My Way - Urban/HipHop
    J Divers Smith/introducing Lady C- Our First Date - Electronic
    J-Dawg- Hood Classics - Urban/HipHop
    J-Zohar- Premonition - Rock/Pop
    J. Diggs Presents I-Rocc- Fixed Fight - Urban/HipHop
    J.M.CIRIA- Ylem - Electronic
    Jack Hsu- Sun - World/Reggae
    Jack Teagarden- When Jazz Was King - Jazz
    Jacob Miller- The 'Killer' Rides Again - World/Reggae
    Jacque C- Noir - orchsrch - Electronic
    Jacques C- Noir Pt.2 - Electronic
    Jaems IV Feat Aa'kosya- Granite - Urban/HipHop
    Jah Balance And Eccleton Jarrett- Crossroad - World/Reggae
    Jah Fame- Illuminati - Electronic
    Jake and the Jakes- Back In Black and White - Rock/Pop
    Jake Henry- Summ3r Day - Electronic
    Jake Johannsen- Stand Up Ringtones - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    James Fly- Nothing Else Seems to Matter - Electronic
    James Lusby- Pelican Hill - Rock/Pop
    James Perryman- Live At The Wilmington Arms - Rock/Pop
    James Thach- The Tickle Monster Is Coming! - Soundtracks/Other
    Janis Ian- Encore Collection - Country/Folk
    Jannike Kruse- Et glimt til - Country/Folk
    Jasbir Khushdil- Dhan Dhan Sodhi Patshah Baba Ji Da Vyah - World/Reggae
    Jasmin Barbir- The Fight - Electronic
    Javier- Lucha y Verás - World/Reggae
    Jay Felony- Blocc Party - Urban/HipHop
    Jay Tripwire- Everytime - Electronic
    Jay West- Carillon Jamz EP - Electronic
    JayW.GuitarSlinger- Early Works Compilation 99-09 - Rock/Pop
    Jbc-arkadii- Power Of The Sun EP - Electronic
    JDS- Test 3 - Electronic
    Jean Knight- Miss Big Stuff - Blues
    Jeannie C. Riley & Connie Smith- Back to Back - Jeannie C. Riley & Connie Smith - Country/Folk
    Jedi Jared Moore Feat. Damizza- Girlfriend - Urban/HipHop
    Jeff Allen- Happy Wife, Happy Life Revisited - Soundtracks/Other
    Jeffrey Collins- Control - Electronic
    Jeffrey Taylor- Noel - Soundtracks/Other
    Jeison Torres- Dracma (Remixes) - Electronic
    Jennifer Logue- The Pretty EP - Rock/Pop
    Jerome Baker- Nice to Nasty EP - Electronic
    JFC- Be There for You - Electronic
    Jill Bellac- Agreggate EP - Electronic
    Jim Hurst- Open Window - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Jimi D aka Red Rice The Franchise- Joy - World/Reggae
    Jimmie Rodgers- 20 Greatest Hits - Rock/Pop
    Jimmy Bowens- This Used to Be the Way Home - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Jimmy Hill- Deep Science EP - Electronic
    Jimmy Makulis- Einmal noch Athen seh'n - Soundtracks/Other
    Jimmy Martin- Tribute To The King Of Bluegrass - Volume 1 - Country/Folk
    Jimmy Roses- If I Can Be With You Tonight - Single - Urban/HipHop
    Jinder- Nine Cents From Benelux - Country/Folk
    Jive64- Goto10 - Electronic
    JJ Leon King- Birthday Sex - Urban/HipHop
    Jld- Next To Me (Featuring Jason No of A Bird A Sparrow - Urban/HipHop
    JNan- Be Free - Urban/HipHop
    JNan- Let Me Breathe - Urban/HipHop
    Joaquín Oliete- Beauty - Soundtracks/Other
    Jocasta Sleeps- Crayfish Cocktail - Alternative/Punk
    Joe Dismal- 4u's3h's - Electronic
    Joe Kirsten und die Party Singers- Es Kracht Das Bett Die Ganze Nacht - Rock/Pop
    Joe Nadeau- When I Wake Up In the Morning / Running In Circles - Single - Rock/Pop
    Joey First- Meninism - Alternative/Punk
    John Armistead Wilson- The Way - Country/Folk
    John Carmichael & His Scottish Dance Band- Dance Away - Country/Folk
    John Finol- Sentir Lo Infinito - EP - World/Reggae
    John Hoffmann & Mac Benford- It's About Time - cdbs - Country/Folk
    John Horler- As Time Goes By - Solo Piano Sessions 1994-2008 - Jazz
    John Hoskinson- Pancho Fantastico - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    John Karagiannis & PayLipService- Clear Msg - Electronic
    John O'Callaghan- Something To Live For - orchsrch - Electronic
    John O'Dea- If Stones Could Talk - Country/Folk
    John O'Dea- Old Rusty Ute - Country/Folk
    John Olav Nilsen & Gjengen- Ti Ganger Tusen - Rock/Pop
    John Rico & Daniel Rosales- Canciones De Inspiracion - Blues
    John Rivetti- Long Live Liberty - Rock/Pop
    Johnick- The Return of the Meatmen - Electronic
    Johnny D & Nicky P- The Bay Ridge E.P. 2 - Electronic
    Johnny D & Nicky P- The Bay Ridge E.P. - Electronic
    Johnny Hollow- Dirty Hands - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Johnny Lee- 16 All-Time Greats - Country/Folk
    Johnny Mitchell- Errare - Electronic
    Johnny Osbourne- Rougher Than Them - World/Reggae
    Johnny Rodriguez & Johnny Russell- Back to Back - Johnny Rodriguez & Johnny Russell - Country/Folk
    Johnny The Razor- Iron Blue - Blues
    Jon Crocker- Farewell, America! - Country/Folk
    Jon Delerious- The Last Record EP - Electronic
    Jon Hart- Mahogany Love - Country/Folk
    Jon Hughes- Physics Says - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Jon Itkin- Big Gold Guitar in the Sky - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Jon Yates- The Complete Collection of Trumpet & Bugle Calls - orchsrch - Country/Folk
    Jonna Lee- 10 Pieces, 10 Bruises - Rock/Pop
    Jonno Brien- Rewind - Electronic
    Jonny The Saint & The Velvet Hand- Tuff Love - Rock/Pop
    Jordaan Mason & the Horse Museum- Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My Head - Country/Folk
    Jorge Hernandez- SOLO - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Jorge Maldonado- Jorge Maldonado - World/Reggae
    Jorgensen- Cirque - Electronic
    José Manuel Ramos- Viceversa - World/Reggae
    Jose Armas- Travieso - Electronic
    JOSE CRUZ- Lección de Vida - World/Reggae
    Joseph Loibant- C1E2C5 - Electronic
    Joseph Niles- Count Your Blessings - Inspirational
    Joseph Niles- Go On To Glory - Inspirational
    Joseph Niles- Go To The Lord In Prayer - Inspirational
    Joseph Niles- How Beautiful Heaven Must Be - Inspirational
    Joseph Niles- Look On The Brighter Side - Inspirational
    Joseph Niles- Royal Telephone - Inspirational
    Joseph Niles- Too Near Home - Inspirational
    Josh L. Larue- Wire's Cartoons EP - Electronic
    Josh Niehaus- One Mac Band (Demo) - Rock/Pop
    Joshua (1)- Episode 1 - Rock/Pop
    Joshua Pierce- Joshua Pierce and Dorothy Jonas perform Rare Works for Two Pianos and Orchestra - Classical
    Joubin- Blended Sound 002: Disc 2 - Electronic
    JP- So Much to Say - Urban/HipHop
    Judy Insley- Leaving Home - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Juho Kahilainen- Kuolonkellot EP - Electronic
    Juice Newton- Juice Newton - Greatest Hits - Country/Folk
    Jules Wells- Booty Maniak - Electronic
    Julian Brandt- Love Can Turn Us Blind - Rock/Pop
    Julian Gallegos- Hold On - Rock/Pop
    Julie Forsyth- S.O.S. - Rock/Pop
    Julie Forsyth- Voulez Vous - Rock/Pop
    Julien Wilson, Stephen Magnusson- Kaleidoscopic - Jazz
    Julio Gutierrez- Inolvidable - World/Reggae
    Jun Spinner Kudo- Unimaginable Distance - Rock/Pop
    Juni Jarvi- Looking At You Is Like Looking At The Sun - Rock/Pop
    Juniper- Crazy Love - Electronic
    Junopilot- Junopilot - Electronic
    Justin Michael- Take Me To The Sky - Electronic
    Justo Bagüeste - Javier Carnicer- Lijas - Electronic
    Justo Bagueste- Bestiario - Electronic
    Jwardy- Mixups - Electronic
    K P- Gangsta Music - Urban/HipHop
    K- Dencya- Mi Niña Hermosa - World/Reggae
    Kabuto- 888 Tito - Electronic
    Kafani- Need Ya Body (feat. Bobby V.) - Single - Urban/HipHop
    Kainos- Suicidal Stereo - Rock/Pop
    Kaizers Orchestra- Die Polizei - Single - Alternative/Punk
    Kaizers Orchestra- Våre Demoner - Alternative/Punk
    Kamil P aka The Influence- Hyped Up - Electronic
    Kamini Khanna- Bigdi Sanwar De - World/Reggae
    Karen Dalton- It's So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best - Country/Folk
    Karen Lane- Once in a Lifetime - Jazz
    Karma Cowboys- Shine On Tomorrow - Rock/Pop
    Karnak Seti- Stranded By Existence - Rock/Pop
    Katie Lunette- kisses like poppyseed - Soundtracks/Other
    Katie Lunette- kisses like poppyseed - go crazy - Soundtracks/Other
    Kausa Y Efecto- Causa Y Efecto - Soundtracks/Other
    Kavi Jezzie Hockaday- Dancing Buddhas - New Age
    Kavi Jezzie Hockaday- The Divine Inside - New Age
    Kawan DeBose- Vintage Soul - Jazz
    Kay Dörfel- Du bist die Liebe meines Lebens - Soundtracks/Other
    Kaya Jones- Hollywood Doll - Electronic
    Kayestone- Atmosphere - Electronic
    Kayohes- Stress City 2 - New Age
    Kazak Eksperyans- Peyi Mwen - World/Reggae
    Keana Featuring Jake T. Austin- Could You Be The One - Rock/Pop
    Keisha Kash- Bleah Bleah Bleah - Urban/HipHop
    Keith Murray- Rap-murr-phobia - Urban/HipHop
    Ken Young- The Kenny Young Project - Rock/Pop
    Kendall Jones- Ace To Play - Rock/Pop
    Kenneth G- Wobble - Electronic
    Kenneth Ishak- Silver Lightning From A Black Sky - Rock/Pop
    Kesho- Garissa / Arusha EP - Electronic
    Kesho- Meru EP - Electronic
    Kevin Skinner- Fire Walk With Me - Rock/Pop
    Key'Cha Boo- Money Maker - Urban/HipHop
    Kia Shine- Checkin My Fresh EP - Urban/HipHop
    Kid Jones- Kid Jones - Urban/HipHop
    Kidd Kaos & SMG- Kiddfectious Experiment E.P. 3 - Electronic
    Kiki de Montparnasse- Kiki Chante - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Kill Your Idols- split ep - Alternative/Punk
    Killer Clan of F.U.N.- Killer Clan of F.U.N. - Rock/Pop
    Killing Time- The Method - Alternative/Punk
    King Pleasure- It's Good To Be King - Rock/Pop
    King Short Shirt- Master Of Melody - World/Reggae
    King Short Shirt- Social Commentaries Classics Pt.1 - World/Reggae
    King Tut the Don- Im a Pimp - Urban/HipHop
    Kitch'n'Sync- Sweet Sensation - Electronic
    Kites- International Geographic - Alternative/Punk
    Kizooks!- Super Huge, Very Big Hits - Soundtracks/Other
    Kjell- refreshing power - Alternative/Punk
    KMC- 2000 Pieces Of KMC - World/Reggae
    Knights At The Round Turntables- Mother Earth - Electronic
    Kno Gud- Hit Singles!! - Urban/HipHop
    Knot Feeder- Light Flares - Alternative/Punk
    • CommentAuthorMutantis
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    Kocky- Be Part Of It All - Electronic
    Kocky- Kingdom Came - Electronic
    Kocky- Stadium Status - Electronic
    Kocky Feat Rosanna- Tricks - Blues
    Koefer & Strube- Febrile - Electronic
    Kohra- WIRED - Electronic
    Kolabo Records- It's Already Done - Urban/HipHop
    Korey Bowie- Life & Love, Vol 1 - Songs of the Heart - cdbs - Inspirational
    KosmetiQ- KosmetiQ EP 09 - World/Reggae
    KosmetiQ- Organical EP - World/Reggae
    Kriss Van Small- Sunset EP - Electronic
    Krista- Let Me Be Your Angel - Rock/Pop
    Krs One & The Temple Of Hip Hop- Spiritual Minded - Urban/HipHop
    KRS-One- Survival Skills - Urban/HipHop
    KRS-One- The Mix Tape - Urban/HipHop
    Krygod's Wizard- Servant to a Dream - Blues
    Krygod's Wizard- Silverghost Lake - Country/Folk
    Kultiration- Kultiration - World/Reggae
    Kumar Vishu- Baanke Bihari Se Ankhiyaan Ladi - World/Reggae
    Kuoyàh- Chase the Comedown EP - Electronic
    KurtuluÅ?- Biricik Sevgilimsin - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    KurtuluÅ?- Duydum Evleniyormussun - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    KurtuluÅ?- Gelsene - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    KurtuluÅ?- Inan Ki - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    KurtuluÅ?- Çok Mu Gördünüz - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    KVA- Hey (U Da One) - Urban/HipHop
    Kyle Bobby Dunn- Fervency - Electronic
    Kyle Van Band- Live In San Diego Vol. 1 - Rock/Pop
    L.V.T.- Two Weeks From Now - Rock/Pop
    L10- Grateful (Cee Von Kay Radio Edit) - Electronic
    La Etnnia- Stress Dolor & Adrenalina - Urban/HipHop
    La Incontenible Banda Astilleros- Nunca te Olvidare - World/Reggae
    La Mazz- What's Up With The Party - Urban/HipHop
    La Niña de la Puebla- A la memoria de Dolores Jiménez (Niña de la Puebla) 1908-2008 CD 1 - Country/Folk
    La Niña de la Puebla- A la memoria de Dolores Jiménez (Niña de la Puebla) 1908-2008 CD 2 - Country/Folk
    La Orden- Ángeles del Dolor - Rock/Pop
    LA Rockestra- Symphony In Rock - Rock/Pop
    La Rose Et Missile 727- Domocratie - World/Reggae
    La Rose Et Missile 727- Mission - World/Reggae
    La Rue- Larue Is The Real Name (Sound Track 2 Life) - Urban/HipHop
    Laas Minute- Manche erzählen mir, ich sollte 'n tape machen - Urban/HipHop
    Lady S.- Games Don't Play - Urban/HipHop
    Lakhbir Singh Lakkha- Jai Maa Jai Maa Kahiye - World/Reggae
    Lamb- The Best Of Lamb 1996-2004 - Best Kept Secrets - Rock/Pop
    Lambruschi & Cavicchi- Verbo Volant - Electronic
    Laroo T.H.H.- Put Me On (feat. E-40) - Single - Urban/HipHop
    Larry Kert- Spotlight On Larry Kert - Soundtracks/Other
    Lars Eckmann Vs. Andrea Festa- Hellectronic - Electronic
    Lars Larssen- Shades - Urban/HipHop
    Lars Lisa Andersson- Andas In - Inspirational
    Lash Out- What Absence Yields - Alternative/Punk
    Lastawake- E.P - Rock/Pop
    Lattimore Brown- 19 Best Of Lattimore - Blues
    Laufmasche- Ways To Talk E.P. - Electronic
    Lauhaus- Bombay Disco - Electronic
    Laura Taylor- I Have Nothing - Rock/Pop
    Laurell Hubick- Into Your Love - cdbs - Inspirational
    Laurent Wery vs Sir-G featuring MC Six and Chantal Kashala- Looking at Me (J'aime regarder) - Electronic
    Laza- Crank It Up - Single - World/Reggae
    Lüstgas- Latter - Rock/Pop
    Lcaise- Tanzhertz EP - Electronic
    Le Commandant DONA-MOBETI- Cherie Kadetti - New Age
    Le Corbeau- Evening Chill / Montréal Of The Mind - Alternative/Punk
    Lee Majors Presents Mr. Mistah- Dirty On My Block - Urban/HipHop
    Lee Perry- Smokin' - World/Reggae
    Lee Perry The Upsetter- Lee Perry The Upsetter Presents: Roast Fish Collie Weed & Corn Bread - World/Reggae
    Leftfield- Leftism - Electronic
    Lefty Perez- Mujer Sensual - World/Reggae
    Legit Slangs- Two Worlds - Urban/HipHop
    Legs Against Arms- Come On Let's Disappear - Rock/Pop
    Leila Maria- Off Key - World/Reggae
    Leilah Safka- Country Duetts - Rock/Pop
    Lennie Gallant- If We Had A Fire - Rock/Pop
    Lenny- Boomerang - Rock/Pop
    Lepolion- Burn'n It Up Ft. Roc Boi - Urban/HipHop
    Lepolion- Start Again - Urban/HipHop
    Les Psycho Riders- Les Derniers Jours - Rock/Pop
    Les Toles Au Zinc- Les toles au zinc en live - Rock/Pop
    Les Voix de Noël- Les aventures du Père Noël - Soundtracks/Other
    Les Voix de Noël- Les aventures du Père Noël - in Noël pas comme les autres - Soundtracks/Other
    Lester Fitzpatrick- Glo (Remixes) - Electronic
    Lew Bakey- Wings Of My Own - Blues
    Liam Reilly- Greatest Hits Of Bagatelle - Rock/Pop
    Life With Max- No Compromise - Rock/Pop
    Lil's Daughter- Twist In My Sobriety - Rock/Pop
    Lilys- Selected - EP - Alternative/Punk
    Limahl- So Far So Good - Rock/Pop
    Linda Lucia- Amarte Hasta Morir - World/Reggae
    Linda Russell- Foster: Civil War Songs - Ballads, Patriotic Songs, Laments - Classical
    Lines of Louis- Lines Of Louis - Alternative/Punk
    Lingo Scott- Stay - Electronic
    Linkwood Family- Miles Away Intrusion Dubs - Electronic
    Linval Thompson- Phoenix Dub - World/Reggae
    Lionel Benjamin- Tonton Nwel - World/Reggae
    Lionel Hampton- Hamp Swings the Bell - Jazz
    Lionel Hampton & His All Stars- Look! Four Hands - Jazz
    Liquid Fire- The Party Must Go On - Rock/Pop
    Lisa Lashes & Alex Kidd vs Kidd Kaos- Nu Religion - Electronic
    Little Kirk- I'm Ready - World/Reggae
    Litto Nebbia- Soñando Barcos - Rock/Pop
    Livia- Read Your Mind - Rock/Pop
    Liz Fodor- Ladybug Killer - Alternative/Punk
    Lizette Santana- Lizette Santana - Aún Sueño En Ti - World/Reggae
    LJ Aka Lboogie- No Time 4 Haters - Urban/HipHop
    Lloyd Green- Master Of The Steel Strings - Country/Folk
    Lloyd Marcus- We The People - Inspirational
    Lo-Fi-Fnk- (...And the JFG) - Rock/Pop
    Loc The Blacktopper- Ghetto Activist (Adapt & Overcome) - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Lock ‘n Load & Jochen Miller- Cala Pada / Manoir - Rock/Pop
    Logiztik Sounds & Kally- Smash It EP - Electronic
    Loko- Snatch - Electronic
    Lola Marois- Lola Marois - Rock/Pop
    London Festival Strings- Sounds for a Romantic Evening - Rock/Pop
    Lonely Crowd- She's Not Afraid - Rock/Pop
    Lopp- Decoded You - Electronic
    Los Pablos- It' A Dream - Electronic
    Los Pelados del Norte- Solo Para Kabrones!!! - World/Reggae
    Los Vargas En Off- Always - Rock/Pop
    Lost Horizon- A Flame To The Ground Beneath - Rock/Pop
    Lou Dogg- Stay Tru - Urban/HipHop
    Loubert Chancy- Avanse - World/Reggae
    Loud At Least !- Painful Exploration - Soundtracks/Other
    Lovechild- Timeless - Rock/Pop
    Lovehammers- Guns - Rock/Pop
    Low-Fye- Monument Hill Theme - Soundtracks/Other
    Lucaeffe- 2009 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Lucas van Leiden- I Feel Like Running Away - Electronic
    Luce- Corner of the World - Rock/Pop
    Lucky Jim- Our Troubles End Tonight - Country/Folk
    Lucky Lucci- Way to Clean - Urban/HipHop
    Luhh- L'irregolare - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Lukas Kasha- Revelations - Alternative/Punk
    Luke- Somethin' Nasty - Urban/HipHop
    Lukestar- Alpine Unit - Alternative/Punk
    Lukie D- Center Of Attraction - World/Reggae
    Lulo Reinhardt- Latin Swing Project - World/Reggae
    Lunar Shift- Ashes - Electronic
    Luundo Dunia- Le Sang Qui Coule - World/Reggae
    Lynn Anderson- The Very Best Of Lynn Anderson - Country/Folk
    M.C. Moog feat. The Excessor- Automatic Lover - Electronic
    M.C. White Knight- How I Miss You - Urban/HipHop
    M.C. White Knight- Let's Get It On - Urban/HipHop
    M.C.B. feat. Kalyia- Dance The Night Away - Electronic
    M.I. Loki- Get High Or Die Trying EP - Electronic
    M.O.P.- St. Marxmen - Urban/HipHop
    Machine Zombies- Frightening Halloween Sound Effects - Soundtracks/Other
    Machine Zombies- Halloween Sound Effects Horrors - Soundtracks/Other
    Machine Zombies- The Best Halloween Sound Effects - Soundtracks/Other
    Mad Child (of Swollen Members)- The Mad Child EP - Urban/HipHop
    Madan Shounki- Darshan Maiya Mi Da Pada - World/Reggae
    Madan Shounki- Ho Shakuntala - World/Reggae
    Madan Shounki- Shaan Himachale Di-happy New Year - World/Reggae
    Madandelions- Spellbound - Electronic
    Maggie moone- 20 Greatest Hits - Jazz
    Magic Vision- Here Comes The Hotstepper - Electronic
    Magic Vision- All I Have To Do Is Dream - Rock/Pop
    Magic Vision- Stay Another Day - Rock/Pop
    Magnum Band- La Seule Differene San Fwontie - World/Reggae
    Magnum Band- Pure Gold - Alternative/Punk
    Mahesh Prabhakar- Om Sundaram Omkar Sundaram - World/Reggae
    Mahtie Bush Feat. Wyzdom- Is She Out There? - Urban/HipHop
    Mal Abuso- Seguimos Improvisando - Rock/Pop
    Malcolm Middleton- Waxing Gibbous - Alternative/Punk
    Mam- Love Lights Music & More - Electronic
    Mameloko- Mameloko - World/Reggae
    Mamina- Exces De Love - World/Reggae
    MAMMUTH- Embraced - Rock/Pop
    MAMMUTH- Shine - Rock/Pop
    Mandala- Ligado - World/Reggae
    Manel- Aquell camí - World/Reggae
    Manhattan Roar- Manhattan Roar - Rock/Pop
    Mara- Don't Even Think - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Marc Béziat- Consolation - Blues
    Marc Leon- Special Edition - Blues
    Marc Vedo- Get It Out - Electronic
    Marcel Powell- Aperto de Mão - World/Reggae
    Marco Barrientos- Yo Soy tu Esperanza - orchsrch - Inspirational
    Marco Grenier- Funkolicious - Electronic
    Marco Kloss- Ich hab zwei neue Freunde - Soundtracks/Other
    Marco Rosas and the Rose of Sharon Band- Breaking The Chains - Blues
    Marcos Ariel- Piano Com Tom Jobim - World/Reggae
    Marcus Strickland- At Last - Jazz
    Marcus Voyce- Getaway Girl - Urban/HipHop
    Margareth Menezes- Naturalmente - World/Reggae
    Margot Reisinger- Celtic Sphere - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Maria Angeli- Coffee Grooves EP - World/Reggae
    Marijan Brkic B.R.K.- Bolji Svijet - Soundtracks/Other
    Mark Bicknell- Genre - Rock/Pop
    Mark Howard- America The Beautiful - Country/Folk
    Mark Howard- Lonesome Whistle - Country/Folk
    Mark Howard- Smoky Mountain Bluegrass Traditions - Country/Folk
    Mark Howard- Smoky Mountain Old Time Traditions - Country/Folk
    Mark Howard- Dashing Through The Snow - Soundtracks/Other
    Mark Howard- Irish Hymns - World/Reggae
    Mark Krupp- Eternal Sun - Electronic
    Mark Lorenz- Augenblicke - Soundtracks/Other
    Mark Sanchez & Devine- Here We Go - Electronic
    Mark Trophy Ft. Terri B- Out Of My Mind (Original) - Electronic
    Marmalade- Reflections of My Life - Rock/Pop
    Mars- The Last Element - Electronic
    Mars Lasar- In-Flight Metro - New Age
    Mars Lasar- In-Flight Relax - New Age
    Marte Wulff- The Morning Papers - Rock/Pop
    Martin Bentancourt- Första generationens svenne - Urban/HipHop
    Martin Bentancourt- Ghetto favoriter - Urban/HipHop
    Martin Bentancourt- Kär igen - Urban/HipHop
    Martin Rev- Les Nymphes - Alternative/Punk
    Martin Rev- To Live - Alternative/Punk
    Martin Schulte- Depth of Soul - Electronic
    Martin Schulte- MONAZITE - Electronic
    Martinho da Vila- O Pequeno Burguês - World/Reggae
    Marvin Gaye- Marvin Gaye - Live From Miami - Urban/HipHop
    Mary Broadcast Band- Life Is Beautiful - Soundtracks/Other
    Mass Hysteria- Mistress and Men - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Mass Lyrics- Makin Sumthin From Nuthin - Urban/HipHop
    Massimo Cerrito- Tekne - orchsrch - New Age
    Massonix- Subtracks - Electronic
    Master P- The Ultimate Master P - Urban/HipHop
    Master Premsingh- Meri Choti Si Gaura - World/Reggae
    Mats Johansson- Som en idiot - Alternative/Punk
    Matt Chester- Die for a Reason - Electronic
    Matt Darey- Nocturnal - Electronic
    Matt Pond PA- I Thought You Were Sleeping - Alternative/Punk
    Matt Pond PA- Measure - Alternative/Punk

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    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    Matt Venice- Polar Bear - Electronic
    Matthew Hyatt- Fresh - Electronic
    Matthew Hyatt- Greed - Electronic
    Matthew Hyatt- Roadslim - Electronic
    Matthew Simpson-Morgan- Songs In Blue And Green - Alternative/Punk
    Maurice & Noble- Faith Delivers - Electronic
    Maverick- Pretending - Rock/Pop
    Max Minelli- U Gotta Luv Me Baby - Urban/HipHop
    Max Minelli- U Gotta Luv Me Baby - Urban/HipHop
    Max Sanders- It's my Life - Electronic
    Mayfair Christmas Ensemble- A Classical Christmas - Soundtracks/Other
    Mayombe- Pa Que No Se Te Olvide - World/Reggae
    Mãodeoito- VIM EP - World/Reggae
    Müslüm Gürses- Esrarli Gözler - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    MC Luka- Historial Delictivo - Urban/HipHop
    MC Ren- Kizz My Black Azz - Urban/HipHop
    Meanwhiles- Slow Motion Summer - Rock/Pop
    Mega Banton- First Position - World/Reggae
    Mela Kamin- Summer In My Soul - Blues
    Melchor De Marchena- Melchor de Marchena - Centenario de su nacimiento 1907-2007 - Country/Folk
    Melencolia Estatica- Melencolia Estatica - Rock/Pop
    Melissa Manchester- Joy - Soundtracks/Other
    Melissa Mannett- Melissa Mannett EP - Rock/Pop
    Melo Malo Paulino- Maja Cuero - Urban/HipHop
    Memes- The New Republic of Dance Dance - Electronic
    meniskus- The Partyer - Rock/Pop
    Mercyless- No Hay Paz - Rock/Pop
    Meri Cetinic- Virno Srce - Soundtracks/Other
    Mes- The Journal of a Junkie - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Mesalla- Mesalla - World/Reggae
    Messy Marv- Prices On My Head: Thug Money On Yo Family, Vol. 1 - Urban/HipHop
    Messy Marv Presents Jessica Rabbit- A Hustler's Motivation Vol. 3 - Urban/HipHop
    Messy Marv Presents Matt Blaque- A Hustler's Motivation Vol. 2 - Urban/HipHop
    MHB- Sparks Are Going To Fly - Rock/Pop
    Mia Clarke- Guitargument - Alternative/Punk
    Michael Beltran featuring Jessy- Can't Get Enough (DJ Dominique Mixes) - Electronic
    Michael Cashmore- The Snow Abides - Rock/Pop
    Michael Forzza- Abstractor part 1 - Electronic
    Michael K and Shae Fontaine- My Bad - Blues
    Michael Klostermann und seine Musikanten- Bewahrt das Feuer - Soundtracks/Other
    Michael Kraft- Du hast die sternenklarsten Augen - Soundtracks/Other
    Michael Kraft- Du hast die sternenklarsten Augen - Single - Soundtracks/Other
    Michael Paul- Wet Dream Rough Cuts - Rock/Pop
    Michael Sims- Room With A Groove - Jazz
    Michael Turner Lewis- I O U Praise - Blues
    Michal Murawski- Malaki EP - Electronic
    Michal Poliak- Victoria EP - Electronic
    Michal Poliak- World Republic EP - Electronic
    Michelmann- Schüttel wat de hast - Urban/HipHop
    Michelob- Street Scan - Urban/HipHop
    Mick McCombe Band- Mick Mccombe Band - Rock/Pop
    Mickey Raphael- Red River Valley - Country/Folk
    Midiman vs. Foggy- This Is How My Drummer Drums - Electronic
    Miguel Quintana- Son Habanero - World/Reggae
    Mike Allen- Mold - Rock/Pop
    Mike Blair & The Rafter B- Alone Under the Stars - Country/Folk
    Mike Gow- Residents: St. Louis, Live at Miso - Electronic
    Mike Okay- Masturbo - Electronic
    Mike Scott- Appalachian Homespun Bluegrass - Country/Folk
    Mike Sheridan- I syv sind - Electronic
    Mike Sparrow- Bored In The South - Rock/Pop
    Mike Sulu- Black Boy Black Girl - Electronic
    Mike Sulu- Deep Dark - Electronic
    Mike Sulu- Der Amboss - Electronic
    Mike Sulu- Insects On Ice - Electronic
    Mike Sulu- No Disco - Electronic
    Mike Sulu- Old Man In Space - Electronic
    Mike Werner- Weil die Sehnsucht noch Deinen Namen trägt - Soundtracks/Other
    Mikel Night- Texas Badboy (The Nashville Remix) - Urban/HipHop
    Milan- Stories From The Angels Bay - Electronic
    MillFactory- Indenrigs Udenbys - Rock/Pop
    MillFactory- Sommermorgen Uden Skygge - Rock/Pop
    Milo and Bobo Blocks- Square Dance - Soundtracks/Other
    Milou- The End Of A Fairytale - Rock/Pop
    Minas Tirith- ...Demons Are Forever - Rock/Pop
    Mind The Absence- Survival - Jazz
    Miniking- Zoo EP - Rock/Pop
    Minimal Ringtones- Perfectly Simple - Electronic
    Minimal Ringtones- Zen Koans - Electronic
    Ministry Of Gro Visionary Shanetria Peterson- Answering The Call: Days On The Bayou - Inspirational
    Miro- By Your Side (Part One) - Electronic
    Misty Jean- Konpa A Gogo - World/Reggae
    Misty Jean- Li Pa Two Ta - World/Reggae
    Mitchy Slick- Cali Untouchable Radio, Dago Edition 13 - Urban/HipHop
    Mithoon (Additional Vocal : Kshiti Tarey)- Tuhi Mere Rab Ki Tarha Hai - World/Reggae
    MLU- Can't Compare - Urban/HipHop
    MLU- Crazy Love - Urban/HipHop
    MLU- Different Melody - Urban/HipHop
    MLU- Do I Do - Urban/HipHop
    MLU- Miss You - Urban/HipHop
    MLU- Nobody - Urban/HipHop
    MLU- Not Ready - Urban/HipHop
    MLU- So Beautiful - Urban/HipHop
    MLU- Tell Me - Urban/HipHop
    MOBKIDZ- Fulltime Mob - Urban/HipHop
    Mogollar- Dört Renk - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Mom Winans- An Affair To Remember - Inspirational
    Momu- Just Listen EP - Electronic
    Monomatix- Don't Call Me Rough - Electronic
    Monoton- Eight Lost Tracks - Electronic
    Montoru- Make it Yellow EP - Electronic
    Moody Rude- Insert Coin - orchsrch - Urban/HipHop
    Moon Duo- Ez Street Ext - Rock/Pop
    Moon Duo- Love On the Sea - Rock/Pop
    Moonshine Bandits- Divebars And Truckstops - Urban/HipHop
    Morgan Tomas- Deeper EP - Electronic
    Moshiach Oi!- Better Get Ready - Blues
    Moso- Paperclip - Electronic
    Mountain Lions International- Voice Of Reason - World/Reggae
    Mr Mellon- Drop da Bass - Original Mix - Soundtracks/Other
    Mr Smilez- Automatic - Urban/HipHop
    Mr. Dynamite- Wake Up! - Rock/Pop
    Mr. Indiana- Snow Ballin - Urban/HipHop
    Mucho The Juggler King- REAL Money (Original) - New Age
    Mungo's Hi-Fi- Under Arrest EP # 1 - Electronic
    Mungo's Hi-Fi- Under Arrest EP # 2 - Electronic
    Mushrooms Project- Space Mushrooms - Electronic
    Mutiny- Dem Girls - Electronic
    Mutiny- Holding On - Electronic
    MUTTERMILCH- Zeig dein Verlangen - Soundtracks/Other
    Muzzleloader- Muzzleloader - Rock/Pop
    My Awesome Compilation- Frontiers - Alternative/Punk
    My Way My Love- Hypnotic Suggestion: 01 - Alternative/Punk
    Mystic Compass- Guiding Star - Jazz
    N-Tone- Need Love - Electronic
    N.K. Paul- Kissa Satyawan Savitri - World/Reggae
    N.Y.C. aka Never Yet Contested- In Technospect Feat. Nero (Radio Edit) - Single - Electronic
    N.Y.C. aka Never Yet Contested- In Technospect Feat. Nero - Single - Electronic
    N.Y.C. aka Never Yet Contested- Say Yea Feat. Nero - Urban/HipHop
    Na Gathan- Claigeann Damien Hirst - Soundtracks/Other
    Nagbansi- The Indian Friend - Electronic
    Naked on the Vague- Single - Alternative/Punk
    Namaste- The Music of Nepal - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Nameless Crime- Law and Persecution - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Nara- Serenity [The Single] - Electronic
    Narendra Chanchal- Maa Tere Sadke Jaawaan - World/Reggae
    National Skyline- Exit Now - EP - Alternative/Punk
    National Skyline- This=Everything - Alternative/Punk
    Native- Just Four - Jazz
    Nativo Show- Exitos Mi Cumbia - World/Reggae
    Natraj- Jai Shiv Shankar Onkara - World/Reggae
    Ndu- The Rebel Zone - Urban/HipHop
    Neb Dirty- Neb-Hop Unrestrained - Urban/HipHop
    Need New Body- Need New Body - Alternative/Punk
    Need New Body- UFO - Alternative/Punk
    Neon Electronics- Ever After Monkeys - orchsrch - Electronic
    Neon Lights- Need To Feel Loved - Electronic
    Neophyte vs. The Stunned Guys- The Soul Collector - Electronic
    Neos Deos- Dazed EP - Electronic
    NEPPUMUK Z- FLY GABBERS - Soundtracks/Other
    NEPPUMUK Z- MAD CLAPPER - Soundtracks/Other
    NEPPUMUK Z- TECHNO MISSION - Soundtracks/Other
    Nestor Wynrush- Trinnipeg !78 - orchsrch - Urban/HipHop
    Netzwerk- Generator 7/8 - Electronic
    New Action Four- New Action Four - Alternative/Punk
    New Direction- Lord You're Worthy / Start All Over Again - orchsrch - Inspirational
    New Found Land- We All Die - Rock/Pop
    Newtonn- Can't Change - Electronic
    Newtonn- Saint Maker - Electronic
    Newtonn- Westwind - Electronic
    Nexes- The Sign - Electronic
    Nice Face- Single - Alternative/Punk
    Nick G- Nick G Greatest Hits - '93-'05 - Urban/HipHop
    Nick Goldston- The Duct Tape Days 2004-2009 - Rock/Pop
    Nick Robson- Nick Robson 1978 - 2008 - Electronic
    Nick Rose- Oxbow Lake - Country/Folk
    Nicodemus- Old Veteran - World/Reggae
    Nicola Martorano & Roberto Capuano- Stay Tuned - Electronic
    Nicolas Krassik- Caçuá - World/Reggae
    Nicole Wray- I Like It - Single - Urban/HipHop
    NIGEL LEWIS AND THE SOUND MIND- Jesus Team - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Nils van Zandt Vs. Sergio Silvano featuring Chaquilo MC- The Beat Don't Stop - Rock/Pop
    Ninjaman- Bad Grand Dad - World/Reggae
    Ninjaman & Johnny P- Big Showdown: Ninjaman & Johnny P - World/Reggae
    Nino Blac- Dat Chewin' - Urban/HipHop
    Nirmal Sitara- Dhan Dhan Sodhi Patshah Jai Baabe Di Kahiye (dhaarna) - World/Reggae
    Nkechi :: Astral Soul Songstress- Nkechi LIVE! Vol 1 : Astral Soul Butterfly Rock Songs - Rock/Pop
    No One Conquered, Wyoming- Vega - Jazz
    No Wire Hangers- Come Undone - Rock/Pop
    Nocturnal Emissions- Holy Of Holies - Vol. 1 - Electronic
    Nocturnal Emissions- Holy Of Holies - Vol. 2 - Electronic
    Nocturnal Emissions- Holy Of Holies - Vol. 3 - Electronic
    Nocturnal Emissions- Holy Of Holies - Vol. 4 - Electronic
    Nocturnal Emissions- Music For Butoh - Electronic
    Nocturnal Emissions- Ophiuchus - Electronic
    Nocturnal Emissions- Practical Time Travel - Electronic
    Nocturnal Emissions- Reliquary - Electronic
    Nocturnal Emissions- Transearth - Electronic
    Noddy Virtue- Just Believe - World/Reggae
    Noor Marji- Ala Tool - World/Reggae
    Norberto Y Marisela- Norberto Y Marisela Y El Septeto Cribe - World/Reggae
    North Manc Beds- Bolton 8 - Electronic
    North Manc Beds- NwH20 - Electronic
    Not There- Dark Of The Noon EP - Rock/Pop
    Notty Culture- Release Bizznizz - Rock/Pop
    Nueva Manteca- Varadero Blues - Jazz
    Nurse With Wound- An Awkward Pause - Electronic
    Nurse With Wound- Drunk With The Old Man Of The Mountains - Alternative/Punk
    Nurse With Wound- Homotopy To Marie - Alternative/Punk
    O'Djila- Pale bih Ando - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    O.L.F.- You're Not Alone - Electronic
    OAE- OAE - Jazz
    Oblivion Grin- Stuffed Anima - Alternative/Punk
    Octillian- Umbilicus - Alternative/Punk
    Odiorne- Heavy Wish - Alternative/Punk
    Odiorne- Want Them Leaving More - Alternative/Punk
    Odyssey- It Will Be Alright - Blues
    Of Former Fame- From The Mouth Of God To The Ears Of Men - Rock/Pop
    Off The Grid (OTG)- Songs From The Desert - Country/Folk
    Ofinger- Ask Directions EP - Electronic
    Ol Skool- Ol' Skool Band - Inspirational
    Olio- Living The Dream - Rock/Pop
    Ombudsman- Ombudsman - Coffee Shop EP - Electronic
    One Of Them- 11:11pm EP - Electronic
    Onyx- Bacdafucup II - Urban/HipHop
    Opie Hendrix- Chupacabra - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Opium- Bring It Back - Urban/HipHop
    Optimism- Optimism - Rock/Pop
    Orange Television- One Old Fashioned Doughnut - Rock/Pop
    Orchestre de chambre de Toulouse- Kunc: Sonate pour violon et piano, Pièce pour alto et piano, Simples chansons pour piano et orchestre de chambre - Classical
    Original Donaumusikanten- Mein Herz gehört nach Bayern - Soundtracks/Other
    ORLANDO PABELLON- Una Aventura Mas - World/Reggae
    Orquesta Filarmónica Y Coros De Viena- Fidelio - orchsrch - Classical
    Orquesta Sinfonica De Radio Hamburgo- El Lago De Los Cisnes - orchsrch - Classical
    Oscar Aleman- Un Poquito De Swing - orchsrch - Jazz
    • CommentAuthorMutantis
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    Osictone- Output 1-2 - Electronic
    Oskee- Go Hard As Me - Urban/HipHop
    Otep- The Ascension - Rock/Pop
    Outrage & Prolaxx- Underground - Electronic
    Outreach 24/7- I'll Be Ready - Inspirational
    P. Casso- Back In The Jungle - Electronic
    P. Hunter- Control - Twisted Bitz Remixes - Electronic
    Pablo Moreno- Carnivale EP - Electronic
    Pacco & Rudi B. Feat. Dubsupliers- Pinot Noir - Electronic
    Pachino Dino- Hustlin' And Head Bussin - Urban/HipHop
    Pantaleimon- Cloudburst - Alternative/Punk
    Pantaleimon- Mercy Oceans - Alternative/Punk
    Pantherklub- Tying Tiffany Is Playing At My House - Electronic
    Panty Raid- Beba - Electronic
    Paolo Driver, Stoned Chicken- Una Diana - Electronic
    Papash- Papash Collection - New Age
    Papash- Ba Yo Papash - World/Reggae
    Papote & Fresh- Papote & Fresh - World/Reggae
    Papy Boys- Buddax - Electronic
    Papy Boys- dvm031 - Electronic
    Paquito D'Rivera- Improvise - One - Jazz
    Parada Jóven- Parate Pa Que Goce - World/Reggae
    Paraforce- Giants Rule The Land EP - Electronic
    Paragraph- Paragraph - Alternative/Punk
    Parasense- Avangaro - Electronic
    Park Avenue- Don't Turn Your Love - orchsrch - Electronic
    Park Ministries Presents...the Kingdom Voices & Praise Team- One Thing I Desire - Inspirational
    Parry Gripp- The Girl At The Videogame Store - Rock/Pop
    Parry Gripp- Hot Dog Time: Parry Gripp Song Of The Week for November 25, 2008 - Single - Rock/Pop
    Parry Gripp- Jackie Johnson - Rock/Pop
    Parshuram Patel- Aalha Sri Krishna Leela - World/Reggae
    Parshuram Patel- Shiv Vivah (aalha Ki Dhun Par) - World/Reggae
    Past Masters- Hard Day's Night - Rock/Pop
    Past Masters- Hard Days Night - Rock/Pop
    Past Masters- The Beatles #1 Greatest Hits Tribute - Rock/Pop
    Patrick Bower- Patrick Bower & The World Without Magic - Country/Folk
    Patsy Cline- Angel - Country/Folk
    Paul Addie- Nanna With Love - Country/Folk
    Paul Ammendola- I Am With You (Single) - Inspirational
    Paul Cart- Dancing Under The Stars - Electronic
    Paul Cullen- Paradise - World/Reggae
    Paul Damian Hogan The Third- The Hut - Alternative/Punk
    Paul G. Walter- Blue Notes - Jazz Lounge - Jazz
    Paul Lawler and Paul Speer Featuring Satine Orient- Wonders - New Age
    Paul Lucien- Rearview - Rock/Pop
    Paul Wall- 100 (Swishahouse Remix) - Urban/HipHop
    Paul Zukofsky- Hagoromo - orchsrch - Classical
    Paul Zukofsky- J.S. Bach: Three Sonatas and Three Partitas - orchsrch - Classical
    Paul Zukofsky- Jo Kondo - Mulberry - orchsrch - Classical
    Paul Zukofsky- Ragtime/Paganini: 24 Capricees - orchsrch - Classical
    Paul Zukofsky- String Quartets 1 & 4/Sonata for Cello - orchsrch - Classical
    Paul Zukofsky- Zygmunt Krauze/Toshi Ichiyanagi/John Cage - orchsrch - Classical
    Paulo Moura- Gafieira Jazz - Jazz
    Pawan Negi- Kali Rahi Meri Jaan - World/Reggae
    Pär Enqvist- Här och nu - Rock/Pop
    Peanut Pie- Peanut Pie - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Pearl Handled Revolver- One - Blues
    Penknifelovelife- Porphyria's Lover - Alternative/Punk
    Pepe Torres- Inacabado - Jazz
    Per Plex- 10 - Electronic
    Perapetia- Surreal - Alternative/Punk
    Permanent On Most Surfaces- While Living In Allegory... - Rock/Pop
    Perry Lowe- My Life In A Groove - Urban/HipHop
    Pete Dafeet- Love Undercover - Electronic
    Pete Dafeet- No Love - Electronic
    Pete Hawkes- The Jazz Chronicles - Jazz
    Pete Huttlinger- Catch & Release - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Peter Group Malick- Chance & Circumstance - Soundtracks/Other
    Peter Gustafson- Sommaren -92 - Rock/Pop
    Peter Mittlbach- We Have Fun - Viva Hofbrauhaus - Soundtracks/Other
    Peter Rosmanith- Schneesand - New Age
    Peter's Farm- Kingdom Of Letters - Soundtracks/Other
    Petter- Robotfood - Electronic
    PFC- Perfectly Fabulous Creations - Jazz
    Phantom Black- Zero Tolerance - Electronic
    Phase- Fragmenta - Electronic
    Phil And Sharon- The Year That Was - Blues
    Phil Judd- Love Is A Moron - Rock/Pop
    Phil Judd- Mr. Phudd & His Novelty Act - Rock/Pop
    Phil Openshaw- Transpennine Express - Electronic
    Philogresz- Dusty Rides EP - Electronic
    Phonocast- Good News EP - Rock/Pop
    Phyllis Diller- Phyllis Diller on Comedy - Soundtracks/Other
    Pianos of Cha'n- With Love, Volume 1 - New Age
    Pianos of Cha'n- With Love, Volume 2 - New Age
    Pike Dugga- What You Need - Urban/HipHop
    Pile- Jerk Routine - Alternative/Punk
    Pimpadelic- She's Dead - Rock/Pop
    Piney Gir- Peakahokahoo - Alternative/Punk
    Pink Lady Deejay- Body Language - orchsrch - Electronic
    Pit Bailay feat. Michael C. Kent- She's Like The Wind - Electronic
    Pitch Shifter- I Wanna Be Free - Electronic
    PIXEL82- Synthetic - Electronic
    Pizel- Lunar - Electronic
    Plato's Shadow Watchers- Heliotropic - Electronic
    Pola X- My White Unicorn - Electronic
    Polaris- Dancefactory - Soundtracks/Other
    Pop Winans- Uncensored - Inspirational
    Pradeep Nirmal- Jai Jai Parshavnath - World/Reggae
    Praveen and Benoit- Songs Spun Simla Remixes - Electronic
    Preach- Melt To Sand - Rock/Pop
    Pressure- Burning Down - World/Reggae
    Princess Angelinah- A Letter 2 Prez Barack Obama (Afro Chants 4 Change) - Rock/Pop
    Programa- Phoenix - Electronic
    Project P. feat. Sabina- Forever Free - Electronic
    Project Pat- Walkin' Bank Roll - Urban/HipHop
    Project Pat- Walkin' Bank Roll - Urban/HipHop
    Proper-Gander- Lament - Electronic
    Prophicy- Touch - Urban/HipHop
    Provizion- Upgrade - Urban/HipHop
    Provizion- Upgrade (Clean Version) - Urban/HipHop
    Psicodreamics- Fantasynth - cdbs - New Age
    Psycherotique- Sklavenkarussell Sehnsucht - Alternative/Punk
    Psycho Project- Hypnotique EP - Electronic
    Psychosomatic Cowboys- Intoxication - Blues
    Psydrop- The Miracle Man - Electronic
    Public Enemy- There's A Poison Goin' On - Urban/HipHop
    Pulser feat. Josie- Undo The Silence - Rock/Pop
    Putirecords- Aunque sea muy letal - Rock/Pop
    Putnam Smith- Goldrush - Country/Folk
    Pymp Tyte- All N Yo Face - Urban/HipHop
    Pyramedia Presents- Oud Collection - New Age
    Pyramedia Presents- RAKS Arabian Dance Hits Volume 1 - New Age
    Pyramedia Presents- Yalla Belly Dance Hits - New Age
    Pyramedia Presents- Arabian Super Hits Vol. 1 - World/Reggae
    Pyramedia Presents- Cairo Mega Hits Vol. 1 - World/Reggae
    Pyramedia Presents- DALIDA Chante En Arabe - World/Reggae
    Pyramedia Presents- Fairouz - World/Reggae
    Pyramedia Presents- Lebanese Dance Hits - World/Reggae
    Pyrodice- the Last 23 Years - Electronic
    QU!ET- Sweet Rolls - Urban/HipHop
    Queen Octavia- Queen Octavia Storytime - Soundtracks/Other
    Queensbridge Finest- DJ Hotday Present Lost & Unreleased Instrumentals - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Quest- Presidential Representa - Urban/HipHop
    Rachael Cain- Screamdiva - orchsrch - Electronic
    Rachael Cain- Sexy- The Single - orchsrch - Electronic
    Rachael Cain- Tonight - orchsrch - Electronic
    Radi Tabasco- Rocking Trip Feat. Corey Andrew - orchsrch - Electronic
    Radiosilence- Plan B - Electronic
    Rafa Jiménez- Un Loco Soñador - Soundtracks/Other
    Rafet El Roman- Bir Roman Gibi - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Rafet El Roman- Gönül Yarasi - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Rain- Prelude - New Age
    Raju Khan- Nazar Lag Jayegi - World/Reggae
    Ralph Buckley- Alchemy - Rock/Pop
    Ram Avtar Sharma- Madam Rang Dalwalo (holi Special) - World/Reggae
    Ram Di Dam- A Liar To Admire EP - Rock/Pop
    Ramiro Lopez- Big Up Deep - Electronic
    Randy Santino- Hydrogen - Electronic
    Ranj Singh- Simple Man - Rock/Pop
    Rapid Pulse- Chapter One - Electronic
    Rappy McRapperson- Greatest Hits Volume 1 - Soundtracks/Other
    Rappy McRapperson- Greatest Hits Volume 2 - Soundtracks/Other
    Rasikananda Das- Tin Tal - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Ravinder Syan- Tere Nain - World/Reggae
    Ray Jones- Deep Down I Love You (Rock Mix) - Rock/Pop
    Råtasseriet- Beyond - Electronic
    Råtasseriet- Red Label - Electronic
    Råtasseriet- Station - Electronic
    Råtasseriet- Yellow Label - Electronic
    Råtasseriet- Kitchen - Jazz
    Rômulo Fróes- No Chão Sem O Chão - World/Reggae
    RB- Insider - Rock/Pop
    RC- Say It Loud - World/Reggae
    Rebecca Baker- Everybody Praise The Lord - Inspirational
    Rebel MC- Rebel MC - EP 1 - Electronic
    Rebel MC- Rebel MC - EP 2 - Electronic
    Rebel MC- Rebel MC - EP 3 - Electronic
    Rebel MC- Rebel MC - EP 4 - Electronic
    Rebel MC- Rebel MC - EP 5 - Electronic
    Red Eyed Legends- Mutual Insignificance - EP - Alternative/Punk
    Red Eyed Legends- Wake Up, Legend - Alternative/Punk
    Red Rack'em- Picnic EP - Electronic
    Red Sunday- Truth and Beauty - Rock/Pop
    Reggie Stepper- Kim-Bo-King - World/Reggae
    Reginald Policard- Lese Mwen Viv - World/Reggae
    Relaxatopia- Sleep Deep Swirl - New Age
    Relocate To Heathrow- Often Lost, Never Forgotten - Rock/Pop
    Remodel- La Belle Dame Sans Merci - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Rene'Soler & his SondeCuba- Shango' - World/Reggae
    Replika- Even Further - Electronic
    Republica Banana Project- Shareholder Value - Soundtracks/Other
    Req- Frequency Jams - Electronic
    Req- One - Electronic
    Resin- The Catalyst - Rock/Pop
    Revald- Summit - Rock/Pop
    Reverend Timothy Wright- Jesus, Jesus, Jesus - Inspirational
    Rew Gress- The Irrational Numbers - Jazz
    Reza- Eclipse - Electronic
    Rhys Marsh And The Autumn Ghost- The Fragile State Of Inbetween - Alternative/Punk
    Rich Fournier- Right Girl - Wrong Time - Rock/Pop
    Rich Graham- Hater How Are You? - Single - Urban/HipHop
    Richard Lee Wilson- Stand And Fight - Rock/Pop
    Richard Steed- Out of the Ordinary - Electronic
    Richard X. Heyman- Intakes - Rock/Pop
    Richie Stephens- Forever - World/Reggae
    Richie Stephens- Sincerely - World/Reggae
    Rick Howard- Guitar Magic - Jazz
    Rick Shelley- I Can't Deny - Blues
    Ridgeview- Beyond The Ridge - Rock/Pop
    Riley- For The Love E.P. - Rock/Pop
    Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band- Tour 2003 - Rock/Pop
    Rishi Bass- Monkey Say, Monkey Do - Electronic
    Rishi Bhargav- Anjani Lala Hai Sabse Nirala - World/Reggae
    Riske- Alfabe - World/Reggae
    Ristoker- Woodwalk - Electronic
    Rita Ribeiro- Pérolas Aos Povos - World/Reggae
    Rita Springer- Worth It All - Inspirational
    Rj Benjamin- Who I Am - Blues
    RJ Potter 611- Killzone - Rock/Pop
    Rob Boskamp featuring Del Piero- Get Ur Ass Up! - Electronic
    Rob Hotchkiss- Book of Love--the Single - Rock/Pop
    Robert Ciesla- Shopping List - Electronic
    Robert Lauri- Liberté - Rock/Pop
    Robert Lauri- Sweet Love - Rock/Pop
    Robert Martino- Oye Chica - World/Reggae
    Robert Svensson- I was summer, you were - Rock/Pop
    Robin Hirte- Conspiracy EP - Electronic
    Robin Hirte- Plasm - The Remixes - Electronic
    Robot Bomb Shelter- Robot Picnic - Electronic
    Robotnico- Dream Or Reality - Electronic
    Rock-n-Roll Hooligans- Rock-n-roll Hooligans - Alternative/Punk
    Rocketsmith- Rocketsmith - Rock/Pop
    Rodrigo Campos- Love Shack EP - Electronic
    Rodrigo Rojas- La Danza del Deseo - Rock/Pop
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    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    Rogue Frequency- Spat Out By Machines - Rock/Pop
    Rohmayo- Hip Hop Rock Star - Rock/Pop
    Roland Zoss- Liedermärli 1 - Soundtracks/Other
    Roland Zoss- Liedermärli 2 - Soundtracks/Other
    Roland Zoss- Liedermärli 3 - Soundtracks/Other
    Rolf Imhof- Electric Zulu - Electronic
    Rolf Imhof- Sharing Time - Electronic
    Rolf Krenzer & Paul G. Walter- Dreh dich wie ein dicker Bär - Spieltänze und Tanzlieder - Soundtracks/Other
    Rolf Krenzer & Paul G. Walter- Heut tanzen Sonne, Mond und Sterne - Spieltänze und Tanzlieder - Soundtracks/Other
    Rolf Krenzer & Paul G. Walter- So tanz ich durch das Jahr - Spieltänze und Tanzlieder - Soundtracks/Other
    RomRez- Happy Gilmore - Electronic
    Ron Flip- Jumpman - Urban/HipHop
    Ronald Rodrigue- Santiman - World/Reggae
    Ronnie McIntosh- De Thing Now Start 2000 - World/Reggae
    Ronnie Rucker & La Praise- Lift Him Up! - Inspirational
    Rooster- Momentous - Rock/Pop
    Roxanne Goodman- Nothing Is Impossible With God - Rock/Pop
    Royal Philharmonic Orchestra- Bohemian Symphony - The Very Best Of Queen - Rock/Pop
    Royal Philharmonic Orchestra- Plays Pink Floyd - Rock/Pop
    Ruffcompany Records- Ruff Dubz Vol 1 - Electronic
    Rulian Ross- La Main - Electronic
    Run By Myth- Into The States - Rock/Pop
    Rusty Anderson- Undressing Underwater - Rock/Pop
    Rusty Bridges- Rusty Bridges - Electronic
    Rutilance- AfroSynth EP - Electronic
    Ryan Paul & THE ARDENT- La Vita Nuova - Alternative/Punk
    Ryan Shelley- Morning Birds - Inspirational
    Ryan Star- Songs From The Eye Of An Elephant - Rock/Pop
    Ryan Star- Songs From The Eye Of An Elephant - Rock/Pop
    Ryan Torres- Ryan Torres - Rock/Pop
    Rytek- Rive - Electronic
    RZA as Bobby Digital- Digital Bullet - Urban/HipHop
    S.B.S. Noir- S.B.S. Noir - Jazz
    S.D. Kashyap- Aapki Khaatir - World/Reggae
    Sabad- Zystem EP - Electronic
    Sachin Kamal- Shyam Gaatha - World/Reggae
    Sackrai- Ewanya EP - Electronic
    Saeed & Palash- Watching You - Electronic
    Sagacious Past- Caught In the Present - Rock/Pop
    Sagar Duggalwaliya- Rakhdi Panj Tole (sone De) - World/Reggae
    Sagar Duggalwaliya- Sodhi Ji De Beri - World/Reggae
    Saima- Chale - World/Reggae
    Saints Of Eden- Game Over EP - Rock/Pop
    sakiemma- Eastern Nights - Electronic
    Sakito- Hi-Fi Splendid - Electronic
    Saleem- Feel Alive EP - Electronic
    Salim Sulaiman- Luck - World/Reggae
    Sam And Dave- 20 Greatest Hits - Blues
    Sami Pervaiz- Adolescence - Rock/Pop
    Samuil Samosud- Rimsky-Korsakov: Kashchey the Immortal - Classical
    Samuil Samosud- Rimsky-Korsakov: Mozart and Salieri (Kozlovsky) - Classical
    Samuil Samosud- Rimsky-Korsakov: Mozart and Salieri (Lemeshev) - Classical
    Sandro Dominelli Quintet- Cafe Varze Jazz - Jazz
    Sanjay Sharma- Bewafa Beqadar - World/Reggae
    Sanjoy Chowdhury- Suno Na (ek Nanhi Aawaz) - World/Reggae
    Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Ji-Dhadrian Wale- Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Part 1 '& Part 2 - World/Reggae
    Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Ji-Dhadrian Wale- Nanak Shabad Apaar Part 1 '& Part 2 - World/Reggae
    Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Ji-Dhadrian Wale- Ras Hari De Naam Wala Pee Lei Part 1 '& Part 2 - World/Reggae
    Santa's County Elves- Christmas Banjo Songs - Blues
    Santa's County Elves- Christmas Songs on Fiddle and Banjo - Blues
    Santa's County Elves- Redneck Christmas Party - Blues
    Santa's Elf Band- Acoustic Guitar Christmas Songs - Blues
    Santa's Elf Band- Christmas Songs on Solo Piano - Blues
    Santa's Elf Band- Christmas Violin Songs - Blues
    Santa's Elf Band- Classic Christmas Songs on Piano & Violin - Blues
    Santa's Elf Band- Irish Christmas Songs - Blues
    Santa's Elf Band- Island Christmas Songs - Blues
    Santa's Elf Band- Songs for Christmas - Blues
    Santa's Elf Band- Songs for Christmas 2 - Blues
    Santa's Musical Pets- Dog And Cats Christmas Extravaganza - Blues
    Sarah Holthusen- Angels Standing Guard - cdbs - Inspirational
    Sarah Ramirez- My First Love - Urban/HipHop
    Sashimi Planet- Lonely Satellite - Electronic
    Satish Sahgal- Dupatta - D.j. Remix - World/Reggae
    Save This City- Save This City - Alternative/Punk
    Saving Blue- The Misfortune And The Praise - Alternative/Punk
    Savon- Winter Tale / Music Reload - Electronic
    Sawoff Shotgun- Never Mind the Botox, Here Comes the Sawoff Shotgun - Alternative/Punk
    saxmourtzoukos- the first play - Soundtracks/Other
    Scarface Presents The Product- One Hunid - Urban/HipHop
    Scariot- Momentum Shift - Rock/Pop
    Scheibee & Foosen- News For You - Country/Folk
    Schnitte & die Schlagermafia- Deine Mudda - World/Reggae
    Schroedinger's Cathouse- Dharma Fish Biscuit - Rock/Pop
    Scorn- In the Margins - Electronic
    Scott And Johanna Hongell-Darsee- The Island Furthest Away - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Scott Turpen & Theresa Bogard- Crossover - orchsrch - Classical
    Scudiero- Walking Through Mirrors - Rock/Pop
    Sea of Air- Five Mountains Loud - Blues
    Sean Dempsey- Drama - Rock/Pop
    Sean Dempsey- Lookin' For Love (Single Mix) - Rock/Pop
    Sebastian Bosch- Wake Up Ep - Electronic
    Sebastian Davidson- Cherry Blossom EP Part 1 - Electronic
    Sebastian Davidson- Cherry Blossom EP Part 2 - Electronic
    Seisun Ceoil Bheal Feirste- Traditional Music Sessions From Ireland - Country/Folk
    Selectah Zaragu and the BimB family- Hello Hello - Urban/HipHop
    Selected Musik & Nilo Damasceno- Action Today EP - Electronic
    Sensa Anima- Synthetic - Alternative/Punk
    Sepp Viellechner- Ein Bajuware kennt keinen Stress - Soundtracks/Other
    Sergei Prokofiev- Sergei Prokofiev Plays Mussorgsky And Scriabin - Classical
    Sergio Di Martino|Elisa Lud- Canciones Del Tiempo De La Abuela, De La Tía Y De Hoy Vol.2 - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    Sergio Sorrentino- Port EP - Electronic
    Serpent Sounds- Passages - World/Reggae
    Sesame Street- Elmo Saves Christmas - Soundtracks/Other
    Session- Street Money - Urban/HipHop
    SESSION STREET MONEY- Like That - Urban/HipHop
    Sex Slaves- Wasted Angel - Alternative/Punk
    Shades Mountain Baptist Church- Amazing Grace - Inspirational
    Shadow- Goumangala - World/Reggae
    Shae Fiol- Catch A Ride - Rock/Pop
    Shae Fontaine & Michael K- Got My Attention - Blues
    Shae Fontaine & Michael K- 4 Wings and a Bottle of Merlot - Urban/HipHop
    Shae Fontaine and Michael K with Chubb Rock and Friends- Obama We Believe - World/Reggae
    Shag Nasty- Shag Nasty 2009 EP - Rock/Pop
    Shake Ray Turbine- The Sauce of Solution - Alternative/Punk
    Shamir Tandon- Runway - World/Reggae
    Shane McLeay- Odyssey - Rock/Pop
    Sharib-Toshi- Jashnn - World/Reggae
    Shattered Dreams- Yes Finally - Rock/Pop
    Shea Chambers- Kiss Me With Your Eyes - Single - Urban/HipHop
    Shekhar Sen- Shri Ganapati Sahastranamavali (ganesh Bhagwan Ke 1000 Naam) - World/Reggae
    Shelia Moore- Tha Story Told Twice According To 'Shee Shee' Vol.1 - Inspirational
    Shelley Jones- Love on Time - Urban/HipHop
    Shiloh- Children Of The Interstate - Rock/Pop
    Shima&ShikouDUO- Road To The Deep North - Jazz
    Shirley K.- Anything (You Give Me Your Love...) - Rock/Pop
    Shleu Shleu- Pionniers - World/Reggae
    Shock Dj- Upside Down - Electronic
    Shoogar Combo- Le Plus Grands Succes Malouk - World/Reggae
    Shotg's- Breakfast - Urban/HipHop
    Sid Caesar- Sid Caesar on Comedy - Soundtracks/Other
    Sidney Samson- I Love It - Electronic
    Silvio Ecomo & Chuckie- Moombah - Electronic
    Simon Harris- Dance & Hip Hop Breaks - Electronic
    Simon Harris- Gimme A Break - Electronic
    Simon Harris- Street Breaks & Beats - Electronic
    Simon Harris- Super DJ Breaks - Electronic
    Simon Harris- Ultimate Breaks - Electronic
    Simon Harris- Wicked Disco & Soul Breaks - Electronic
    Sina Vodjani (El Guitar)- Best Of Sina Vodjani - Country/Folk
    Sincerely, Beloved- Demo - Inspirational
    Sindre Dybvikstrand- Painted Garden - Single - Rock/Pop
    Sinik- State Of Emergence - Urban/HipHop
    Sirens- Music Only Dogs Can Hear - Rock/Pop
    Sjoerd Meyer- Sjoerd Meyer - EP - Rock/Pop
    Skyfox- Twilight EP - Rock/Pop
    Skyloops- Insane - Electronic
    Slang Bang- Thank you Ma'am EP - Electronic
    Sleek- Sleek EP - Electronic
    Sleep Station- The Blood Of Our Fathers - Alternative/Punk
    Sleeping Beauty- City Lights - Rock/Pop
    Sleepy Driver- Steady Now - Country/Folk
    Slim Thug- [Screwed] Boss Of All Bosses (Swishahouse Remix) - Urban/HipHop
    Slim Thug with The Boss Hogg Outlawz- Serve & Collect - Urban/HipHop
    Slim Thug with The Boss Hogg Outlawz- Serve & Collect - Urban/HipHop
    SlitCell- As Light Fades - Rock/Pop
    Sly Fi- Wild Wild Child - Electronic
    Small Flowers Crack Concrete- Build Me A Brand New Sky - Rock/Pop
    Smith Boys- Rotunda - Country/Folk
    Smith Boys & Just Lorrie- no slow dancing - Country/Folk
    Smoke'n Fly- Keep It Real - Urban/HipHop
    Smokin circles- Stranded EP - Electronic
    Smokin' Joe Wiseman- A Field By The Sea - Country/Folk
    Smooth Jazz Healers- Smooth Jazz Spa - orchsrch - Jazz
    Snoop Dogg- Presents Welcome To Tha Chuuch Tha Album - Urban/HipHop
    Social Deception- Homeland Impurity - Alternative/Punk
    Social Disco Club & Maia- The Way You Move - Rock/Pop
    Softee- Hip Haunt - Rock/Pop
    Sohan Lal- Laal Langota Haath Mein Sota - World/Reggae
    Soho Ra:skl! featuring Rita Blue- Newsreporter - Electronic
    Soil & Pimp Sessions- Pimp Of The Year - Jazz
    Soil & Pimp Sessions- Pimpin - Jazz
    Some Desperate Glory- Survivalist - Electronic
    Sometime- Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - Electronic
    Son Of Nun And DJ Mentos- The Art Of Struggle - Urban/HipHop
    Sonido Psicotropical- Sonido Psicotropical - World/Reggae
    Sonjagon- Arches - Rock/Pop
    Soopafly- Uz A Tricc! (feat. Tha Deacon) - Single - Urban/HipHop
    soso and Dj Kutdown- All They Found Was Water At The Bottom Of The Sea - orchsrch - Urban/HipHop
    Soul Aliens- Push - Urban/HipHop
    Soul Puncherz- Turn It Up - Electronic
    Soulfinder- The Trauma EP - Electronic
    Soulfyre- Soulfyre - Rock/Pop
    Soulja Boyz- Check (feat. Zulu the King) [Dirty] - Urban/HipHop
    Soulja Boyz- Don't Crank Sh** (Clean) - Urban/HipHop
    Soulja Boyz- Right Now (Dirty) - Urban/HipHop
    Soulja Boyz- Wait (Clean) - Urban/HipHop
    Soulja Boyz- Wait (Dirty) - Urban/HipHop
    Soulja Slim- Years Later A Few Months Later - Urban/HipHop
    Sound Zero- Soundzero - Rock/Pop
    Sound'n'Formation- Mellow EP - Electronic
    Sounds From The Ground- Thru The Ages - Electronic
    SoundSAM- SoundSAM's Return - Electronic
    Soundtrack/Cast Album- Ash Wednesday - Soundtracks/Other
    Soundtrack/Cast Album- High Art - Soundtracks/Other
    Soundtrack/Cast Album- Jekyll & Hyde Resurrection - Frank Wildhorn Presents - Soundtracks/Other
    Soundtrack/Cast Album- Only The Strong Survive - Soundtracks/Other
    Soundtrack/Cast Album- Pokemon - 2.b.a. Master - Music From The Hit Tv Series - Soundtracks/Other
    Soundtrack/Cast Album- Pokemon 2ba Master - Spanish Version Of The #1 Kids Audio Album Of 1999 - Soundtracks/Other
    Soundtrack/Cast Album- Pokemon The Movie - Soundtracks/Other
    Soundtrack/Cast Album- The Wb Superstar Usa:soundtrack - Rock/Pop
    Soundtrack/Cast Collection- Purple Violets: Pt Walkley - Soundtracks/Other
    Space Buddha- Jungle Of Whishes - Electronic
    Space Buddha- Stigmata - Electronic
    Speak no Speak- Streetlights - Alternative/Punk
    Speakdeep- Trust Me - Electronic
    Speakeasy Tiger- The Public - Rock/Pop
    Speech Debelle- Speech Therapy - Urban/HipHop
    Speedmaster- Your Ass Is Mine - Electronic
    Spirit- California Blues Redux - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Spirit Photography- Single - Rock/Pop
    Spiritual Beggars- Ad Astra - Rock/Pop
    Spitsofrantic- Hood Vibrations - Urban/HipHop
    Spooky Tooth- Nomad Poets Live - Rock/Pop
    Sputnikas- Sputnikas - Tribute to Daft Punk EP - Electronic
    Squizoo- La cara oculta - Alternative/Punk
    Sta- In Living Colour - Electronic
    Stabat Mater- Zanate & Asociados - World/Reggae
    Stars Like Fleas- Took the Ass for a Drive - Alternative/Punk
    Static Lab- Open Heart Perjury - Rock/Pop
    Statyk- Driven - Electronic
    Stefanowitz- Witzkraft EP - Electronic
    Steget- Kom Igen - Rock/Pop
    Steiermoak- Der Weg zu Dir - Soundtracks/Other
    Stephen Janetzko- 24 Lieblingslieder für Krabbelkinder - Soundtracks/Other
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    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009 edited
    Stephen Wesley- The Road - Rock/Pop
    Stepworthy The Freedom Dweller- Impact - Urban/HipHop
    Stepworthy The Freedom Dweller- The Pettled Abode - Urban/HipHop
    Stepworthy The Freedom Dweller- Quantum Era - Urban/HipHop
    Stereodudes- Tonteria - Electronic
    Sterling- Cursed - Alternative/Punk
    Sterling- Murderer - Alternative/Punk
    Sterling- Sterling - Alternative/Punk
    Steve Freedom- Wide Spread Freedom - Electronic
    Steve Hill vs Technikal / Masif DJ's- Steve Hill World Series: London - Electronic
    Steve J.- Dance Trance - Electronic
    Steve Rowe- Driving the Blues Away - Blues
    Steve Rowe- Live à Montréal - Blues
    Steve Rowe- No Refund, No Return - Blues
    STFU- Dirty Disco - Electronic
    Sticky & Genuine Music- Sticky - Urban/HipHop
    Stiff Kittens- The Raven Sessions - Rock/Pop
    Stiko Per Larsson- Kap Farväl - Rock/Pop
    Stix- I'm Fly - Urban/HipHop
    Stolen Policecar- Oh No!! It's A... - Rock/Pop
    Stonay- Hold Me Tight - Rock/Pop
    Stonay- Waiting - Rock/Pop
    Stone Lions- Snow Over Arizona - Electronic
    StoneDraim- Lonely Stars - Rock/Pop
    Stonewall Jackson- The Mighty Stonewall Sings Modern Hits & Originals - Country/Folk
    Storey- 23 - Rock/Pop
    Storm Kaden- I'm a Girl - Rock/Pop
    Storybox- A Fool's Attempt - Rock/Pop
    Strawberry Shortcake- Let's Dance - Soundtracks/Other
    Stretford End- Air-Conditioned Life - Rock/Pop
    Stuart Moxham- The Huddle House - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Stuart O'Connor Dance Troupe- Riverdance - World/Reggae
    Studio 5- Energize - Rock/Pop
    Subsonic Force- Everything Counts - Electronic
    Sudesh Kumari- Jhande Jhoolde - World/Reggae
    Sue Kibbey Jazz Quartet- Darwin Jazz Suite by David Haines - Jazz
    Sugar Glyder- Poor Baby Zebra - Alternative/Punk
    Sugarlust- Worth The Weight - Alternative/Punk
    Suicide Syndicate- Dead Generation - Rock/Pop
    Sukhwinder Singh- Is Dil Se - World/Reggae
    Suna Pekuysal- Dilan'in Balonu - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano- The Desert - World/Reggae
    Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano- Pondo / Jetlag - World/Reggae
    Super Grupo Mayor- Esencia Colombiana - World/Reggae
    Super K Internacional- Muñequita Americana - World/Reggae
    Supersonic 747 De Larose- Guantanamo - World/Reggae
    Sure Shot Norman- Eleventh & Atlantic EP - Rock/Pop
    Surender Kohli- Sampuran Sundar Kand-shri Ram Charit Manas (vol. 2) - World/Reggae
    Surender Kohli- Shiv Amritvani - World/Reggae
    Surf Sisters- Santa, Don't Tell the Angels - orchsrch - Soundtracks/Other
    SuS- Stand Up And Testif - New Age
    Susan Bach- In Mashes Sands - Country/Folk
    Susan Herndon- 1,000 Pies - cdbs - Country/Folk
    Susana Cáncer- Crímenes o Promesas - Rock/Pop
    Susana Cáncer- yonolosé - Rock/Pop
    Svartediket- Svartediket - Rock/Pop
    Sven Libaek Orchestra- Sven Libaek Orchestra Volume #1 - Rock/Pop
    Sven Libaek Orchestra- Sven Libaek Orchestra Volume #2 - Rock/Pop
    Sven Libaek Orchestra- Sven Libaek Orchestra Volume #3 - Rock/Pop
    Sven Libaek Orchestra- Sven Libaek Orchestra Volume #4 - Rock/Pop
    Sw3rV- Soul of the City - Urban/HipHop
    Sweet Kattia- M'pare - World/Reggae
    Swillmerchants- The Mint Hotel - Rock/Pop
    Switch- I Want More - Electronic
    Symphonity- Voice From The Silence - Rock/Pop
    Syntax Error- What Comes Next? E.P. - Electronic
    Syntax Error- Your Own Ego E.P. - Electronic
    Synthetique- FashiOff Remix - Electronic
    T-Dhurr- Decolonize Ure Mind - Urban/HipHop
    Tactica- Tactica Remixed - Electronic
    Taipei Liuqin Ensemble- Songs Without Words - World/Reggae
    takTakt- 313 - Soundtracks/Other
    Tall Rich- I Adore You - World/Reggae
    Tamlins- No Surrender - World/Reggae
    Tanju Okan- Kadinim - Kime Ne - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Tapwatr- Steady Politics EP - Electronic
    Tayfun- Deli Kiz - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Team Doyobi- ORCH.V - Electronic
    Team Sieberer- Viktoria auf Reisen - Soundtracks/Other
    Ted Jacobs- A Child's Garden Of Songs - Soundtracks/Other
    Ted Yoder- Hymns - Hammered Dulcimer Arrangments - World/Reggae
    Teddy Booth- 50 Classic Hits - Inspirational
    Teddy Booth- Amazing Grace - Inspirational
    Teka B meets Dj Gio- Rock my World - Electronic
    Tekknoheimer & Foggy vs. Pippi- Hey Pippi Langstrumpf - Rock/Pop
    Tekknoluder- Tekknoluder - Electronic
    Tele V. Cheeseburger- Hydrophonia - Electronic
    Teletubbies- Nursery Rhymes - Soundtracks/Other
    Temper D- Thought Criminal / Back to Basics - Electronic
    Temple Scene- A Good Day To Disappear - Rock/Pop
    Tenor Saw- Tribute To Tenor Saw: Wake The Town - World/Reggae
    Terence- Maniac 2001 Remix - Electronic
    Terra Cota- Afteren EP - Electronic
    The All American Zombies- Halloween Spooky USA - Soundtracks/Other
    The All American Zombies- Uncle Sam's Halloween Party - Soundtracks/Other
    The Allisons- Silver Bells - EP - Soundtracks/Other
    The Allisons- Winter Wonderland - Soundtracks/Other
    The Ark Room- Sunrise Spark - Electronic
    The Aspect Band- Kid On The Mountain - New Age
    The Association- Windy - Rock/Pop
    The Autumn Skylight- Someday We'll Meet Somewhere - cdbs - Electronic
    The Banner- Posthumous ep - Alternative/Punk
    The Bay State- Hey Hey Glamour Kills - Rock/Pop
    The Beatstones- Meet The Beatstones - Rock/Pop
    The Beholder and Max Enforcer- Be Amazed - Electronic
    The Black Oil Brothers- Long Way From The Delta - Blues
    The Brainchild- Conversational Tennis - Country/Folk
    The Brainchild- Conversational Tennis - Country/Folk
    The Breakdowns- The Breakdowns - Rock/Pop
    The Breakdowns- Early & Rare - Rock/Pop
    The Broken Chimneys- Satan's Parents' Basement - Rock/Pop
    The Cairos- Lost at Sea - Alternative/Punk
    The Capitol Years- Singles - Alternative/Punk
    The Catmonkeys- The Catmonkeys - Rock/Pop
    The Charlie Daniels Band- The Essential Super Hits Of The Charlie Daniels Band - Country/Folk
    The Christmas Spirit Ensemble- Blissful Christmas Songs - Blues
    The Christmas Spirit Ensemble- Christmas Carols for Babies - Blues
    The Christmas Spirit Ensemble- Christmas Chorus Songs - Blues
    The Christmas Spirit Ensemble- Christmas Harpsichord Songs - Blues
    The Christmas Spirit Ensemble- Contemporary Christmas Favorites - Blues
    The Christmas Spirit Ensemble- Grand Baby Christmas Songs - Blues
    The Christmas Spirit Ensemble- Great Christmas Contemporary Music - Blues
    The Christmas Spirit Ensemble- Great Christmas Eve Lullabies for Grand Baby - Blues
    The Christmas Spirit Ensemble- Great Easy Listening Christmas Music - Blues
    The Christmas Spirit Ensemble- Miraculous Christmas Songs - Blues
    The Christmas Spirit Ensemble- New Grand Baby Christmas Songs - Blues
    The Christmas Spirit Ensemble- Santa's Christmas Easy Listening Songs - Blues
    The Christmas Spirit Ensemble- Special Baby Christmas Music - Blues
    The Christmas Spirit Ensemble- Special Grandbaby's Christmas Songs - Blues
    The Chubbies- New Wave Boyfriends: The Originals - Alternative/Punk
    The Compromise- Let's Stay The Night In Vegas - Rock/Pop
    The Cool Calm Collective- Pauses & Progressions - Urban/HipHop
    The Corries- Barrett's Privateers - Country/Folk
    The Corries- Flower Of Scotland - Country/Folk
    The Corries- Live from Scotland Volume 1 - Country/Folk
    The Corries- Live from Scotland Volume 2 - Country/Folk
    The Corries- Live from Scotland Volume 3 - Country/Folk
    The Corries- Live from Scotland Volume 4 - Country/Folk
    The Corries- Peat Fire Flame - Country/Folk
    The Corries- Scotland Will Flourish - Country/Folk
    The Corries- Stovies - Country/Folk
    The Corries- The Bonnie Blue - Country/Folk
    The Corries- The Comedy Collection - Country/Folk
    The Corries- The Lads Among The Heather Vol.2 - Country/Folk
    The Corries & Ronnie Browne- Scots Wha Hae - Country/Folk
    The County Hell- Down At the West End Motel - Alternative/Punk
    The David Humphreys Orchestra- As Time Goes By - Jazz
    The December Ensemble- Chanukah & Christmas Holiday Perfection - Blues
    The December Ensemble- Christmas & Chanukah Holiday Perfection - Blues
    The December Ensemble- Family Songs for Christmas & Chanukah - Blues
    The December Ensemble- The Great Music of Chanukah & Christmas - Blues
    The December Ensemble- The Great Music of Christmas & Chanukah - Blues
    The Diplomats- Diplomatic Immunity Ii - Urban/HipHop
    The Diplomats Present Jim Jones- On My Way To Church - Urban/HipHop
    The Dishes- 3 - Alternative/Punk
    The Earliest Humans- The Singing Bridge On Harp Street [part 2] - Alternative/Punk
    The Echo Chamber- Repeat Prescription EP - Electronic
    The Eclectic Crew- I Mean Techno - Electronic
    The Eden Prophecy- The Return Of The King - Rock/Pop
    The Elements- One - World/Reggae
    The Films- Oh, Scorpio - Alternative/Punk
    The Fine Arts Showcase- You Knew I Was Trouble From The Start - Alternative/Punk
    The Flying Skulls (J.Tonal, Snareface, Jerome Forney)- The Flying Skulls: Take Flight! - Electronic
    The Four Aces- Their Very Best - Rock/Pop
    The Franklin Kite- Explosions & Batteries - Rock/Pop
    The Ghost Players- Haunted House Halloween Goosebumps - Soundtracks/Other
    The Ghost Players- The Greatest Halloween Music - Soundtracks/Other
    The Ghost Players- The Greatest Music for Halloween - Soundtracks/Other
    The Ghost Players- Thrilling Halloween Hayride - Soundtracks/Other
    The Ginger Envelope- Invitation Air - Alternative/Punk
    The Golem Band- Jewish Halloween Classics - Blues
    The Golem Band- The Best Jewish Halloween Ever - Blues
    The Goops- The Goops - Rock/Pop
    The Great Pumpkins- Halloween Music For Your Baby - Soundtracks/Other
    The Great Pumpkins- Happy Halloween Baby Album - Soundtracks/Other
    The Gremlin Squad- Halloween Ragtime Monster Attack - Jazz
    The Gremlin Squad- Haunted Halloween Ragtime Classics - Jazz
    The Gremlin Squad- Mummified Halloween Ragtime - Jazz
    The Gremlin Squad- Ragtime Halloween Favorites - Jazz
    The Gremlin Squad- Ragtime Spooky Halloween Music - Jazz
    The Harvest Quinn Band- Train Tracks On The River's Edge - cdbs - Country/Folk
    The Hickups- The Hickups - cdbs - Country/Folk
    The Hipwaders- Goodie Bag - cdbs - Soundtracks/Other
    The Hixon- Truth Has Been Burned - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    The Hollywood Studio Orchestra- The James Bond Themes - Soundtracks/Other
    The Homebillies- Live at Home - cdbs - Country/Folk
    The Hope Trust- The Incurable Want - cdbs - Country/Folk
    The Hosts- The Hosts - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    The Hunger Mountain Boys- Vol 1: 2003-2004 Nashville Don't Touch My Country Music - cdbs - Country/Folk
    The Hunger Mountain Boys- Volume 2: 2004-2005 Blue Ribbon Waltz - cdbs - Country/Folk
    The Hungry Monks- Organic Tangerines - cdbs - Country/Folk
    the hydrotones- hydrophonics usa - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    The Inactivists- Dreaded Concept Album - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    The Indoor Kids- The Indoor Kids - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    The Innocents- The Innocents:The Complete Indigo Recordings - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    The Invite- A World Outside - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    The Irish Symphonia- Feet of Flames - Country/Folk
    The Jack O'Lanterns- Ireland Halloween Phantasms - Country/Folk
    The Jack O'Lanterns- Irish Green Halloween - Country/Folk
    The Jack O'Lanterns- Irish Halloween Ghosts - Country/Folk
    The Jack O'Lanterns- Horror Show Halloween Music - Soundtracks/Other
    The Kerosene Brothers- Choose Your Own Title - Country/Folk
    The Kidd Rizz- Pole Postition - Urban/HipHop
    The King of R&G- Hata Proof - Alternative/Punk
    The Kingston Trio- The Very Best Of The Kingston Trio - Country/Folk
    The Klinik- Kreyol Mix USA Vol.1 - World/Reggae
    The Larkins- The Larkins - Country/Folk
    The Latin Project- Musica De La Noche - Electronic
    The Machine- Measure - Electronic
    The Mantons- Squeeze the Fish - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    The Merry Christmas Band- Christmas Dinner Songs - Blues
    The Merry Christmas Band- Christmas Easy Listening Songs - Blues
    The Merry Christmas Band- Christmas Favorites Easy Listening Songs - Blues
    The Merry Christmas Band- Classic Christmas Dinner Songs - Blues
    The Merry Christmas Band- Great Christmas Dinner Music - Blues
    The Merry Christmas Band- Great Dinner Time Christmas Songs - Blues
    The Merry Christmas Band- Merry Christmas Cocktail Party Songs - Blues
    The Merry Christmas Band- The Best Christmas Dinner Time Music - Blues
    The Messenger- Awakening Of The Dead - Urban/HipHop
    The Miracle Makers- 8 Great Nights of Chanukah - Blues
    The Miracle Makers- Chanukah Festival of Lights Music - Blues
    The Miracle Makers- First Chanukah Grand Baby Music - Blues
    The Miracle Makers- Special Baby's First Hanukkah - Blues
    The Mission Light- Hearts For City Limits - Alternative/Punk
    The Mixed Signals- The Mixed Signals - Alternative/Punk
    • CommentAuthorMutantis
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    The Mojo Fins- In The Script - Rock/Pop
    The Neon Judgement- The Fashion Party - orchsrch - Electronic
    The New Law- High Noon - cdbs - Electronic
    The Nexion-Project (aka Török Zoltán)- Closing To The Horizon - Electronic
    The NightCrawlers (SF)- The Nightcrawlers - Rock/Pop
    The North Pole Orchestra- Joyous Christmas Piano Music - Blues
    The North Pole Orchestra- Songs for Christmas 3 - Blues
    The North Pole Players- Best Christmas Cocktail Music - Blues
    The North Pole Players- Classic Christmas Cocktail Party Songs - Blues
    The North Pole Players- Merry Christmas Cocktail Songs - Blues
    The North Pole Players- Special Baby Christmas Music Volume 2 - Blues
    The North Pole Players- Your Favorite Christmas Cocktail Party Music - Blues
    The Octopus- TKO (Mama Said Knock You Out) - Electronic
    The Paragons- The Paragons - Sings The Beatles and Bob Dylan - World/Reggae
    The Peeps- Para Todas Las Noches! - Rock/Pop
    The Phantasm Five- Club Halloween Smooth Jazz - Jazz
    The Phantasm Five- Haunted Smooth Jazz Night - Jazz
    The Phantasm Five- Smooth Jazz Halloween Monsters - Jazz
    The Phantasm Five- Smooth Jazz Jamming Halloween - Jazz
    The Phantasm Five- Smooth Jazz Zombie Halloween Jams - Jazz
    The Pink Noise- Dream Code - Jazz
    The Plaine Truth- Wheels - Rock/Pop
    The Plan- Walk for gold - Rock/Pop
    The Plebs- Black Man In The White House - Alternative/Punk
    The Poison Arrows- Premix - Electronic
    The Poison Arrows- Casual Wave - Alternative/Punk
    The Poison Arrows- Straight Into The Drift - Alternative/Punk
    The Poison Arrows- Trailer Park - EP - Alternative/Punk
    The Project Hate- The Lustrate Process - Rock/Pop
    The Queen Of Street Soul Rasheeda Wallace- Take You Anywhere - Urban/HipHop
    The Race- Chicago Ruins Everything - Rock/Pop
    The Race- The Race - EP - Alternative/Punk
    The Rascos- Quiet In The City - Rock/Pop
    The Redneck Ghosts- Haunted Trailer Park Halloween - Country/Folk
    the Rent Boys- Titans of the Clash - Alternative/Punk
    The RZA- Afro Samurai Soundtrack Album - Urban/HipHop
    The RZA- Afro Samurai Soundtrack Album - Urban/HipHop
    The School of Worship- Praise Is Awaiting - Blues
    The Scraps- The Sacred Right Of Property - Rock/Pop
    The Scratch- Destroyed by the look of love - Soundtracks/Other
    The Search- Saturnine Songs - Alternative/Punk
    The Side- Nowhere Left To Run - Country/Folk
    The Silent But Deadlies- Halloween Fart Ghouls - Soundtracks/Other
    The Silent But Deadlies- Halloween Freak Farts - Soundtracks/Other
    The Silent But Deadlies- Halloween Nasty Zombie Farts - Soundtracks/Other
    The Silent League- The Orchestra, Sadly, Has Refused - Alternative/Punk
    The Singles Ministry- September of 78 (A Song From Before You Were Born) - Country/Folk
    The Strap-Ons- Johnny's Motel - Rock/Pop
    The Strap-Ons- My Dad Smokes Crack - Rock/Pop
    The Strap-Ons- Reform School - Rock/Pop
    The Supersuckers- The Evil Powers Of Rock 'n' Roll - Rock/Pop
    The Three Degrees- Together - Blues
    The Three Degrees- I'll Be Home for Christmas - Soundtracks/Other
    The Top 100 Solo Guitar Tribute Band- Solo Guitar Tribute to President Barack Obama - New Age
    The Torero Band- Easy Tijuana - World/Reggae
    The Trend- She's Hi Fi (Live) - Alternative/Punk
    The Trumpets- Trumpet Christmas - Soundtracks/Other
    The Tswana People- Ancient Civilisations of Southern Africa 3 - New Age
    The Twins Paradox- In a Smoke of Desires - Electronic
    The Two Man Gentlemen Band- The Two Man Gentlemen Band - orchsrch - Country/Folk
    The Undisturbed Ghosts- Chill Out Halloween Grooves - Blues
    The Undisturbed Ghosts- Halloween Chilled to the Bone - Blues
    The Unknown Icons- Sleep - Electronic
    The Unkool Hillbillies- Evil Times - Rock/Pop
    The Upsetters- Return Of The Super Ape - World/Reggae
    The Vampire Consort- Monster Halloween Music - Soundtracks/Other
    The Vampire Consort- The Toccata & Fugue Halloween Album - Soundtracks/Other
    The Vampire Consort- Toccata & Fugue on Halloween - Soundtracks/Other
    The Vodka Systems- A Price To Pay (2009 Mix) - Rock/Pop
    The Wiggles- Dance Party - Soundtracks/Other
    The Wiggles- Getting Strong! - Soundtracks/Other
    The Wiggles- Racing To The Rainbow - Soundtracks/Other
    The Wiggles- Wake Up Jeff - Soundtracks/Other
    The Winter- Up Or Down - Alternative/Punk
    The Winter Sounds- Church of the Haunted South - Rock/Pop
    The Yofridiz- The Zion Anthem - Electronic
    The Young Guns- Who's Ya Daddy - Electronic
    Thee Vicars- You Lie b/w Gonna See Me Again - Alternative/Punk
    Thematrix911- With Love - Electronic
    They Might Be Giants- Then: The Earlier Years - Rock/Pop
    Thia Jasmine- Thia Jasmine EP - Urban/HipHop
    Think Big!- Think Big! - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Third Bullet- Resistance Is Futile - Alternative/Punk
    This Is Not America- Shameless - Rock/Pop
    Thomas Almqvist- Broken Tango - World/Reggae
    Thomas NÖla et son Orchestre- The Rose-Tinted Monocle - Alternative/Punk
    Thumbnail- A Careless Act of Faith (Singles + Rarities) - Alternative/Punk
    Thumbnail- That Static + 2 - Alternative/Punk
    Thumper- Thumplife - Rock/Pop
    Thunder Express- Believe In You - Rock/Pop
    THUNDER FROM HEAVEN- Chasing The Blue Butterfly - Rock/Pop
    Thunderbolt- Demons and Diamonds - Rock/Pop
    Ti Plume- Sansasyonel - World/Reggae
    Tiago Faisao- Your Dream - Electronic
    Tiger Force- A Wasp In A Jar - Rock/Pop
    Timmy's Organism- Single - Alternative/Punk
    Timo Garcia- Wonderlust Bug - Electronic
    Timo Raisanen- Love Will Turn You Around - Rock/Pop
    Timo Raisanen- Lovers Are Lonely - Rock/Pop
    TINTIN V.- Elephant Ride - Electronic
    TINTIN V.- Shame On Me - Electronic
    TINTIN V.- Water - Electronic
    Tipsy Mishaps- …Ain't It? - Electronic
    Tittsworth feat. Kid Sister & Pase Rock- WTF (2009 Remixes) - Electronic
    Tizone- I Can't Believe It - Urban/HipHop
    to-serious- to-serious - the dream - Soundtracks/Other
    Tokyo Love Link- UMTS - Electronic
    Tokyo Police Club- Live From Soho - EP - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    tokyo sub- Blacksun - Electronic
    tokyo sub- Blush - Electronic
    tokyo sub- Die Hand - Electronic
    tokyo sub- E-Poxy - Electronic
    tokyo sub- Inside Outside - Electronic
    tokyo sub- Lighthouse - Electronic
    tokyo sub- Love Making - Electronic
    Tom & Grade ft A.L.Smith- Your Mind - Electronic
    Tom Howie- The Chester Sessions - Rock/Pop
    Tomek Palasz- Home Alone EP - Electronic
    Tommie Sewon- Mässa För Ambivalenta - Rock/Pop
    Tommie Sewon- Sår I Solen - Rock/Pop
    Tommy Tee- No Pain No Profit - Urban/HipHop
    Tone The Rapper- Oooh No He DidNnN' - Urban/HipHop
    Toni Polster- Die Dritte - Rock/Pop
    TonkBerlin- Chimpys Brother Chipmunk - Electronic
    Tony Carbone featuring Julie Jule- Look Me In The Eye - Electronic
    Tony Correa- For Ol' Time Sake - Rock/Pop
    Tony Correa- In Sprit - Rock/Pop
    Tony Jones & The Cretin 3- Cindy Was a Terrorist - Rock/Pop
    Tony Touch- The Piecemaker Ii - Urban/HipHop
    Top-Notch- Swag - Electronic
    Toque de Queda- Ser de viento - Rock/Pop
    Tracy Barfield- If I Only Believe - Inspirational
    Trap City- No More - Urban/HipHop
    Tre- Cups In D Air - Urban/HipHop
    Trew- Swag (feat. Skibeatz & Vin Briez) - Single - Urban/HipHop
    Triangle- * - Electronic
    Tribal Seeds- The Harvest - cdbs - World/Reggae
    Tricklz- What A Fuck EP - Electronic
    Tricky-T feat. Hannah- Fight For Your Love - Urban/HipHop
    Trisomie 21- Black Label (Collector Standard) - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Trisomie 21- Black Label (Standard Edition) - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Tristeza- En Nuestro Desafio - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    TRS-80- Shake Hands With Danger - Alternative/Punk
    Tru- The Truth - Urban/HipHop
    Tsujiko Noriko- TRUST - Electronic
    Tuesday- Tuesday - Something Beautiful - Soundtracks/Other
    Tuffest- Move Up Time - World/Reggae
    Tulsi Kumar- Love Ho Jaye - World/Reggae
    Tunç- Dinle Sevgilim - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Tupac Shakur- Beginnings (the Lost Tapes 1988-1991) - Urban/HipHop
    Tusche Costa- Street Baptist - Urban/HipHop
    Tutu Puoane- Quiet Now - Jazz
    Twilight District- Booze & Tattoos EP - Rock/Pop
    Twitch- Tender Touch - World/Reggae
    Twoclicks Hypnosis- Easily Relieve Stress With Hypnosis. Safe Powerful and Effective Stress Elimination. - New Age
    Tyga- Cali Love - Urban/HipHop
    Tymes- Wonderful, Wonderful - Blues
    Tysta Mari- Sverige Casino - Alternative/Punk
    Tystnaden- Sham Of Perfection - Rock/Pop
    Tzars- Tzars - Alternative/Punk
    U Me 2- The Night - Electronic
    UK Bounce feat. Niki Mak- Sunshine After The Rain - Electronic
    Ukulele Ray- The Pirate Song - Soundtracks/Other
    Ukulele Ray- End of the Line - Rock/Pop
    Ulli Wigger- La Musica - Soundtracks/Other
    UltraFans Techno- We're Not Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Electronic
    UltraRock- We're NOT Chickenfoot - Rock/Pop
    Umek- Twisted Route EP - World/Reggae
    Under The Flood- The Witness - Rock/Pop
    Uni- Live Union - Electronic
    Uni- New Understand - Electronic
    Union Carbide Productions- Financially Dissatisfied, Philosophically Trying - Rock/Pop
    Union Carbide Productions- In The Air Tonight - Rock/Pop
    UNISYN- Worlds Beneath - Electronic
    United Rave Orchestra- Auferstanden aus Ruinen - Electronic
    Universal Alignment Vicky Peterson- Universal Alignment - New Age
    Unsung Zero- Unsung Zero - Rock/Pop
    Urban Myth Productions- Instrumentals V.2 - Electronic
    Urna- Sepulcrum - Rock/Pop
    US Air Force Airmen of Note- On the Air - Jazz
    US Air Force Tactical Air Command Band- On Parade - Classical
    V.S.O.S. Vienna Swing Orchestra System- Swingin' Christmas - Instrumental - Soundtracks/Other
    V1NZ- Change of Heart EP - Electronic
    Vains Of Jenna- Get It On - Rock/Pop
    Van Dresen- Back to start - Electronic
    Varinder Bachan- Bhabho Ku Ku Kiyaan Bolda - World/Reggae
    Varinder Bachan- Dar Jogi Ji De Jana - World/Reggae
    Varinder Bachan- Daso Babaji Mukh Kedi Gallo - World/Reggae
    Varinder Bachan- Jai Sachchi Sarkar Baba Siddh Chano - World/Reggae
    Varinder Bachan- Na Tu Ja Hanniya Ladke - World/Reggae
    Varinder Bachan- Paunahariya-dhoona Lagaya Peepala Heth - World/Reggae
    Varinder Bachan- Sachchi Shraddha De Naal Koi Bulaanda Naiyon - World/Reggae
    Varinder Bachan- Soniya Jatava Wale Sidh Jogiya - World/Reggae
    Varinder Bachan- Tera Jag Vich Bandeya Koi Hor Na - World/Reggae
    Varios- Calamar - Rock/Pop
    Various- 3 Year Anniversary - Electronic
    Various- ADS Series 02 - Electronic
    Various- Disko Sampler 4 - Electronic
    Various- Dub Sauce Volume 2 - Electronic
    Various- Dub Steppaz of Tha World - Electronic
    Various- Electro House - Electronic
    Various- Four Course EP Volume One - Electronic
    Various- Fresh Attire Vol.2 - Electronic
    Various- Groove Music - Electronic
    Various- Inside EP 2.0 - Electronic
    Various- L.A.liens Volume One - Electronic
    Various- Love Tidy - Album Sampler Part 03 - Electronic
    Various- Maximal Volume 2 - Electronic
    Various- Perfect - Electronic
    Various- RogueDubs 008 - Electronic
    Various- RR Guys Volume 4 - Electronic
    Various- The Humanoid EP - Electronic
    Various- The Walk Volume 03 - Electronic
    Various- Trash Talker - Electronic
    Various- Workfit House - Electronic
    Various- KidzTown: Mozart - Soundtracks/Other
    Various- A.B.P Presents .......The MixTape Vol.1 - Urban/HipHop
    Various- A.B.P Presents .......The MixTape Vol.1 - Urban/HipHop
    Various- Reggae Gold 2009 - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Dealing With the Devil - Blues
    Various Artists- Down At the Crossroads - Blues
    Various Artists- Hoochie Coochie Men - Blues
    Various Artists- I Just Can't Stop Dancing - Blues
    Various Artists- Music For Your July 4th Party - Blues
    Various Artists- The Bob Geddins Blues Legacy CD A - orchsrch - Blues
    • CommentAuthorMutantis
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    Various Artists- The Bob Geddins Blues Legacy CD B - orchsrch - Blues
    Various Artists- The Bob Geddins Blues Legacy CD C - orchsrch - Blues
    Various Artists- The Bob Geddins Blues Legacy CD D - orchsrch - Blues
    Various Artists- 1997 World Pipe Band Championships - 50th Annivesary - Country/Folk
    Various Artists- The Cold Hard Facts of Life - Country/Folk
    Various Artists- Pipes & Drums Of Scotland - Vol. 1 - Country/Folk
    Various Artists- Scottish Accordion Dance - The Ceilidh Collection - Country/Folk
    Various Artists- Spirit Of The Celts - Over 60 Tunes - Country/Folk
    Various Artists- Welcome To Scotland - 40 Favourites From Scotland - Country/Folk
    Various Artists- July 4th - America Forever - Inspirational
    Various Artists- The Lord's Prayer - Inspirational
    Various Artists- 4 : Volume 1 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Analog Reflections vol. 1 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Analog Reflections Vol. 3 - Speaker Junkies - Electronic
    Various Artists- B.P.M. - Bionic Pulse Method - compiled by Sesto Sento - Electronic
    Various Artists- Balearic Lounge Map - Electronic
    Various Artists- Birmingham Sound Matter - Electronic
    Various Artists- Brassic Beats Vol 1 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Brassic Beats Vol 2 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Budenzauber pres. Life Is Wonderful Vol. 4 - Minimal Tech-House Edition - Electronic
    Various Artists- Budenzauber Vol. 6 - 25 Minimal Techno Tracks - Electronic
    Various Artists- Chill House Ibiza - Electronic
    Various Artists- Chillum Vol. 2 - The Ultimate Tribal Ambient Journey - Electronic
    Various Artists- Chillum vol.1 - The Ultimate Tribal Ambient Journey - Electronic
    Various Artists- The City Garbage - Electronic
    Various Artists- Cocktail Grooves Vol. 1 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Deephouse Warmup - Electronic
    Various Artists- DigiBliss 02 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Electro-Dance Compilation 2009 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Electronic Pure Trance Tunes Vol.2 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Elegant Lounge - 25 Lazy Grooves - Electronic
    Various Artists- EmanSipation Vol. 1 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Essentials Vol. 1 - orchsrch - Electronic
    Various Artists- Frijsfo Beats Volume 1 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Global Trance Masters Vol.2 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Hardstyle Bombs 3 - Electronic
    Various Artists- House Anthems Vol. 1-2 - orchsrch - Electronic
    Various Artists- House CDs 1 & 2 - orchsrch - Electronic
    Various Artists- House Of Sundesire - 02 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Housepacific - We Kiss House (5 Years Anniversary) - Electronic
    Various Artists- I Know U Got Soul - 30 Deep & Vocal House Tunes - Electronic
    Various Artists- Ibiza Feelings - Deep House Rhythms - Electronic
    Various Artists- Ida y vuelta - Electronic
    Various Artists- L'elephant Ibiza 2009 Downtempo Session - Electronic
    Various Artists- L'elephant Ibiza 2009 House Session - Electronic
    Various Artists- Lost My Dog Remixes Vol 1 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Loungegrooves - Volume 1 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Mardi Gras! 2009 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Minimalistisch vol 2 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Nothing Brings Me Down - Electronic
    Various Artists- OTB Sampler - Electronic
    Various Artists- Psy-Trance Paradise Vol. 2 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Quantum - Electronic
    Various Artists- RAM 15x15 - Electronic
    Various Artists- RAM 15x15 Vol 2 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Re:made - Volume 1 - Electronic
    Various Artists- Ritual Dance - Electronic
    Various Artists- Same Recipe - Electronic
    Various Artists- Spiritual Moves vol. 2 - Busted Grooves - Electronic
    Various Artists- Spiritual Moves vol. 3 - Acid Germs - Electronic
    Various Artists- Spiritual Moves Vol. 4 - Crazy Munches - Electronic
    Various Artists- Subculture - Electronic
    Various Artists- Surya Namaha - Electronic
    Various Artists- Tha Playah - Hardcore Collection - Electronic
    Various Artists- The Lotus Lounge Garden - Selected Grooves Of Oriental Lounge Culture - Electronic
    Various Artists- The World Series Of Techno - Electronic
    Various Artists- Time To Relax Vol.2 - Chillout For Wellness & Spa - Electronic
    Various Artists- Vibra Macz Records Sampler - Electronic
    Various Artists- We Are Addicted 2 House Music - Chapter One - Electronic
    Various Artists- We Are Skint - Electronic
    Various Artists- When House Meets Disco Vol.2 - Electronic
    Various Artists- White Light Syndrome - Electronic
    Various Artists- Jazzuela. Julio Cortázar y el Jazz - orchsrch - Jazz
    Various Artists- Swahili Summerfest Vol 1 - New Age
    Various Artists- Swahili Summerfest Vol 2 - New Age
    Various Artists- The Crystal Bowls Collection - New Age
    Various Artists- A Choir Christmas - Soundtracks/Other
    Various Artists- Boston Comedy Festival - Soundtracks/Other
    Various Artists- Classic Rock 'n' Christmas - Soundtracks/Other
    Various Artists- Echte Volksmusik - g'spielt und g'sunga - Soundtracks/Other
    Various Artists- Favorite Christmas Carols from the English Cathedrals - Soundtracks/Other
    Various Artists- Gmüatlich beinand ... G'sunga und g'spielt - Soundtracks/Other
    Various Artists- The Honeymoon Music Compilation - cdbs - Soundtracks/Other
    Various Artists- War Horse - Soundtracks/Other
    Various Artists- Chronic Jointz - Urban/HipHop
    Various Artists- Extended Family: Dinero Y El Poder - Urban/HipHop
    Various Artists- Hip Hop From the Southside - cdbs - Urban/HipHop
    Various Artists- Rapza 3 - Urban/HipHop
    Various Artists- Save The Hip Hop Drama For Yo Mama (Re-Recorded / Remastered Versions) - orchsrch - Urban/HipHop
    Various Artists- Smack - The Album: Volume 1 - Urban/HipHop
    Various Artists- Smack - The Album: Volume 1 - Urban/HipHop
    Various Artists- The Order Juggling - Urban/HipHop
    Various Artists- Bhramaram - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- The Source - Fat Tape Volume 1 - Urban/HipHop
    Various Artists- Tribal 2 - Nuestra Alternativa - Urban/HipHop
    Various Artists- Checkmate Reggae Squeeze Vol.2 - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Clash Of The Iries - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Haiti Cheri - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Jeuz De Dames - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Karisik Arabesk - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Maallick Bari - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Merengue Pa La Calle Platinum - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Metamorphoses - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- My Weapon - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- New York Cartel - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Now Reu Plow - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Addicted to Love - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Pattanathil Bhootham - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Endless Summer - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- 5 Years Of Progress 2004-2009 - Alternative/Punk
    Various Artists- Free The West Memphis Three - With Supersuckers And Eddie Vedder, Steve Earle, Tom Waits, Killing Joke, More - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Get Off My Back: Unissued Sixties Garage Acetates, Volume One - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Here & Everywhere - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Hibernation vol 1 - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Home Of Rock - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- I've Had Enough!: Unissued Sixties Garage Acetates, Volume Four - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- R&B Hits Rockers Style - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Listen to What I'm Made Of - Songs By and For Shannon Yarbrough - Alternative/Punk
    Various Artists- Las Grandes Voces Finalistas 2008 - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Reggae's Finest - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Reggae-Kolor - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Malle Allstars Folge 2 - Die Stars und Hits aus Mallorca - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Pop & Roll - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Sai Num Mai Lai Glub - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- She Was So Bad!: Unissued Sixties Garage Acetates, Volume Two - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Smash Hits Of The '80s & '90s (Re-Recorded / Remastered Versions) - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Scottish Country Dancing - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Soul Beat - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Spin The Bottle - Tribute To Kiss - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- The Duran Duran Tribute Album - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- The Immutable Record Vol. 1 - cdbs - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Train to Nowhere!: Unissued Sixties Garage Acetates, Volume Three - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Ultimate Trasher - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Vile Pervert The Music - Rock/Pop
    Various Artists- Solla Solla Inikkum - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Super Stars Hit Parade Vol.8 - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Ton Toon Rang Jai - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Tuff - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Tut Jai Lah - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Wun Nee Tur Bauk Ruk Reu Young - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Zazhil y la Canción... - World/Reggae
    Various Artists- Clarinete, Oboe Y Fagot - orchsrch - Classical
    Various Artists- Flauta - orchsrch - Classical
    Various Artists- Grandes Valses - orchsrch - Classical
    Various Artists- Joyas Del Violín - orchsrch - Classical
    Various Artists- Maravillas Al Piano - orchsrch - Classical
    Various Artists- Marchas Fúnebres - orchsrch - Classical
    Various Artists- Musica Clasica En El Cine - orchsrch - Classical
    Various Artists- Música Pastoral - orchsrch - Classical
    Various Artists- Piano Magico - orchsrch - Classical
    Various Artists- Trompeta Clásica - orchsrch - Classical
    Various Artists - BPSS- BPSS: House Vol. I - Electronic
    Various Artists - Search Film's Production- Dekh Bhai Dekh - World/Reggae
    Various Artists - T-Series- Aaya Bhawani Dar Pe Tere - World/Reggae
    Various Artists - T-Series- Akhada Mere Balaji Ka - World/Reggae
    Various Artists - T-Series- Balaji Tera Kya Kehna - World/Reggae
    Various Artists - T-Series- Hawa Gagan Mein Mere Baba Ki - World/Reggae
    Various Artists - T-Series- Instrumental Emotions - World/Reggae
    Various Artists - T-Series- Jai Ho - World/Reggae
    Various Artists - T-Series- Maa Sharda Ke Dware - World/Reggae
    Various Artists - T-Series- Re Chalo Neel Kanth Ke Dhaam - World/Reggae
    Various Artists - T-Series- Sodhi Wande Khand Mishri - World/Reggae
    Various Artists - T-Series- Woh Bewafa - World/Reggae
    Varoslav- I Love Us EP - Electronic
    Verbal Venom- Deja Vu - Urban/HipHop
    Verdcel- Samara - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
    Very Emergency- The Getaway - Rock/Pop
    Vibe Theater Presents Grade 13- Sidewalk Chalk - Urban/HipHop
    Vibe Theater Presents Hot Fire- Hot Fire - Urban/HipHop
    Vibe Theater Presents Hot Fire- Press PLAY For The Truth - Urban/HipHop
    Vibe Theater Presents Real Im(perfect)ions- Beauty & Pain - Urban/HipHop
    Vibe Theater Presents Wanted- 4 Letter Word - Urban/HipHop
    Vicious Vegetable- The Will to Survive - Alternative/Punk
    Vicki Yohe- Reveal Your Glory: Live From The Cathedral - Inspirational
    Vijay Lal Yadav- Chala Na Gori Kharihani Mein - World/Reggae
    Viktor Chouchkov- Sorceries For Piano - Classical
    Viloxy Sound- Maximal EP - Electronic
    Vilsleit'nmusi- zruckloana - 25 Jahre - Soundtracks/Other
    Vilsleit'nmusi- Zuaweloana - Soundtracks/Other
    Vilsleit'nmusi / Eichenauer Kolping-Vierg'sang- vo' da Liab - Soundtracks/Other
    Vinay Kamal- Meri Jaan Bangro - World/Reggae
    Vincenzo Ferraro- Magnetosphere - Electronic
    Vinylist- The Shadow - Electronic
    Virulo- El último que ríe es el que piensa más lento - World/Reggae
    Vishal Bhardwaj- Kaminey - World/Reggae
    Vision-D- Zaragoza Nueva York - Urban/HipHop
    Visitor Parking Only- Sessions of the Babe Layer - Alternative/Punk
    Viva Vertigo- Walk All Over You - Rock/Pop
    Vladimir Ashkenazy- Rachmaninoff, Mussorgsky: Rare Rachmaninoff - Classical
    VnR feat. Evelina- Too Late - Electronic
    Volker Kuester- Nur tote Fische schwimmen mit dem Strom - Soundtracks/Other
    Volo Volo- Toujou La - World/Reggae
    Von Freeman- The Great Divide - Jazz
    Vybez Kartel Feat. Gyptian- Nothing Else - World/Reggae
    Wab Kinew- Live By The Drum - Urban/HipHop
    Wade Steele- Conversation - New Age
    Warchild- Roots/Ask Why (Maxi-Single) - Urban/HipHop
    Waxmaster- Juke 2 Dis - orchsrch - Electronic
    Way Out West- Intensify (Single) - Electronic
    Wayne Fire- Sexy Body - World/Reggae
    Wayne Silverfox Trower- Let Love Decide (Sub Hurts Remix) - Electronic
    Wayne Todd- Breath Of Heaven - Inspirational
    Wayne Wonder & Sanchez- Wayne Wonder & Sanchez - World/Reggae
    West End Drama Boyz- I Got That Work - Urban/HipHop
    whitworf- Tranquilo, Tigre - Alternative/Punk
    Widescreen Mode- Serotonin - Rock/Pop
    Wighat- The Hum Of All Things - Rock/Pop
    Wild Bill Austin- Ballad Of The Asian Cowgirl - Rock/Pop
    Wildchild- Bring It On Down - Electronic
    Will Osland- Will Osland - Country/Folk
    Will Sumner- Tropic Zone - Jazz
    Wilson Pickett- Baby Call On Me - Urban/HipHop
    Winding Stairs- Don´t Stay Up Too Late - Rock/Pop
    Winding Stairs- Everything - Rock/Pop
    Winifred Adams- Better Things To Do - Blues
    Winston & Yoddy feat. Caroline- Deeper - Electronic
    Within Chaos- Virulent - Rock/Pop
    Wolfgang Frank- 13 (dreizehn) - World/Reggae
    Wolfgang Schmid- Supreme Instrumentals Part One - Rock/Pop
    Worakls- All Night Long! - Electronic
    Worm Feat: Lil Kee- Ms Wet Wet - Urban/HipHop
    Wortfront- Lieder eines Postmodernen Arschlochs - Soundtracks/Other
    Wreckshop Records- Ack’n A Azz - Urban/HipHop
    Wreckshop Records- The Dirty 3rd - The Album - Urban/HipHop
    X-Affairs- Upside Down - Rock/Pop
    • CommentAuthorMutantis
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2009
    Yasa Angelus Sereno- Fanditha's Dance / Champagne Sunset Remix - Electronic
    Yasa Angelus Sereno Featuring Kirsty Roberts- The Love Symphony - Urban/HipHop
    Yasa Angelus Sereno Featuring The Love Symphony- One Heart - Electronic
    Yasa Angelus Sereno Featuring The Love Symphony- Rainbows Changing - Electronic
    Yellow Funk- Got to Dance - Electronic
    Yellow Funk- Tell me what's on your Mind - Electronic
    Yellow Moon Band- Polaris - Alternative/Punk
    Yellowman- Duppy Or Gunman - World/Reggae
    Yo Baam!- Droppin Jakz - Electronic
    Yoeshi Roberts- Yoeshi Roberts: The R.I.T.E. Demo - Rock/Pop
    Yoli Tamu- Break Free - Country/Folk
    You Are Home- Twine EP - Alternative/Punk
    You Are Home- You Are Home - Alternative/Punk
    You, Me, and the Transcript- Tidal Waves - Alternative/Punk
    Youandewan- Closer EP - Electronic
    Young Jesse- Dear Forest - Rock/Pop
    Young Jun3- Blinded By The Streets - Urban/HipHop
    Young Jun3- What's Hannin - Urban/HipHop
    Young Jun3- What's Hannin (Clean) - Urban/HipHop
    Young Vito- Hey Girl (feat. Gucci Mane) - Single - Urban/HipHop
    Yousef- A Collection of Scars and Situations - Electronic
    Yurdaer Uçar- Sarkilar Bizimle - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Yvel & Tristan- Legacy EP - Electronic
    YZ- Muad'Dib (Clean Version) - Urban/HipHop
    Zach Williams- Story Time - Country/Folk
    Zack Lindskog- Restless Sky's - Country/Folk
    Zak B- Beyond the Realm - Electronic
    Zak B- Rising High - Electronic
    Zak B- Rock On - Electronic
    Zíngaros- Genuino - World/Reggae
    Zebra- Zebra IV - Rock/Pop
    Zed Is Dead!- If I Survive Today... - Rock/Pop
    Zeki Müren- Dünden Bugüne 1 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Zeki Müren- Dünden Bugüne 11 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Zeki Müren- Dünden Bugüne 12 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Zeki Müren- Dünden Bugüne 2 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Zeki Müren- Dünden Bugüne 4 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Zeki Müren- Dünden Bugüne 5 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Zeki Müren- Dünden Bugüne 6 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Zeki Müren- Dünden Bugüne 7 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Zeki Müren- Dünden Bugüne 8 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Zeki Müren- Dünden Bugüne 9 - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Zeki Müren- Hatiralarim - orchsrch - World/Reggae
    Zeyda- Zeyda - World/Reggae
    Zillertaler Mander- Willkommen im Tirolerland - Soundtracks/Other
    Zombie- Zombie EP - Electronic
    Zshea- No Joke - World/Reggae
    Zymotix- Rachel In Trance - Electronic
    باسط اÙ?حاسÙ? : Baset Alhassi- Ù?Ù? Ù?اÙ? : Man Gal - Rock/Pop